20+ unique DIY wood Christmas tree skirt ideas

Save money on Christmas tree skirts by making your own! These 20+ DIY wood Christmas tree skirt ideas are inexpensive, unique, and pretty easy to make. Most even work after the tree is up! Find each tutorial here.

Save money on Christmas tree skirts by making your own! These 20+ DIY wood Christmas tree skirt ideas are inexpensive, unique, and pretty easy to make. Most even work after the tree is up! Find each tutorial here.

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Nothing quite says Merry Christmas like a beautifully decorated Christmas tree!

I’m always fascinated with every Christmas tree I see. No two are ever alike and there’s no such thing as a tree done wrong. All Christmas trees are beautiful in their own right and what’s not to love about the evening glow of lights? The best perk I say!

My fav Christmas tree ideas:


White flocked Christmas tree with wood farmhouse tree skirt

A real Christmas tree with my favorite sleigh-styled tree skirt!

As you can see, I like to change my Christmas trees up each season with something fun and different!

However with every Christmas tree comes some kind of Christmas tree skirt idea as well. Some folks use traditional tree skirts made of fabric of course, however there’s a lot of other variations to consider as well, such as large rustic crates, antiques, or to your build a tree skirt from scratch. If it covers a tree stand, it’s considered a tree skirt! Just leave a little space for gifts and you’re good to go!

Since I change out my own Christmas tree theme and make a new unique tree skirt idea every year, I felt it was time to share them all in one post! So if you’re in the market for a fresh new tree skirt idea for your own tree, perhaps this scroll will help fuel your own take on the perfect Christmas tree skirt for your tree either this year, or plan for the next!

So let’s start with a rundown of how I prepare a real or faux Christmas tree before I decorate it, then I’ll share a lineup of 20+ tree skirt ideas I’ve personally made or used!

This post may contain Amazon plus other affiliate links in which I earn a small percentage from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you. Thank-you for helping to support this blog!

20+ unique DIY Christmas tree skirt ideas


Supplies you may need:


Reclaimed wood

Christmas stencils

Fusion Mineral Paint for embellishments (get 10% off HERE)

Dome tipped stencil brushes

Burlap fabric (or cheap burlap sand bags)

Kreg Jig for joining wood corners

Miter saw (love my Bosch with compact feature!)

Cordless drill

Orbital sander (prefer Bosch variable speed)

Construction tape measure

Sawzall (to recut fresh tree trunks)

Antiques sign on a trunk for a tree skirt idea

See this Antiques trunk Christmas tree skirt tutorial HERE

Choosing a faux Christmas tree


Faux trees are pretty easy! You take them out of storage, fluff up the branches, add lights if not pre lit, add your tree decorations and ornaments and plug it in!

The perks of a faux Christmas tree


And of course, the major perks are, faux trees  don’t require watering, so you can put them up much earlier and leave them up for much longer. And you only pay for it once.

How to prepare a faux Christmas tree


  1. Remove it from the box or tree storage bag.
  2. Put on some protective gloves.
  3. Place the stand away from walls and furniture so you can walk right around it.
  4. Assemble the tree and place it in the stand.
  5. Fluff up each branch individually until every single branch looks lovely and full again.
  6. Position the tree where desired spaced away from the wall until decorated with holiday decor.

real Christmas tree

See this hunt for a real Christmas tree story HERE

Choosing a real Christmas tree


Real trees take more effort, but I have always found them to be worthwhile!

The perks of choosing a real Christmas tree


The major perks are the thrill of the hunt, their fragrance, you get a new tree shape each year, and of course, they look real! It’s a given you get some needles that will require cleaning up now and then, but I think the pros greatly outweigh the cons myself.

But one thing I do without fail is to recut the trunk once home. This is because the trunk sap can seal the trunks from taking in water which is required for them to stay safe.

How to prepare a real Christmas tree


  1. Search for a tree with your measurement requirements. They always look smaller in nature than in your enclosed space!
  2. After cutting the tree, bang it hard on the ground before bringing it indoors so hopefully any wildlife or critters will escape sooner than later.
  3. Create a fresh cut to the trunk, then place it in the tree stand filled with water ASAP. Don’t delay this, otherwise the sap will seal the trunk and it won’t drink up water.
  4. Some add additives in the tree water to keep them fresher longer, however I myself have always just topped up the water each morning.

How to build your own tree skirt ideas with reclaimed wood and other sources!

What else can I use as a tree skirt?


A tree skirt situated at the base of your tree that hides the tree trunk can be anything!

From containers, tree collars, baskets, galvanized tubs, barrels, trunks, hand built with wood, burlap, or any fabric. If the object is flat enough and a tree stand can fit inside, it’s fair game to do the job. 

Tree skirt ideas to use:


If selecting a tree collar, I’m really partial to THIS wicker tree collar, as it’s rustic and hefty like a big rustic basket!

However, these days, I tend to gravitate towards making my own tree skirt ideas from reclaimed wood so they are unique, price efficient, and easy to take apart so I don’t have to store them at all! See below for loads of examples!


Should a tree skirt be bigger than the tree?


You’ll want your chosen tree skirt base to be at least slightly bigger than the size of the tree stand. But for a traditional tree skirt made out of just fabric, you may want the fabric to reach the perimeter of the tree branches for added visual weight.

The key is the balance between the visual weight of the tree vs. the stand. If a smaller stand, beef it up! If a larger fabric tree skirt, spread it out.

How to cover a tree stand with burlap sand bags

How do you hide the stand inside the tree skirt?


More often than not, when I build a tree skirt crate or otherwise around a tree stand, you can still see the stand. So I like to use something that covers the stand while being tucked into the tree skirt crate.  

Here are some ideas that work well…

Next up, let’s check out some unique tree skirts! Here’s 20+ of my own tree skirt ideas I’ve used over the years for big or small Christmas trees, each with its own tutorial. Scroll through to see which one would suit your trees this holiday season!

 20+ DIY tree skirt tutorials


How to build a farmhouse style tree skirt from reclaimed wood.

How to build a farmhouse style tree skirt from reclaimed wood.

Wood farmhouse tree skirt with ropes


Farmhouse wood Christmas tree skirt crate with rope handles

One of my own favorite builds is this style of tree skirt. It resembles a real shipping crate, and can be easily installed around a tree that’s already up! To store, take the sides apart, then reattach next year.

Rustic Christmas tree forest in a living room with DIY crate skirt

Rustic Christmas tree forest in a living room with DIY crate skirt

Chippy white tree skirt sandbox corner style


White chippy wood Christmas tree skirt

This rustic tree skirt offers a snowy look! The corner supports resemble sandbox supports but really add to the detailing!

How to build a sled-styled Christmas tree skirt from reclaimed wood.

How to build a sled-styled Christmas tree skirt from reclaimed wood.

Christmas tree skirt, sleigh-style with pull rope


Sleigh Christmas tree skirt with rope pull

Want a twist of winter? This sleigh-style Christmas tree skirt is an easy build and looks especially adorable if your tree has a snowy theme!

It’s all in the details though so be sure to add the rope!

Natural Christmas tree with rustic black tree skirt in Christmas living room home tour

Natural Christmas tree with rustic black tree skirt in Christmas living room home tour

Simple rustic black tree skirt crate with burlap


Rustic black wood tree skirt with burlap rootball

Does your tree call out for a black base? Perhaps this simple crate tree skirt with side supports that resemble a real crate would be the perfect addition!

This tree skirt is painted in milk paint with no topcoat for the perfect rustic matte finish!

DIY Wood Christmas tree skirt for a real tree

DIY Wood Christmas tree skirt for a real tree

Wood tree skirt crate with corners


Simple reclaimed wood Christmas tree skirt with corner supports

If you want your tree to do all the talking, here’s a super simple and clean wood tree skirt that is further enhanced with beefed up corner supports. Add burlap to cover the tree stand and it’s as rustically cute as can be!

Get this look with some price efficient burlap sand bags HERE

Old crate tree skirt with Antiques sign


Antiques crate Christmas tree skirt

Get Antiques stencil HERE

A vintage crate got a little Antiques sign to chime in with the antiques filling the tree to theme things up to the hilt!

Check out some large wood trunks HERE that may work

Make these wood round snowflake ornaments HERE

Rustic crate tree skirt with You Cut saw sign


Christmas tree vintage crate with a saw You Cut sign

Get You Cut Christmas Trees stencil HERE

Nothing gets much easier or cuter than tucking a Christmas tree inside an antique crate. But why not dress it up a tad with a cute wood cutting You Cut sign to chime the theme in?

Dress the Christmas tree down with wicker round ornaments HERE

Large cabin sign tree skirt


Cabin Resort sign hiding the tree stand

Get Cabin Resort stencil HERE

When this real Charlie Brown Christmas tree ended up fairly sparse, I decided to beef up the base with a large wooden Cabin Resort sign that allows the lights to twinkle through the window. It offered a theme in a unique way!

Shop for rustic lanterns HERE to decorate with!

stepladder Christmas tree Funky Junk Interiors

Sleigh with firewood tree skirt for stepladder tree


Step ladder Christmas tree with sleigh base

Way back, I created this unique Christmas tree using a step ladder. Yup, it’s under there! And to make the base more interesting, a full size kid’s vintage sled was added, topped with faux snow sprinkled firewood which added a unique story!

DIY Christmas trees with unique tree skirts


Since we’re on the topic of all things Christmas tree skirt ideas, I thought I’d also add what I did with some smaller DIY Christmas trees and their own unique skirt ideas too! These smaller trees make fabulous porch signs, all the way to compact festive shelf sitters!

Here’s a few I’ve come up with…

DIY Pallet Christmas Tree sign with stencils and wood

Rustic pallet Christmas tree porch sign with stenciled and crate skirt


Pallet Christmas Tree with stenciled stand and vintage crate base

Get Pallet Christmas Tree stencil HERE

This Christmas tree porch sign showcases a simple stenciled tree stand, but the added vintage crate filled with decorations finishes this tree skirt off nicely!

Wood christmas trees with present tree skirts


Scrap wood Christmas trees with present tree skirts

Love the idea of reclaimed wood Christmas trees? Make the stands into cute present bases that not only act as unique tree skirts, they weight the wooden Christmas trees nicely too!

rustic Christmas tree vertical sign with stencils

rustic Christmas tree vertical sign with stencils

Stenciled Christmas tree sign with 3D wood crate tree skirt


3d wood crate on a painted Christmas tree sign

Get Tall Christmas Tree in Crate stencil HERE

A stenciled Christmas tree image with pattern makes a pretty neat decoration! However, to make the Christmas sign pop, a 3D added crate was added to the base of the tree so you can fill it with Christmas cards or decorations!

You Cut Tree Farm tree and sign with bucket tree skirt


Christmas tree farm shaped sign with galvanized tree bucket tree skirt

Get You Cut Christmas Tree stencil from HERE

A little DIY pallet Christmas tree sign is shaped like a tree as well! The added galvanized bucket chimes in perfectly to the rustic look, making this a simple tree with a story! What a fun fireplace idea!

Check out some galvanized buckets HERE to use as smaller tree skirts!

Then add some faux snow spray to get this look!

See some vintage house numbers HERE to create your own 25!

Antiques storage trunk with winter trees

Various pot, crate and DIY tree skirts


Small faux evergreen trees in various tree skirts

Have a few smaller Christmas tree seedlings? Grab a few items that can hide the bases, such as a cast iron pot, vintage crate, or Charlie Brown DIY Christmas tree stand, which does the trick nicely as a group or individually!

See some cast iron pots HERE

Check out some vintage-inspired wood crates HERE

Shop for vintage-inspired wood snowshoes HERE

IKEA crate tree skirt


Faux Christmas tree forest with an IKEA tree crate

Get Christmas Trees stencil HERE

This little faux Christmas tree forest includes an IKEA crate that serves as a Christmas Trees signs and tree skirt base!

Shop for some faux Christmas tree seedlings HERE

Check out some IKEA wood crates HERE

Pick up some faux snow HERE

Applesauce maker tree skirt base for faux tree


Antique applesauce maker for a tree skirt

Here’s one for the junk or antiques collector! Some real tree branches were cut, then added to puff up a little artificial tree top, then inserted into an antique applesauce maker, creating this simple tree skirt idea!

Get some wooden bead garland HERE

String wrapped Christmas Trees with stencils-009

Rusty junk tree skirts for scrap wood tree forest


String wrapped wooden Christmas trees with junk tree skirts

Grab your wood scraps for this quick and easy project utilizing small wood cuts you can trim out with string, raffia, twine or ribbon. Then sprinkle in any rusty junk that could be a base, such as casters, or even a mason jar lid! The added layers really add a hefty touch of whimsy!

Thrift stores are good sources to find odds and ends that could work.

Check out some twine, rope or raffia options HERE

Industrial wood Christmas trees

Rusty gear tree skirts for industrial wood Christmas trees


Industrial Christmas trees with rusty gear tree skirts

A few wooden shapes became unique DIY Christmas trees with the perfect industrial touches of chains, rusty washers and more! However it’s the rusty gear bases that make a major indistrial statement, plus add weight needed!

stenciled wooden Christmas tree sign with lights

Stenciled Christmas trees picture with wood tree skirt stands


Stenciled wood Christmas tree sign with rustic tree stands

Get Woodenville Christmas Trees stencil HERE

Don’t want to build anything major to get a tree look? Grab an old window, then stencil this charming wooden Christmas tree image complete with fairy lights! The wood tree skirt images are all rustic wood designs to chime in with this enchanting story with added christmas decor embellishments chiming in nicely with the theme.

Shop for copper ornaments HERE

Wood Christmas trees in toolbox tree skirt base


Reclaimed wood Christmas and winter trees in a toolbox

A few cut triangles became the cutest and simplest pencil Christmas trees, however it’s the faux snow filled toolbox that finishes off this statement perfectly! Easy to move around too!

Now that you’re loaded with Christmas tree skirt ideas, hope you’ve gathered up some great ideas to try with your own Christmas trees this year! Have any favs in the bunch?

Check out this collection of DIY Christmas trees only HERE

Visit all my Christmas decorating from one page HERE

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7 thoughts on “20+ unique DIY wood Christmas tree skirt ideas

  1. Wow! So many fantastic ideas!!! I thought my favorite tree skirt was the one that looked like a sleigh, but then I saw the one that looks like a cabin. That might be beyond my skill level but I might have to give it a try.
    My favorite one I ever created was at a store where I have a booth. I painted one of those vintage hexagon side tables with the glass top using red chalk paint. I took the glass out of the top & stuck the tree in it. It’s one of those things I regret selling.

  2. Love, love, love them all Donna! But! If I have to choose a favorite, it’s the cabin. A close runner up is the Antique trunk! Do you have a favorite??

  3. Love all your unique, rustic ideas, Donna and it’s almost impossible to pick a favorite. My festive heart is leaning towards the skirt crate with rope handles, but my purr babies would have a field day with that gorgeous tree. Any tips on how you stop yours from plotting together to take down a Christmas tree?

    • Thank you so much Nicolle! I loved reading the post and I am honored to be in your lineup! And I’m also jealous of your tree up already. My big ‘ol fish tank is in the way, so I have no idea where it’s going yet! Maybe I’ll just decorate that thing… 😂

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