My VRBO gambling habit

At the beach at Papakea Resort , Maui

Sometimes you’ll find gaps in my blogging schedule. And that’s because ‘the current zone’ I’ve sunk myself into hasn’t allowed me to surface yet.

Getting stuck in zones can eat me alive.

Anyway, because that whatever it was took so much time out of my life, I’ll write a blog post about it, but then leave it in draft mode.

But I generally don’t post those types of posts. Maybe it’s because I chicken out after I feel ‘sane’ again? 

They aren’t bad posts, or even really embarrassing. They’re just kinda ramblings on stuff I have to work through.

So let’s see if I have the guts to post this one.

Guys, I live with an infliction and I drive me mad. I’m like this 100% walking Indecision Robot. You give me one choice of something, and my job is done. Hand me two? I’ll need to step away and think about it.

But then I have to return to it 100x over because now I’ve shopped some more and found more options to be indecisive about. 

Step in… VRBO.

Graffiti Alley in Toronto, Ontario

For the last 2 days (maybe 4…5? I’ve lost count), I’ve been saturated inside the world of trying to plan our summer. And now I know why I camped in the same spot for 15 years. Because it didn’t eat away days on end, planning where to park and enjoy. What’s to plan? Go and pay. Done!

Not with VRBO. Unless you have found the perfect getaway that you frequent each year of course.

I thought I was going to turn into this amazing, adventurous type. Strike new ground every chance I got! I think I even whispered stepping out of North America not long ago. Hilarious….

No. That is not happening at all. I can spend countless hours on places I DO know… and it’s over the top on places I don’t.

I’ve already tried. And ran out of time. 🙂

Salt Lake City, Utah, the top of the world
Salt Lake City

But I will give myself credit on one thing… once I’ve studied a location, I know more about it than the locals. Thank goodness something good comes out of this infliction.

So anyway, VRBO to me is like a high stakes gambling game. You deem a price range and start shopping. But there’s always something wrong. No 2nd bedroom, not close enough to the beach, where’s the kitchen? (there isn’t one!), etc. So you know what happens next, right?

You sloooowwwwlllyyyyy keep upgrading in an effort to land the perfect balance of having it all.

And suddenly, you’re tapping into a price zone that is screeching “WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?”

Because know what? Those places aren’t all that perfect either. 


Cars Land at Disneyland, California

Is it too much to ask for a glamping styled hut on a white sandy beach that’s deserted and bug free and has two bedrooms, but is super close to a Starbucks and fun things for my kiddo to do to the point of me barely hearing a peep out of him while I sit in my hammock and sip my kona coffee all day long with best sellers beside me?

And high speed wifi. Because I have to Instagram my hut.

So by Wednesday evening, I had my fill. I turned off my gambling habit VRBO, and stared at the screen., willing it to just get out of ‘my zone’ and leave me alone.

And then PING.

Message. My sister summoned a good local friend about her condo in the area I wished to frequent.

And it was avail.

And it was so reasonable compared to the Trump tower vortex I was stuck in, that I could stay LONGER.

I think I nearly sobbed.

I love it when others help me make up my mind. 

We hook up tomorrow.

Here’s the thing. I could afford some of those high end places if our stays were short. But I love long holidays… long to the point where you are left with nothing to do, so you stay on the beach the last few days so there’s actual rest involved.

So until Trump hires me to rust up his towers, I’ll have to tame my VRBO thrill of the hunt just a tad. I’m glad it’s there. It’s valuable. But I just have to learn how to use it so it doesn’t eat my life away.

And maybe go for advice to a travel agent if venturing somewhere brand new. Because they already know the score.

And if nothing else came out of this post except for that last sentence, this post has been worth it!

So with that in mind, I shall go dig up a few pictures from VRBO to sprinkle through this rambling novel, and see if I even bother posting it. 

VRBO temporarily down

I see. Well, I think I broke up with you first, so there’s that… 🙂

Are you just as indecisive for vacation planning? What system works best for you?

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12 thoughts on “My VRBO gambling habit

  1. Donna – I am so indecisive that we haven’t been on a real vacation in the last 6 years! I also kept researching Disney World in Florida when my son was small that now he’s almost 20 years old and we still haven’t been there! Agh! Maybe we’ll take him after he’s done with college? LOL

  2. I drive myself crazy searching for flights & lodging because I’m cheap or thrifty as my friends tell me. I’m fortunate to have a sister who has traveled extensively. She lives in a small town, where there is no travel agent, gets travel magazines, and buys Frommers travel books for every destination. Her & her husband have I-pads & Kindles, but says it’s easier to have a book in hand.

    My 30ish single daughter has been traveling abroad for the last 6 mos., she likes Lonely Planet travel books, reads worldwide traveler’s blogs, and both her and my sister rely on Trip Advisor for reviews. As my daughter discovered, there are places she doesn’t have WiFi or it’s expensive so having a book has been a lifesaver. She stays in hostels & uses VRBO, but loves Airbnb.

    Know you are not alone in the amount of information needed to make decisions & feel comfortable about it…you are in a circle with many of us!

  3. Overwhelmed is my middle name!
    I was on Priceline for toolongtoadmit because my friend used it days before and how awesome it is and what a great deal they got. I got close to tears before my daughter stepped in and found us a motel or I think I’d still be sitting there!!! No, she didn’t use Priceline and we probably didn’t get a great deal but we went.

    Thanks for sharing, I know I’m not alone in the world.

  4. Donna, I am so indecisive that I can’t decide what I want for breakfast, so more often than not, I end up with nothing. Bad, I know, but it makes things easier…hehe! My living situation as a caregiver makes my vacation-related decisions for me…my vacations are generally day-trips within province during summer. Sounds like your sister calling with news of her friend’s condo is a sign, yes? This will allow you to stay longer, which will, in turn, allow you to relax a bit…and really, who needs an ultra-deluxe penthouse suite when you’ll likely be spending the majority of your vacation anywhere but your hotel room? But I’ll tell you what…I’d give anything to see a rusted up version of Trump Towers ala Funky Junk! 😉

    • Haha! Well, luckily for the Donald, gold is in. Otherwise, he really should call, with the world into repurposing and all… 🙂

      So agree on being outdoors. And if you aren’t, one should be!

      • If you ever get The Donald straightened out in regards to repurposing, I hope you will let a hairdresser know so he can get help repurposing that crazy comb-over, too! Then again, some things aren’t even worth trying to reuse…hehe! 🙂

  5. Vacation, hahaha, we go to the same spot year after year and only stay 3-4 days because number 1 my husband doesn’t know how to vacation number 2 he gets so homesick we leave early. If there is somewhere I want to visit I go either with a friend or alone.

    • Oh my… 2-4 days! I love your fix around it. 🙂

      As a hard core holidayer, I allow myself to feel uprooted for up to 2 weeks. It’s a hard adjustment to make when going from ‘something to do all the time’ vs ‘I only have to do it if I want’. After that, you never want to leave!

      Maybe he needs a change of scenery to hold him? Some are better for ‘travelling’ vs ‘vacationing.’ I like a little of both!

  6. Hi, Donna–We are planning our first trip to France(let alone Europe)in September! We are going the gites route renting an apartment and staying
    in a B and B–not a tour. So I can tell you I spent WEEKS online looking at places to stay. We are studying up on the culture and customs, plus the language, to make the most of our 3 weeks there. All because my husband heard something on NPR about rentals and how reasonable they can be over there. The seed was planted, and now the plant is growing! I really enjoy your blog, too!

    Penny from Ohio

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