SNS #47 brings you – robin’s egg blue


Welcome to Saturday Nite Special #47!

If you’re new here, join in! There are three categories to link to. Home Decor as well as Crafts, Sewing, Recipes, plus the 3rd themed link. Check below for this weekend’s theme.

Party starts Fri night and ends Sunday 11pm pacific, so you have all weekend to join!

I LOVE to highlight inspiring posts during the event on the sidebar, so make sure you check in several times over the weekend. You may be next. 🙂

~ This weekend’s themed link ~

robin’s egg blue

Please don’t throw broken robin’s egg blue ball jars at me, but I have not yet jumped in on the robin’s egg blue club yet.

Except for the jars you see here.

Apartment Therapy

Why not? I’m a little afraid of colour that stays around for any length of time. Now if it’s in small doses such as the ultra cool wall you see above, that’s pretty cool…

 But when I see images like this,


I wonder what on earth I’m waiting for! So beautiful.

I mean, the gals that created this colour can’t be wrong, can they?

Even if they DID mess up where they displayed their vignette.
(we finally had our first 2010 home grilled steak in September)

Are you afraid of robin’s egg blue?

Show us fraidy cats the way in the 3rd themed linkup!

 Next week’s themed linkup:

~ Tablescapes ~

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1. Please link up your intended post, NOT your blog homepage url. (post, then click the title of your post, cut and paste that url)

2. Please put a link in your post that leads back to the party so others can see what’s up! (buttons are in the navigation bar along the top)

 3. This party is geared for DIY type projects we can all attempt to make ourselves. Items for sale may be linked up IF your entry is posted on your blog and in tutorial style.

4. For Home Decor and Crafts, Sewing, Cooking, please link projects up that are new to SNS and within 1 month old. The 3rd weekly themed link may have older posts and not brand new to SNS.

If you can’t decide which category to enter yours in, please just pick ONE and go with it. It’s all good!


SNS 47 Blue highlights… nice!


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29 thoughts on “SNS #47 brings you – robin’s egg blue

  1. I love robin’s egg blue! It is one of my favourite colours, we have 2 rooms with robin’s egg blue in the colour scheme, and have crockery in the same colour too..

    Sadly haven’t got a post with robin’s egg blue to link up though 🙁

  2. After finally figuring out what I could paint… and coming up with an idea I REALLY like… monsoon season has hit TN. I’m hoping it dries off enough for me to finish it by Sunday night!

    BTW, love that photo of your computer… the wood… and the dog food. If I walked by and saw that, I’d go introduce myself cause I could already see we’d get along! LOL

  3. I’m with you, I’m just starting to sdd the color to my home. I do have about 10 of the blue canning jars now and I love them. Thanks for hosting again. Have a great weekend.

  4. I love that Apt Therapy A-framed room! Also, loving that hutch/shelf with the milkglass. In my blue studio (which I linked), I have some wall shelves with all of my milkglass. It’s such a nice look. Thanks for hosting!!

    ~ The Speckled Dog

  5. Oh Man! I am working on a sewing desk right now that is this color! I’ll have to see if I can put the finishing touches on it before the party ends! I’m with you, I have always shied away from this color, but I love it! So, I decided to bite the bullet, I painted my sewing desk this robins egg type color. I figure, paint is relatively cheap, so if I don’t like it, I’ll redo it! Of course, I love it!

  6. Thanks for the fun party again this week! I helped my friend with her laundry utility room redo and I think it turned out great so thought I would link this up this week!

    bee blessed

  7. Darn it – I just realized I submitted my link for a white china cabinet with ROBIN’S EGG BLUE interior into the wrong category! It’s late and my brain has obviously already shut down for the night.

    Loving the robin’s egg blue eye candy. This color always gets me!

  8. I never heard of Robin’s Egg Blue before blogging and when I tried to get some at the paint shop here, the guy just stared at me in total bewilderment (as he often does because of my questions). So when I’ll be in the States in a couple of week I will be on the hunt for some REBlue eggs and paint, just so that I can finally figure out what color it really is and how it is called here.
    I love color, but I am using is
    t less and less as a major decoration color. (except for my girly girl room). But I love how a splash of color brings out the white and neutrals like nothing else.

  9. I love robbin’s egg blue, too… not everywhere, but subtle uses of it here and there. I love all of your inspiration photos, Donna, especially that shot of your aqua mason jars… gorgeous!
    Have a great weekend, my friend!
    ~ Jo 🙂

  10. Walkin round my home I realized WOW! I have a lot of robin’s egg blue! I love it with a brown background…Beautiful! What a great party idea! I can’t wait to see everyone’s posts:)Alyssa of Boston Bee

  11. Thanks for hosting! I added a link about simple blog tips. I know it doesn’t have anything to do with home decor, but it deals with “blog decor”, yeah, I’m going with that. 🙂
    I’ve had a lot of positive feedback and it seems us bloggers are always looking for tips. If you need to delete it, I totally understand. 🙂
    hope you’re having a great weekend,

  12. I am so glad I saw this post! I love robin’s egg blue and the variations of it. It really is a versatile color, it goes with some many different styles of decorating. It looks beautiful with red at Christmas too! Can’t wait to check out all the links.

  13. WOWZA. I’m totally overwhelmed with greatness this weekend. My kitchen is growing cobwebs and my son is about to move out on me, so I must leave the computer premesis for the rest of the weekend. Incredible highlights on the sidbar!

    Thanks so much for the wonderful party, friends!


  14. Don’t worry, I’ve not jumped on the robin’s egg blue bandwagon yet either – but I have plans to for my laundry room – heaven knows I spend enough time in there to need it bright and cheery, hehe!

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