Pyjama productivity. Why does it work?

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Rustic bulletin board tutorial

Over the weekend, I woke up to a sunny day. Nice! Don’t you feel a burst of added energy when you do?

My cats were no where to be seen, which either means they found a better place to nap, or they started their day far earlier than I. Probably the latter.

Getting up to brew my first cup of the day, I rubbed my eyes, and wondered where I should start first… wake up by the computer? 

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That’s when both furry kids quickly spotted me, mewed in unison from the towering carpeted cat tree domain, which told me one thing. It was play time. 

Coffee bean grinder = cat play alarm. So it appears.

Da Bird (Amazon affiliate link) had a good flight today.

Bouncing from chairs to sofa, while I warmed up with coffee for the added push to keep moving for the kids, I decided that was good for now. Getting up, I head towards the computer.

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Blog office tour HERE

I ended up staring at the blank computer screen in the blog office. Dangerous. And then I had a little chat with myself…

“If you start there, you’ll start to mindlessly scroll, losing focus on what needs to be done, NEVER getting out of these PJs. You know you! What do you need to do?”

Upon seeing my tax receipt folders, I decided that was probably a ‘better way to just wake up’… then I could do more fun stuff once awake.

So I cracked open January all over the kitchen island, and started filing.

Once I reached April, it was a daunting pile, so I knew I needed  break. I looked up and asked my son if he was hungry.

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Quilted map office

It was 1pm after all… oops.

He was. So I promised him some lunch at the local diner down the road.

But first I’d have to get out of my pjs… well, basically get ready for the day. Even though it was half way over.

Caught in the PJs once again. 

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Fan grill file sorter here

I don’t know what it is, but there’s something magical about the pajama theory.

Is it that we’re just comfy so we get more done? 

Is it because we haven’t cleaned up yet, then we don’t mind working up a sweat?

Or is it because where we start the day, we usually end up there, stuck in that zone?

I think I’m all of the above. With a heavy doze of zone stuck-age.

I just know me. If I ‘schedule’ in the shower and makeup thing, something else will pull me in another direction.

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Woodsy accents in a rustic office

I hate to admit this, but some days my kiddo gets home from school, and sees me running around with a drill and camera, while wearing my mickey mouse flannel best, munching on an apple for lunch.

I’m in the zone, baby… don’t you dare stop me now!

I wish I wasn’t like this. It would be so nice to dart out the door on a whim to the store or wherever, because ‘I was already ready’. You know the drill.

All I know is, it seems to work for me! I always get WAY more done in a day if I stay in the very PJs I woke up in.

Besides… I’m also ready for bed! More time saved!

Just… please don’t knock on my front door?

– – –

Who else has the PJ Syndrome… bad? What state makes you most productive?

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20 thoughts on “Pyjama productivity. Why does it work?

  1. I’m not sure if I’ve left a comment before. But, this is my territory here! I work from home. (Nothing to blog about.) I find myself in pjs all day because I can just get down to business. I hate doing hair and makeup, so if I do any “get ready” business, I waste a lot of time wandering from bedroom to kitchen prolonging the drama. Pjs are cozy in winter. I can work a sweat and not care. Pjs are the best.

  2. All three for me for sure. Huge case of PJ Syndrome at the ranch, but I can’t say for sure it makes me more productive at all. I think I fall into the category most of – if I get dressed and look like I could leave the house, nothing IN the house will get done.

  3. Oh boy do I hear you on this one! Some of my best projects have been completed (and started) while wearing my PJs! Is it just me, or do you also go to sleep at night thinking about a project that you can’t wait to begin or finish and then WHAM – it’s morning – and why bother to crush the creative spirit by getting dressed???? I’ve actually gotten paint on my PJs because I couldn’t wait to get to my work area and begin creating LOL! My husband came home from work at 7pm one day and asked me if I was feeling well because I was ready for bed so early! LOL!!!

  4. PJ’s are the best! I work from home too and getting “ready” to go somewhere I’m not is such a waste of time 🙂 and I’m WAY more productive if I’m comfortable! Once in awhile I will feel guilty and change into…YOGA PANTS!! But who’s kidding who? Yoga pants are just glorified PJ’s…so I say Embrace the PJ’s!

    • Forgot to mention…it’s winter…it’s Canada…it’s dark at 4:30 p.m. and freezing outside! So am I really going to get ready to go if I don’t have to?? lol!

    • I thought I was the only one with the PJ Syndrome! I wake early, way early, & if I don’t, my 2 cats have no issue nudging me out of bed just because they know i really want up.

      Coffee first, not because i need the caffeine but I just really love coffee, dark bold coffee. Now I could take time for a shower while that is brewing, but then I would feel the need to style hair, make up and getting dressed.

      What a wasted of time! My theory is why get all cleaned up just to clean the house or sand down that piece of furniture: I am only going to wind of taking another shower and have another set of dirty cloths and what about all that “clean up” time wasted- I would rather clean up finished project!

      For me, it just feels like i lose the groove when I lose the pajamas!

  5. I woke up yesterday to clouds and possibility of snow, but then it rained. 🙁 When it rains it seems I’m more productive …. while still in my PJs,I headed downstairs to the basement to the wood shop to finish the cabinet I’m making from barn wood and an old window. And taa daa …. it’s almost finished except for painting!! I’ll send you a photo soon enough. Have a great week, Donna!

  6. Love your blog. You are so creative. I tried to find the bulletin board tutorial and couldn’t. What do you use for the “board”?

  7. Oh, I SOOOO get that syndrome! I’m glad I’m not the only one who gets inspiration early in the morning. My husband will often comment as he sees me with hammer in hand or a paint brush while still in my bathrobe, “aren’t you going to get dressed first?” Hey, I AM DRESSED! I think it has to do with the fact that our brains are rested and we have to tackle “that project” before we get tired or distracted with stuff like clothes, hair and makeup! The other theory is that if you grow up on a farm you often
    go out to do your morning animal chores in a bathrobe and rubber boots… got used to working in your bathrobe! That was me! I bet that was you too!

  8. PJ Syndrome for sure!! And I love it! I feel so productive and I get so much done! “Getting ready” just feels like it takes so much time and I just lose the creative mojo! I say cheers to all of us PJ Syndrome creative girls!

  9. Yep! I’m the same …. I do my teeth, skip the (much needed!) makeup and start on some jobs and projects around here then wouldn’t you know it …. just as I’m really doing well, company is at the door!! Just when you’re really in a working/accomplishing zone and you get interrupted. The place may look great (or not!) but there you are …. still in your pj’s! Ha.

    I sure wish I had a workspace like yours in which to craft, oil paint, etc. and close the door on the mess!

  10. I love to play or work in my PJ’s/robe. I get lots done early in the day and then think about getting dressed about noon or so!! In the summer, I put on an old pair of cutoffs, t-shirt, hat and take coffee to the garden and forget to come back in until noon….then get showered and dressed. My husband knows he is on his own when he sees me prowling around the yard! Love his patience and self sufficient ways!
    Whatever makes you productive, works for me.

  11. Im hit or miss in the pj department. Some days I literally just lay around all day thinking of the things i need to do..and other days I’m like dang i was so busy i forgot to get dressed…most times its the later..but hey a lazy day or so is good right??? Plus I have twins under 3…so there’s never REALLY a lazy day right??? lol.

  12. Laughing! Because I posted on FB asking if it was too early for Jammies at 5:30 this afternoon. The consensus was it is never too early for Jammies and 3 people had been in Jammies all day. I have to be honest. There are a lot of days we only get dressed because we know a package is being delivered.

  13. Lol…what a cute post! I live in whatever is comfy & seldom have my hair down. I get sooo much more done if I’m not “done.” My girlfriend laughingly told me my closet was pathetic!

  14. I’m just the opposite! If I stay in my pj’s, I feel sick! I have to get up and get dressed to the shoes! Granted, my choice of pants are warm-ups, but who’s keeping score 🙂

    And, I’m just vain enough to think I need make-up every single day, for that unexpected visitor (that never comes)…..unless I don’t have make-up on!

    But, hey, whatever works!

  15. I hear you sister! My days off could be so much more productive if I didn’t have to stop to shower and brush my teeth. “Oooohwa”, I can hear germaphobes and clean freaks say but if I start working right out of the gate without having to stop for “silly” things like breakfast, toothpaste, soap and deodorant…I am one tunnel vision/on fire gal!! When I get in modes like this, I have to set a timer; the warning alarm that says, “your husband will be home in an hour–you’d better snap out of it and clean yourself up!”

  16. I don’t sleep in pajamas, so when I get up, it’s straight into my regular clothes. As far as being “in the zone” to do much, that remains to be seen! It’s when I actually comb and redo my fuzzy braid and hair that something is going to happen! I go straight to the computer while the cats are having breakfast and don’t leave the office area. I have lots of paper to organize, and I can’t seem to get it done! However…the stuff that I need for taxes is all in one place ready to take to the preparer! THAT makes me feel accomplished!

  17. Me too and too many mornings I get ready out of fear I’ll be caught by the door knock or I simply have to go out and get food & stuff. I do my best decorating/playing with my stuff in the PJs.

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