DIY pallet stenciled side table with log storage

This DIY pallet stenciled side table is super cool on its own, but it also features a handy storage compartment for firewood logs that makes it extra special!

Pallet stenciled side table with log storage

It’s always a good day when you’re on the way to biking the trails. But it gets even better when there’s a piece of furniture on the curb to pick up on the way there!

Remember THIS DRESSER? That was a fun bike ride…

Pallet stenciled side table with log storage

The before


And you guessed it… I rode right by this old rickety side table that was pretty much on its last leg. The door was jammed, pushed in too far, the top was saturated with motor oil…

Pallet stenciled side table with log storage

… and the inside was falling apart. To be honest, after I checked it out, I thought it may be too far gone, so I left it behind and hit the trails instead.

But you know what was waiting for me on the way home, yes? Goodness it’s hard to turn solid wood furniture down, even if it’s in this kind of shape!

So I went right home…

Pallet stenciled side table with log storage

… and returned with my truck to pick it up. Sigh. Did I really NEED this project?

Pallet stenciled side table with log storage

The above picture may answer that question! My garage workshop now has a 2nd truck parked inside, so guess where this piece sat. Outside for all the neighbours to enjoy! And then I found two stools shortly after, so bring on the flea market right on my own front doorstep!


So one weekend as I was cleaning up the outdoors, I decided I needed to do something with this thing or toss it out. 

After one more look, I decided to dive in and see what it could become… if I could even save it!

But now? Boy am I ever glad I took a chance on it! Because it turned into so much more… it’s one of the coolest accent tables I’ve ever owned because not only does it look really rustically cool with a pallet-style vibe, it stores firewood as well!

Honestly? If you have a real wood burning fireplace, I think this project just may open your eyes to furniture in an all new way… here’s what I did!

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Pallet stenciled side table with log storage


Pallet stenciled side table with log storage

Fixing up the side table


The table was super dirty, so the first thing I did was brush off all the cobwebs then hosed it down from all angles. Then it was cleaned with Fusion Mineral Paint’s TSP.

Once dry, the door and grate were removed, then the entire side table was sanded. 

Pallet stenciled side table with log storage

There actually wasn’t a finish on it, but the wood grain had darkened over time and sanding it brought the old wood kinda back to life. It was a good move! The wood was actually super nice underneath that layer of grit!

Preserving the original hardware


I nearly replaced the door hinges because they were so bent, but after pounding them back straight with a hammer, they looked pretty good!

The grate nearly got repainted as well, but since it matched the original hinges, I decided to leave everything as-is, just the way I found it!

A variety of materials and hardware could have all worked. I was just glad to make it work the way it originally was!

Check out some rustic hardware ideas: rustic door pulls / rustic hinges

Pallet stenciled side table with log storage

Stenciling pallet details


And I think it was a good call to make, because once the hinges and metal grate were screwed back on the side table, I think it looked fabulous!

But a little too bare.

So I brought out a few pallet-styled stencils to figure out what kind of details could be added for a little more interest.

Pallet Stamps stencil by Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils

View Pallet Stamps stencil HERE

Check out more pallet crate-styled stencils HERE

About the Pallet Stamps stencil


I ended up using the Pallet Stamps stencil, because I felt the wood resembled pallet wood, so why not?!

Pallet Stamps is a sheet of random pallet stamps and random date and lot numbers, much like you’d see on a shipping crate or pallet. It also has some screw, nail and bolt heads for added rustic detailing. I knew it would be a stencil I picked up often and that’s proving to be true!

It looked super cool on THIS IKEA HACK TABLE HERE too! But this wood on the side table was even more rustic which suits this pallet stencil to perfection!

So let’s stencil!

Pallet stenciled side table with log storage

How to stencil


The stencil was positioned in random areas on the rustic cabinet, and stenciled in Fusion Mineral Paint’s Coal Black for an authentically stamped pallet look.

  1. Dip stencil brush into paint.
  2. Remove most paint onto a rag until the brush feels dry.
  3. Tap or swirl paint through the stencil for the desired effect.

But the key to this piece looking authentic was to not overdue a good thing! If you look at a pallet, the markings are there, but are generally sparse.

But a little goes a LONG way because here’s how this thoughtful design of just a few stenciled pallet markings really brought this rustic end table to life!

Pallet stenciled side table with log storage

The finished pallet stenciled side table


Who says you need to actually have pallets on hand to have pallet furniture?! Not I, says the pallet stencil fanatic! Because I think the detailing made this piece the perfect accent table that I am proud to have in my living room now!

Oh! And I even purchased a plant from Minter Gardens called a Bridal Veil. Isn’t it pretty? Yup, I’m getting into house plants again, so once I get a few more, I’ll blog about them!

But then the very unexpected happened… I had wondered… what could I store inside?

What I really NEEDED was firewood storage. In order to put this side table beside the sofa, I had to get rid of the log storage I was using (which you can see in THIS TOUR)

Wouldn’t it be the coolest if the firewood fit inside the storage cabinet?

I decided to try…

Pallet stenciled side table with log storage

Firewood rack inside


I couldn’t believe my luck! The cabinet was the perfect width for the front facing firewood logs! I mean, perfect. I could even close the door all the way! Now that’s one unique side table!

But from a distance, the inside looked sorda like a dark hole. So I decided to take advantage of that and make some adjustments by removing the back planks of the cabinet since they were falling off anyway!

This is absolutely the perfect way to store firewood beside a fireplace in a compact way I say!

Pallet stenciled side table with log storage

And that ended up being the perfect end result. When the side table is closed, the light behind the cabinet highlights the firewood from behind, removing the black hole effect.

Pallet stenciled side table with log storage

One plank was left intact along the bottom to hold the first layer of firewood in place. 

And I mean… this end table is so perfect! One could even add a shelf to keep the firewood kindling separate if desired.

All I know is, this is the coolest firewood log storage I’ve ever had.

Pallet stenciled side table with log storage

As you can see, the pallet stamps are discreet, but there’s just enough there to tell the story.

The markings and texture of the rustic wood grain truly suits these Pallet Stamps to a T!

Video of side table makeover



Click above to watch a short video of the stenciling process!

Pallet stenciled side table with log storage

I’m so smitten with this pallet stamped side table with log storage, that I can’t wait to share a picture with the original owner!

Pallet stenciled side table with log storage

Beside the coffee table dresser, it looks right at home, don’t you think?!

Other ways to use this side table


And as a complete fluke, I’m now babysitting my son’s fish tank which happened to fit perfectly as a fish tank base! I’ll take a picture of it soon and include it in this post.

And of course, just as a sofa side table it can perform super standard duties such as serve beverages or  display plants or house a lamp, and perhaps even hold a remote control or two.

Or add some casters and turn it into a rolling cart.

It could also be the perfect key drop located by the front entry.

Or maybe even hold a grill for an outdoor space.

But I do believe this little rickety cabinet had the ability to turn into an overachiever all long… 

What do you think of the new use for this piece?



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27 thoughts on “DIY pallet stenciled side table with log storage

  1. What a fabulous redo! Love that you reused the original hardware because it’s fantastic! And the repurposing as firewood storage is perfect and-keeping the mess off the floor is awesome!!

  2. My next project includes using this new pallet stencil.
    After seeing this I am even more excited. I was going to paint my piece, but I think I may just give it a good sand and see what happens!
    This is so awesome Donna! Love the grate on the front, and firewood storage. Brilliant!!

  3. Now that is a really cool piece. What a unique and functional way to use it. We have a wood stove! I would love to use it for storage of other wares too. Towels, blankets, the sky is the limit. To me the stenciling makes it. The icing on the cake.

    • Thanks Joanne! Not everything needs to be stenciled, but this wood was too perfect to not. haha I hope you land the perfect little cupboard of your own for your wood! It’s working out so well!

  4. Now this is my new favourite of the pieces you have redone. What a score! It is absolutely the best log storage I have seen.

  5. Love any old wood cabinets and yours is absolutely charming. The grate on the door and stenciling are perfect. Always like to see the before and after pics of your projects. It’s inspiration of what can become of your trash to treasure finds.

    • Thanks Toni! And DOH!!!! I wrote the fish tank addition in there fully intending to take a picture, but forgot! I’ve edited the post until I get to it. haha Sheesh! Glad you asked.

  6. The grate used as the front door is just beautiful! I’m glad you sanded the top and were able to get the motor oil stains off. It takes a special set of eyes to see “what could be”, and you have that wonderful set of eyes! Great Job!

  7. I love a good curbside rescue story and you couldn’t have been a better person to drive by that day and see its potential for a new life. Wow, did the wood ever sand back beautifully and the crate stencil couldn’t be more perfect. What a clever idea to turn it into classy firewood storage!

  8. This is absolutely perfect! Removing the planks from behind the grate was a great idea! The cabinet reminds me of a small cabinet that my Daddy had made in his high school shop class. My sister and I used it for doll clothes in our playhouse. Magical!

  9. I am in awe of your talent. It’s past time for me to get off my lazy butt and start creating some of my own magic! See? You’re not only talented, you’re inspirational too…lol.

  10. I’ve been following you blog for a very long time and your restoration/renovation work never ceases to amaze and inspire me. Thank you for sharing.
    Anne xx

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