My secrets to a messy bed

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“Make your bed!” You know the line. We heard it as kids and we say it as parents. 


So what would you say if you came into my (an adult’s) room and saw this bed?



I really really REALLY dislike making my bed. 


So I made my lazy train ways work for me.


(I don’t like hanging up my clothes either which you’ll find another quick fix HERE)



My bed is intentionally made messy because I like it like that. 🙂

And apparently so does my son. He thinks it’s an invitation to run down the hallway at top speed only to leap and be buried under piles of pillows and blankets.

Not that I would do ANYTHING like THAT…


I also like too many pillows. 



And apparently too many wreaths. 🙂


Want in on a little trade secret? When you buy things from the thrift, not everything ‘fits’ right because what you find is what you find. So a way around that is to add more to create more. Let me show you.


See that cute duvet cover? I have a king bed and while the duvet cover and quilt reads king, they’re both too small. To compensate, I added a loose white sheet in between the mattresses. Just stuck it in there and allowed it to ripple and drape upon will.

Like a peek of lace? Same thing, it’s just a loose sheet jammed in between the mattresses.


This shot reminds me of a nice weekend sleep in and makes me laugh. 🙂 All those layers consist of 3 loose sheets to add length and fullness.

See that checkered sheet? That’s a flat sheet that’s thrown along the length of the bed and puffed up. It’s a fake top sheet in order to add another layer. It’s a fast and furious trick to pull!


A messy bed is fun, causal, invites you to dive in at any time, and just ‘looks’ softer. It also says, ‘Relax and don’t take your decorating too seriously. Have fun!”

It’s not for everyone, but it’s me to a rumply crumply T!


full horse gate headboard reveal is HERE



how to create the ‘white trash’ rumply crumply bed is  HERE


Crazy or creative?


… or both?



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43 thoughts on “My secrets to a messy bed

  1. Okay that was weird… I was in the middle of typing a comment and it just disappeared, poof! into thin air! so as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted by the computer.. 🙂 I had to laugh when I showed my husband the bed.. he visibly cringed. Would you believe it if I said he doesn’t do messy beds? I’m not any better! I think they look neat but I have to straighten everything out before I can go so sleep. lol 🙂 crazy I know!

  2. True confession: I HATE making my bed, too. Makes NO sense. No one else sees it. I barely see it myself during the day. It’s just going to get messy again. Making a bed that is housed on a second floor is the most illogical waste of time ever invented. Thank goodness there are fluffy, down-filled comforters that one can just fling over all the mess underneath. Those crumpled sheets just make it look fluffier.

  3. I hate making my bed too. But I must admit that I cring when I go into my bedroom at the end of the day to find it unmade. I MUST straighten it before getting in. In fact, I’ve been known to get out of bed in the middle of the night to straighten the sheets. Just a bit OCD!

  4. Your messy bed looks way better than my made bed 🙂 I admit that I do make my bed most mornings and all my kids beds…guess I have the OCD bug too!

  5. Making my bed is the first thing I do. It’s flat and crisp and clean and does not have ripples or rumples or bumples AT ALL. Know why? Cuz someone told me a million years ago that if the bed’s not made it’s a great hangout for spiders. I was done. or Undone.

    Your bed reminds me of the best cupcake in all the land with the creamiest, dreamiest frosting on top!!!!!!!!!

    Cody is one lucky son!!!

    Happy Jumping!


  6. Creative, definitely. I hate making my bed, and my parents never made me do it growing up so I never made a habit of it. Now when my BF comes over (who is a super neat-freak), I’ll catch him trying to make my bed. Or re-make it because it’s still messy. Maybe I should show him your bed…hm..

  7. I love your “rumply” bed! I have given up on making mine since your first “messy” bedroom post..which I loved (obviously)! I work to keep mine very fluffy and comfy but still pretty! I have a new love for duvet covers and feather beds (reminds me of when I lived in Europe as a child)! Now I don’t have to tell my kids all the time that they can’t mess my bed up! Thanks for the inspiration! Now I just need some more pretty sheets to “tuck” and “drap” since I have one of those not-so-king-sized comforters and duvet!

  8. I adore your use of a lacy sheet between the mattress’. So romantic! I have a version of your messy bed, years ago I learned it was a quick fix (to make the bed) if I used a down comforter….so easy and I love the messy look too.

  9. My trick to a great bed is to buy two coordinating (but not identical) sheet sets, right now I have a floral and a stripe.
    The striped fitted sheet goes over our box spring, the floral on the mattress, then I start with the floral flat sheet and put it face down, app 6 inches from the top of the mattress, the striped flat sheet over that, also goes face down, app 3 inches from the top of the mattress, then the duvet and bedspread (face sides up) go right to the top of the mattress. The effect is a pretty face side up layered look when you fold them all back…


    and as it is a queen set and comes with 2 pillowcases each, we have 2 striped pillows for the back and two floral pillows in front.

  10. I love to make my bed, but I love the soft, rumpled look too. I love the idea of the lacy sheet, so I will have to look for one to layer on my bedskirt!

    Jill Palumbo

  11. My Kindred Spirit………

    I’ve been saying for years that I was a cat in a previous life, and this is proof that you may have been too. Just ask Teddy. This bed is truly tailor-made for a cat…..:) So cozy and free-spirited!

  12. Oh my – looks cozy, but I’m afraid it would send me over the edge. What do you do with that checkered sheet when it’s time for bed? Surely you remove it. I can’t imagine it all wrapped around my neck. It only takes a couple of minutes to throw up the covers and plop on the pillows – to me it looks like it takes more time to get it just rumply-right. I have to make my bed everyday, can’t stand to get into a rumpled mess at night! Hubby is the same way – in fact, he makes the bed a good share of the time. Different strokes for different folks! Makes the world go ’round!

  13. Donna, excellent reminder to layer – even in the bed.

    I’ve never been one to have matched sheets. Possibly because I usually find lots of sheets I like, so i just buy the top sheet and use it with a coordinating bottom sheet 🙂

    I kinda like having spring sheets, summers sheets, etc. – and this way, I can just buy top sheets I adore on CLEARANCE rather than investing big moola on expensive sets.
    ~ Dana

  14. I say both! 🙂 I love your messy bed, but can’t stand it when mine is messy!! I’m pretty sure I coudl crawl up in your bed and fall asleep no problem! I do love all the pillows, but that’s where my hubby is different, he can’t stand them!

    Leanne @ because (i think) i can

  15. don’t you think a messy bed is like a cozy old pair of pajama’s? soft, rumpled & kind of a beautiful mess. can’t believe I’m revealing this but…I hardly ever make my bed (only when I know someone will want to see parts of the house if we are entertaining etc) then everything is staged to… for everyday an unmade bed makes me want to jump right into it at night! great post…:) chris

  16. Donna my bed is made by 5:30 every morning. Mine is layered with a vintage sheet that
    has a wide crochet lace edging. On top of
    the spread is a folded quilt. I have 6, yep
    6 pillows all with vintage pillow cases with
    crochet edging. If you like it messy go for
    it, it’s your bed…and your life…and besides
    it doesn’t seem to bother your kitty. LOL.:)

  17. Hi! Love the messy bed look. I wonder why it’s become so popular? Maybe we are all too busy to make our beds the old fashioned way. But – it has morphed into an art form, hasn’t it!

  18. my whole family is neat but the one thing that drives my husband MAD is that I hardly never ever make the bed nor do my kids have to make theirs. Plumping pillows ( I like a lot of them too) is ok with me…ever since I got out of the military, it was one of the things I gave up. Something about somebody inspecting your bed corners for 3 years just drove me nuts…..

  19. I too hate making my bed and hanging my clothes. Can I add washing dishes to that? 🙂

    Your posts are so inspiring, keep up the great stuff!


  20. Oh man Donna, I never make my bed. I heard it’s healthier to let it air out during the day. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it….now the laundry on the floor is a whole ‘nother deal…

  21. You are a woman after my own heart, Donna. I love a fluffy bed with tons of pillows, and I love to layer. Even my couch looks like an unmade bed. Love to lounge there. I’m with Jennifer. I also heard it’s better to let it air out. So, let’s go with that. lol

  22. hahah. my SECRET to a messy bed? Wake up late, trip over sheet on way to bathroom, punt 17th pillow out of way, drag blanket downstairs because it is still colder than cold in the pacific northwest.


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