My Whoville Junk Memory Christmas tree



I landed a Whoville type tree this year. And I couldn’t be more pleased!

You see, after 20 long years, I decided to bite the bullet and get a real Christmas tree. I like my fake one, but I really desired to smell pine and enjoy a real authentic looking tree in the house for a change.

So when my eyes landed on a $35 special right in town that was far from perfect, I fell in love!

There’s one song that I always hear in my head when I look at my tree. So to get you into the spirit of all things Whoville, here’s a little tune you can play while you visit if you wish. 🙂


Welcome to my Whoville Junk Memory Christmas tree viewing!

My Whoville Junk Memory Christmas tree

My Whoville Junk Memory Christmas tree

The tree is WONDERFULLY quirky! The girth is fairly narrow, with spindly like branches reaching towards the ceiling every which way. And the branches are sparsely spaced, leaving great display areas for all my rusty treasures. 🙂

My Whoville Junk Memory Christmas tree

The tree stand was placed into a metal tub (thanks Vic! he finds good junk for me) with the opening covered with burlap, resembling an official root ball. No need for a tree skirt this year. 🙂

Vintage license plates from Anything Goes Here Etsy set the junk theme style for this fun lovin’ tree. The white garland is simply ripped white sheets in about 6″ strips.

I know. That music is abit annoying while trying to read isn’t it? Ah well. Do watch the video after reading this post, it’s got some pretty cool scenes in it. 🙂

 Like my ultra quirky star?!? It’s a cultivator blade, sent from Iris at Treasuring the Journey.

When Iris spotted these things, she immediately deemed them mine and sent them over to me to see what I’d do with them. 🙂  Iris, I hope I did you proud! 🙂 The best part? After Christmas I can use them somewhere else. 🙂


 Cool vintage keys, tap handles and antique clothespins from Anything Goes Here Etsy  were sprinkled here and there for my kinda ornaments. 🙂 Joan, your stuff simply rocks!

And in special cases, pearls even have a place on a junk tree. 

Can you guess who this precious little angel is? 🙂 (xo mom!)

 This sweet little sleigh is patiently waiting behind the tree for present time. 

More quirk. 🙂

Fake snow, inspired by Shanty 2 Chic from last year.

 That white stuff is glass angel hair. It’s magical! If you place it around the lights on your tree, the lights appear to glow much brighter. Very cool effect. Just a caution… it’s wonderful stuff but not toddler friendly.

I just liked this little guy’s scruffy hat and torn pants. Heck… this looks like me! I need to go find a plaid jacket to seal the deal. 🙂 

Wait a minute…



We look so much alike it always catches me off guard. 🙂

Special reminders of my mom are everywhere on this tree. I love the paint spots found on her glasses. 🙂 Everything is sacred, friends. Everything.


Blog friend treasures dot the tree here and there as well. One of Denise’s (Living Life Creatively) infamous birds and Missy’s (The Little Green Bean) labels both have very special places.

My Whoville Junk Memory Christmas tree

And that concludes the tour of my funny little Whoville Junk Memory Christmas tree. 🙂

Whaddaya think, Grinch?

 Shucks. 🙂

Stay tuned for a full upstairs reveal next week!

What’s the theme for your tree this year? 

Trying anything original out?

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106 thoughts on “My Whoville Junk Memory Christmas tree

  1. Your tree is so much fun! I love the license plate, tree star topper, and momentos from your mom…so thoughtful. May the great memories of your mom be with you during this Christmas season to help you through it.
    Susan : )

  2. That tree is exactly what I thought it would be. I think it’s fabulous. It caught me off guard to see your mom’s glasses on the tree – I also put my dad’s on mine! And I put his ‘snips’ (scissors he used to cut wire at work) on my tree too.

    I think you should package and sell those jar lid ornaments. They’re great!

    You did a great job. Now I’m excited to see your upstairs!

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