A reclaimed wood drill handled toolbox of many talents

Reclaimed fence wood drill handled toolbox as a vase / FunkyJunkInteriors.net
In preparation for The Olde Farmhouse vintage market, I’ve been playing with the old fence wood I collected a while back. Remember the lottery win post HERE?

First I needed to find it a home. So I built a wood cart to go underneath an ugly fold out turned cool farmhouse style table.

And then that wood had to be cleaned. There was so much mould on it, I thought I’d have to throw most of it out. But… not a one needed to go. THIS proved to be the easiest way to clean reclaimed wood!

Then I was left with a pretty sweet cleaned up haul that was itchin’ to become so much more than planks from a falling down fence.

sanding fence wood / funkyJunkinteriors.net
After cleaning, the boards got a super good sanding. Then it was time to play.

Reclaimed fence wood drill handled toolbox builds / funkyJunkinteriors.net
And a reclaimed fence wood drill handled toolbox was the result. The one on the right is new. The one on the left was my first try at it many moons ago, which I used as inspiration for size.

How to build a drill handled toolbox is HERE.

But, let’s look a little closer, because I have a few secrets to share with this new (old?) design.

Rustic, reclaimed fence wood ends on drill handled toolboxes / funkyJunkinteriors.net
Doesn’t this old relic look like it’s 100 years old?

This round, I angled the toolbox sides, but ensured the top edges were left original.

Rustic, reclaimed fence wood on drill handled toolboxes / funkyJunkinteriors.net
To further celebrate the old wood, imperfections were given centre stage.

Rustic, reclaimed fence wood on drill handled toolboxes / funkyJunkinteriors.net
To hold the drill handle in place, a rusty bracket of sorts was screwed right above the handle.

That’s really the trick to something looking authentically old… just use old stuff when you build.

And then… temptation got the better of me. 

I had to do it…

Stencilling with Old Sign Stencils Farmers' Market arrow on fence wood on drill handled toolboxes / funkyJunkinteriors.net

Stencilling with Old Sign Stencils Farmers' Market arrow on fence wood on drill handled toolboxes / funkyJunkinteriors.net

The Farmers’ Market arrow stencil (* small kit is no longer sold, just Farmers’ Market large is avail* ) was used, but with a twist. See where the arrow jogs out wider after Farmers’? I just slid the stencil to the left to fill in that area so the arrow would be straight.

Now… what to do with this thing…

Lilacs in a drill handled toolbox with tuxedo cat / funkyJunkinteriors.net
Well, I mean, everything goes better with lilacs and cats!

So yes! The toolbox makes a great rustic vase. Tuck water filled jars inside and just add cut flowers from the yard.

But how about something a little more productive?

Reclaimed fence wood drill handled toolbox office organizer and flower vase / funkyJunkinteriors.net
A glorified office pen holder!

You could store files if you built the box long enough like I did with my shutter toolbox.

Old Sign Stencils Farmers' Market arrow stencil on a drill handled toolbox / funkyJunkinteriors.net
The stencil was intentionally cut off here and there, to resemble the toolbox being made out of a wood sign. The design wasn’t further distressed, to encourage the white to pop as much as possible.

Lilac flowers in a drill handled toolbox / funkyJunkinteriors.net
That WOOD! Isn’t it pretty? 

Well, that was fun! But I wanted to try one more idea…

Paint brush organizer from a drill handled toolbox with Farmers' Market stencil / funkyJunkinteriors.net
Now we’re talkin’! All my paintbrushes were a perfect fit.

Paint brush organizer from a drill handled toolbox with Farmers' Market stencil / funkyJunkinteriors.net
And boy did this drill handled toolbox of many talents look good in front of the mattress spring stencil holder in the paint studio.

What do you think Skye? Is the toolbox a keeper?

Paint brush organizer from a drill handled toolbox with Farmers' Market stencil / funkyJunkinteriors.net

Bah! She’s a wise one.

Show time comes first. I guess I’ll just have to make another. For myself and the show.

I’m going to bring some plain so they can be decorated up as desired by their new owners.

Paint brush organizer from a drill handled toolbox with Farmers' Market stencil / funkyJunkinteriors.net
I wonder what this reclaimed wood drill handled toolbox of many talents will be talented in during its next life…

What would you use it for?

(this small Farmers’ Market arrow kit is no longer being sold)

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29 thoughts on “A reclaimed wood drill handled toolbox of many talents

  1. Oh, Donna! I think we may have my Dad’s old hand drill in storage … at least I sure hope so!
    What a treasure it would be to have a box like this made with his ~ how special!

    Hmmm … Can I just say, I’d like to live in your head for a day!!!?

  2. Donna, your are truly an inspiration. Ever since I found you on Pinterest I stopped in my tracks when I saw the (now famous photo) of the old wood crate with the rusty license plate. How creative I said. Then I started following your blog and I look forward to see what’s up your sleeve next
    I am 70 yrs old, live on a farm and love old weathered wood and “rusty junk” !! You are going places for sure. The best of luck to you Donna, and I look forward to your blogs
    Have fun in Vegas, it’s a hoot!

  3. I cannot thank you enough for using the proper plural possessive punctuation on farmers’. Perhaps it’s just a “thing” in the USA but I am involved with our local farmers’ market and do quite a bit of research into other markets and the norm is to not use the apostrophe or to use it incorrectly (farmer’s).
    Despite all that- what a great piece!

    • Ohhhh Debbie… I have left it without before and nearly used the ‘s. I think it all works, depending what meaning you wish it to have. If the market belongs to one farmer, farmer’s is ok! haha

      This stuff hurts my head. I was hoping to just add it and those that don’t want it there can tape it closed. 🙂

  4. I’m sorry, but I would use a different handle and use the “BRACE and BIT” as it was intended.
    I love old tools and if they still work, I clean them up and make repairs as needed. Then take them to the shop and use them in what ever project I’m working on.
    Just saying!

    • That’s fabulous, Tom! I like hearing how all the old relics are still being used!

      The nice thing with this project is, the brace and bit is left intact and easy to lift out. Plus it gets appreciated in a new way from someone who doesn’t wish to woodwork with it.

      Thanks for the correction on what it’s called. I keep forgetting. 🙂

  5. Donna – I just love your creations! We just bought some beautiful garden art this weekend from my landscaper. She just opened her own store selling all kinds of items (repurposed and otherwise) – oh the rusty treasures she had. I was junk drunk. I saw some beautiful potting benches her husband had made from old barnwood – I was drooling. A lot of the items made me think of your creations – old, rusty and gorgeous! This summer I’m going to attempt to make one of your toolbox creations, I’ll let you know how it comes out. Thanks again for the inspiration.

    • Thanks Marie! This is actually the first handle I’ve attempted securing. The others were jammed into place and somewhat stayed ok if you didn’t drill the slots for them too big. This did work better!

  6. Wonderful piece! This would fit nicely in my craft room to hold the more sturdy tools that I use such as tile nippers, wire cutters, pliers etc…I hope you sell a ton of them, they are very versatile in their use, would be a great father’s day gift…..have fun on your upcoming travels!

  7. I love your tool boxes–especially these with the drills. I think one would look great in my husband’s work room on his “Clean” work table where he works out plans I hope he creates for me…I think I’m off to show him this (again) and just maybe we will have one in our home too…

  8. Absolutely lurve this…it’s my favourite of your tool boxes and that is saying something cuz I love ’em all! That fencing sure makes for beautiful wood to work with, doesn’t it? And your stencil just hits it right out of the park…sheer perfection! I think you’ll have a blast in Vegas…it’s soooooo much fun, a fun-loving soul like you would really appreciate it! I’ve never been to Salt Lake City, but I hear it’s quite nice…I hope you have a wonderful time there, as well! And also hope you will share more about your trips in upcoming posts!

  9. wow vegas i love visiting there, outside of the city is a small mountain with the coolest restaurant hanging off the side great food and drinks and cool views, inside the city you will have a hard time keeping your mouth shut from looking at all of the over the top everything, and of course the lights wow the lights xx

    • I know! Everything looks so overdone in the craziest cool ways! I’m really looking forward to seeing all that glitz in action. There isn’t much that sparkles or flashes in my own house… rust is very quiet and subdued… 🙂

  10. Do you know why Skye is hanging around? Look at your sixth picture down in your post. When I first looked at the picture I thought you’d made an owl on the end post!! Then I wondered what kind of owl had a long beak like that. Haha! But Skye is entertained!

    BTW, I had wondered where you had come across lilacs for the tote box. Oh how it hurts to find out they’re from your yard. My hardiest of hardy perennials are only finally beginning to peak out of the ground over the weekend. Ontario has had an unseasonably cold and late spring. *sigh*

    • If there’s an owl in that picture, thank my messy garden, because all that riff raff through the window showcases 2 old rusty headboards. Glad the owl enjoys it! haha

      Yes, I’m very grateful to live in the Bahamas of Canada. We get SO much rain though. It’s been raining for days on end. Looking forward to seeing a little sunshine on Tuesday!

  11. I just came across this pin for the 2nd time. I made one earlier but I actually drilled holes for both the bit end and handle end. You can take the round handle off to get that end in the hole and then reattach it once it is in place. I like your little bracket idea too though. If you get the hole for the handle tight enough it will also stay in place instead of trying to fall over to the side

  12. love the tool box, but I would be the first one to scrape my hand on the rusty drill bit sticking out the end… any suggestions, since I am going to try and make one 🙂 Linda, aka barnboxflorals@IG

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