The Palette Desk Project ~ Part 1

I don’t often take you through all the (somewhat agonizing) steps of a biggish project. My general style has been to show you the before, lightly touch on the build, then revealing the after, sparing you much grief along the way. 🙂

However, I get asked alot:

Don’t you ever mess up?
How do you come up with your ideas?!?
How do you get so much done?
How does your mind work when you dream up stuff?

So I thought, since I’m such a photo and word fanatic, what better way to tell you than to take you along for the entire ride this round?

Ready for a many parter series on a current project? Hop along and sweat learn along with me on this one! It’ll be wordy, thought provoking, loaded with indecision, mistakes and troubleshooting along the way. And hopefully a few successes thrown in for good measure too.

Because quite simply, NO. Things don’t always go as planned here either. But that’s all part of the fun of learning, isn’t it? 🙂

You’ll be able to use all these tips for any given project you tackle, so… real wood workers, pop that popcorn and prepare yourself with a  good ‘ol hearty laugh. Cuz I’m gonna build me this from scratch!

~ The Palette Desk Project ~

(all parts to date here)

Part 1 – defining the need 

Part 2 – gathering materials 

Part 3 – preparing the materials and design

Part 4 – sink that monitor!

Part 5 – finishing details

Part 6 – the big reveal! 

Today: Part 1 – defining the need

My house is only so big. While I’d love the opportunity to build whatever pops into my head, where would I put the stuff?!? I flat out don’t have room for extras, so unless I go on a fun junk hunt and find something I can’t live without, 9 times outta 10 I base my projects out of need first.

a) Be receptive to changing needs

I’ve shown you all the changes this little office area as gone through over the past couple years in THIS post. So what’s the problem again?!?

Remember I said I really liked the newest changes? And I still do! Except…

… getting this to die for system has set me back temporarily in the health sense. See that lovely farm table the iMac is sitting on?

I went to alot of work stripping the paint off the top and repainting the thing to better match the new shelving unit behind it. So what’s the problem again?!?

The size of the screen is messin’ with my neck by having to look up. Got a similar problem? Then say this with me loud and clear…

Dear large screen computer people… 

surely there’s a way to have an adjustment setting applied to big screen monitors. Please think about it! Unless of course, you’re also selling strange custom built computer tables so the monitor can be lower than the table surface. Thank-you. 

From, the sore neck people.

Some of you on Facebook suggested I simply cut the legs shorter and call it a day. Well, my world doesn’t work that easily because I need to:

 b) Tweak to accompany other recently done design changes

I admit, there’s another reason I wish to change it. I want a bigger table. Actually, I always have. However the final straw was when I put up that big wall unit thing, I gasped at how it minimized the size of the table.

 Check it out. This is what I mean.

The table looks HUGE here.

And it looks really tiny here. 

Amazing and stunning effect is this not?!?


Plus, I think I’d still have to lower the monitor and I don’t want to hack this table up to bits. It can be used elsewhere. Plus I want something more funky anyway. I have alot of reasons I’m pushing myself on this one. So, on with the new plan we go!

Oh. And let’s slide in the new obstacle as of just this Friday. My neck adjusting guy wants me to get THIS for a chair instead. WHAAAAA?????

How is this done you ask?!? 

Easy. Apparently you just need an apple for enticement.

Oh my word… I think I’ll take a Facebook friend Angela’s suggestion and skirt the table to hide the offending non rusty wrong colour design component! 🙂

It just gets better after this. Facebook friend Becky showed me THIS link. Check it out! This would solve pet hair issues for certain! Or would it? Anyone try one of these?!? Crazy. This is just crazy talk. But I admit, I’m somewhat amused and curious.

 And so there you have it. I need a new table for 101 made up reasons. Because I want a new table. I want to challenge myself to build. To create another first. Because it’s what I do. I, Funky Junk Donna, cause more stress and anxiety on myself. And have too much fun along the way. 🙂

I have to tell you something. Coming this fall I’m going to involve a real carpenter with one of my projects. However, this round, I just desire to use junk so this one’s all mine. But that real deal project is going to be geared for you to follow along as well! Cool huh?

Part 2 coming soon!

How about you? 

Does your current desk and computer combo work well for you?
Ever try a horse exercise ball chair?!? (groan…)

Wanna keep up with the rants in real time? See ya there. 🙂

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13 thoughts on “The Palette Desk Project ~ Part 1

  1. Those ball chairs crack me up!!! Sorry!! Ha!
    As for the new table…great! Can’t wait to see the process of creating it. This is going to be fun!!

  2. Actually have a ball(not the chair part) but before I had back surgery, it was a very vital part of NOT hurting so much.. Make sure you are aware of posture in neck and shoulders while at the computer. Try to keep your head from jutting forward(turtle neck-sounds like you may have bulging discs in neck?)and try to keep your jaw relaxed. Can’t wait to see this play out!

  3. …wow I am so excited to see your “finish”…I am not as brave or as talented so I am having a table made for our kitchen….barn wood top and high gloss apron & legs!….love the ball chair & what a sweet pony!

  4. Hi! I found you as I was popping from one blog to another – I’ve actually set my timer so I don’t end up on my computer for 2 hours looking at all of the wonderful blogs out there! Your post is so much fun to read, I love the honesty in your voice and that donkey with the exercise ball is adorable! As a matter of fact, I have used an exercise ball at my desk and it did wonders for my lower back and shoulders, but let’s face it, it’s not a great look for a very cool office space. I just bought a corner desk from Pottery Barn (I’m not as handy as you are), but this desk did not come with a keyboard tray, so I may be experiencing some back, neck and shoulder issues shortly. I can’t wait to see what you end up doing to solve your issue. Love your sense of humor! Stop by Frog Hollow Farm if you have a minute! Ciao, bella!

  5. You are so funny. I hate my current computer desk as well, but my laptop is always on the kitchen counter. I’ve just gotten used to seeing it there. My hubby’s going to builg me a farm table desk that’s just right for the space. Can’t wait!

  6. I don’t get those ball things at all. I need something more stable. As for right now, my computer area is not working for me and I’m in the middle of changing it all by redoing my sunroom into a project room. I’ll have to let you know how it turns out. Right now it’s just a laptop on my bed and that’s it (but it’s a Macbook Pro so that’s awesome).

  7. We also have that Mac with the seemingly HUGE screen, we’re in the process of coming up with ideas to re-vamp the office.

  8. Oh my goodness! I’m so thrilled that you like my table skirt idea! I can’t wait to hear how it comes out.

    And, by the way, I hear you on the pet hair, but the chair seems like it would negate the benefits of the ball. Part of why the ball is so good is that it’s not stable, so you are activating your core all the time while you sit on it. SO I have been told–I haven’t gotten one yet! But I have been planning to. Just as soon as I skirt my work table! 🙂

    I’m hoping after the ball gets used for awhile it’ll stop picking up pet hair. The ads for them claim they don’t pick up hair, but I’m not sure I believe it.

    Thanks for the inspiration!


    ~Angela 🙂

  9. I can’t believe it. Most of you detest your office spaces or don’t even have one! YES!! I feel soooo much better! *sniff*

    I have not gone out and purchased the horse ball. To spend money on something so ugly is so against my junkin’ grain it isn’t funny. But I know I need to try it. So it’s the ugly ball or I have to stop blogging. (and wither and die in the process…)

    I need to get the ball. *sob*


  10. LOL!! You crack me up!! I need a more comfy spot to do my blogging, too. A nice cushion for my seat would be nice. I don’t think that ball would do the trick! LOL!
    Oh… and you forgot one of your awards… A Blog With Substance. I passed on both to everyone on the list. 🙂
    Have a great night, and thanks again for the laugh!
    ~ Jo

  11. Do you have any idea how excited I am! I’m about ready to throw a match into my office, and in fact, I’m up on the internet looking for office ideas and desk ideas right now! Can’t wait to see what you come up with. The pallet desk is intriguing me – Oh my – I need to redo my office and bad. Husband is giving me a hard time about wanting to get rid of the ‘nothing wrong with it’ desk that I have now.

    I wish you didn’t have to get a ball. I have two, you can have one. But, to use it for a chair, seriously? I couldn’t do it. I just couldn’t. It’s not – cute.

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