Mattress spring bulletin board

Mattress spring bulletin board on Funky Junk Interiors

When the topic of OLD came up for


… I debated, “Should I work on a priceless artifact or go after a piece of junk?”

Bet you can guess the answer to that one. 🙂 Which would you choose to work on out of this pile? I’d bet the one I chose isn’t even on your radar. But it’s in there.

Isn’t she a beauty?!? A part of a mattress box spring from a recent haul, plus a few old relics I had laying around, I got to work with my new brainstorm.

First order of business was making the rust laden spring thing safe, (what is the thing called?!?) so it recieved a good scrubbing with a wire brush and soapy water, then a satin clearcoat. (thanks for that lesson, Mustard Seed Creations!) This stuff dried so fast and actually made the rusty patina richer, while adding no gloss. I was very happy with the outcome. You are welcome Tremclad. 🙂

I wanted something jazzy for the center of the spring base, so I decided on this plant holder I scooped from a neighbor’s garbage trailer. I removed the interior metal embellishment and finding a scrap bulletin board piece, traced it out, then cut with an exacto knife. The cut wasn’t very clean so I sanded the edges afterward. Worked out great!

Staining was next, leaving out a finishing varnish. I LOVE the matte finish. It still looks old, but much richer and cleaner.

It’s coming along nicely now. This goes to show, anything can be a bulletin board.

I hired my son to glue burlap onto the bulletin board and mount it to the base. Notice screws were used, leaving the option open to change the bulletin board into a chalkboard at a later date if desired.

I loved the end result. The beautiful wood shape and metal accents really take this little bulletin board to a new level.  I screwed on a clamp of some kind to the back getting it ready to mount.

It worked!

The wonderfully rich rusty spring base became a kitchen bulletin board in a lonely little corner. I am very much a note person and need to see them in view to remember things, so this invention is perfect for me. The wide open areas provide the perfect place to mount notes galore held up by… weathered clothespins! The smaller bulletin board allows for smaller notes.

The plant stand shelf is perfect to store the clothespins sitting inside an old ironstone bowl. Three white bases all different shapes tie the look of white and light together. And some ancient old scissors in the pencil cup add some old time junk appeal to the look.

Antique hooks were glued onto the lower area of the frame, creating the perfect place for an old straight edge with a job all it’s own.

And next?

How fun! Adding rusty relics and other helps just make the piece more interesting. You can add and take away at free will and load it up with virtually anything. Other uses for the base? A pot rack if closer to the cooking area would be awesome. How about hanging up tools? Or just antiques on a big bare wall?  The options are limitless!

What was once a very sleepy little bulletin board area now has a whole lotta rusty pizazz, which perfectly suites our home.

Mattress spring bulletin board on Funky Junk Interiors

I love how this ever changing bulletin board doesn’t darken this corner as the base isn’t solid, allowing the wall to peek through. It sits right beside the kitchen office armoire so it’s the perfect office companion, funky junk style. 🙂

So did I choose a priceless artifact after all? I’d say yes I did, as I don’t believe I paid much for it at all. 🙂

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I’m speechless. Thanks so much for all that voted! I’m blown away something once so lost would garner so much admiration! Just goes to show you, you really can create something out of nothing.

Junk on, friends!


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117 thoughts on “Mattress spring bulletin board

  1. I’m totally laughing out loud here. I was sick about posting this one! I think my stomache untwisted one knot. (80,000 more to go)

    Thanks so much for the kudos! Thinking outside the box is hard on the nerves. 🙂

    FJ Donna

  2. Hi Donna- This is the best re-use of junk I have ever seen – and I have seen A LOT. You are so clever. Everything you added makes the piece even more interesting. Your before and after shots of the wall where you hung your new treasure looks totally fabulous beyond words. I am speechless. Does the number 5 stand for anything or is it just a piece of junk you picked up? My vote goes to you.

  3. Diane, good question! I debated putting that in the post.

    I simpy found a pile of wooden numbers at a hardware store on the floor and put one to good use. I love the condensed letter style for the narrow frame. I do like 5 because it’s the month of my son’s birthday. 🙂

    FJ Donna

  4. Are you kidding me? Where oh where do you come up with these ideas? Your brain should be studied by scientists or something. Usually I see things and say, “I could have come up with that or with something even snazzier.” But I had nothing to say when I saw your creation. My mouth just dropped. And that is not a good look for me. You never cease to amaze me. It’s a good thing you’re my friend–you are my friend, right? If not, I’d have to hate you–not really hate, but you know what I mean–because you are so much more clever than I. And you know how I need to feel clever and all.

  5. you’ve got to be freakin kidding me!
    this is out of this world fabulous!

    girl. you are amazing. on the sns post (i think it was) you said that you were nervous about this one…gulp. don’t EVER be nervous again. you create such rare beauties out of junk. we all are in awe!

  6. Glitch in commenting, I think my comment got erased!

    I voted for you! And where in the world do you go junking?? I would love to find stuff like this!

  7. This is fabulous!!! It sure gives me an idea to “junk” up a small area in my kitchen. Thanks for the wonderful inspiration! Wow!! I really love it. It really adds to that space and your “drapery” is awe-inspiring!
    Hugs And thanks

  8. Donna- 3 words: you amaze me. The vision you have for “junk” pieces just blows my mind. I LOVE this. Now I want to know when youre gonna come down to the US and visit me, passing along some of that inspiration?:)

  9. You got me on this one. First picture, no way she can do anything with all that stuff! Last picture my mouth dropped open. Still can’t believe it! You amaze once again.

  10. Once again, my jaw won’t close! Help! Well, it’s easier to type right now than talk!

    OK, first off, I looked at the pile of junk and read the question you posed and thought…”Good God, call the garbage men today. I know it’s not garbage day, but I’ll pay the extra 50 bucks to have them come and clean this up” (that was me) Then I put in “Donna’s brain” and thought, wow, it may be like a creative explosion for her”.


    I liked everything and couldn’t believe that you were thinking of this stuff as I read along. Then I got to the before and after shots!!! We need to call some magazine people or something NOW!!!! This has gone too far!!

    I want to live in your house. Or at least come for a visit. It will be some kind of a tour, because I’ll look at, say, the thing that’s holding the toilet paper roll and ask, “Now, what is that?” And you’ll respond, “Oh, they were demolishing a building that I was driving by one day and this hunk of concrete landed in front of my truck and I HAD to stop and pick it up. Isn’t it perfect with this piece of steal sticking out? Perfect to hang the roll on?!”


    I LoVe ThAt YoU ArE sO UnIqUe!

    I’m calling BH&G, Martha, THis Old House, Architectural Digest and Country Living as soon as I get off this thing!!!

  11. I don’t even know what to say. You guys are blowing me away. I feel abit like a movie star of the hour. Ever have that feeling?!? No? Go get yourself a piece of who knows what, prop it up with glue and duct tape and you may be next. Who knew.


    FJ Donna

  12. The result of this is truly gorgeous. Great project. As a Junk Market fan, I’m loving that you chose Junk as your project. This turned out so cool.

  13. Amaaaaazing repurposing! That little corner of your kitchen looks a thousand times more interesting now. It just fit’s too! Like it was meant to be. Your usual creative mind has done it again. Well done!

  14. Donna,
    This is the most incredibly awesome piece I have seen in a long time!!

    OK, I’m out to he shed to see what I might have.
    old crib springs. check.
    can of rust colored spray paint. check.
    hmmm, cool bulletin board material, looking. =0))

    Have a super day!!

    Thanks for such an inspirational and wonderful blog.

    blessings and smiles

    barbara jean

  15. Oh and I believe those “things” are called bed springs! I had to show my husband this! First he said, “Good Lord” when he saw the heap. Then he shouted, “WHAT!” at the after shot!

    Had to share!

  16. frightening, as i have one of those bed mattress thingies out of a very old house laying in the yard………hmmmm

  17. this is absolutely amazing! i will definitely attempt to recreate something like this.. but that plant holder is perfect. i need to develop an eye like yours because i never would have picked up that plant holder! great work!

  18. I just love this! I just picked up the springs to a crib this morning from a Freecycler! I’ve wanted to make something with one of these forever. My daughter said whatcha gonna do with that? I said I think it’d be a cool bulletin board! LOL!! GMTA eh? Now I just have to enter the world of blogging myself….eek! Anyway thanks for the wonderful inspiration!

  19. Thanks for the idea! I have a bed springs as well as the metal tube head board and foot board. This was my husband’s bed growing up and all of our children have slept in it too. I DO NOT want to throw it out and I have thought for about 3 years now what I could do with it. I think and it hurts because anything I come up with I decide won’t really work. So I don’t think about it again for awhile and then the thought hits me I HAVE TO DO SOMETHING WITH THIS BED. So I did a search and found your springs idead. I Love it! And so I will be making myself one! Now do you have any brainwaves for using the headboard and foot board? Thank you

  20. wow! Now THAT is thinking outside the box haha. I had to say it. Really though, it looks amazing! I want to do somthing simular with an old fence gate…I just can’t find one!

  21. What a great idea! I made one from our 65 year old crib that my siblings and I used!!! I hung it next to the phone! I love it! Then…we made benches out of the head and foot boards!!! One for my sis and one for me! Beautiful! Thanks for the great idea!!!

  22. Woo hoo, just found both parts of a metal trundle bed. Only need one, but couldn’t leave half behind. Now I have a project board for my sewing area. Great idea. Thanks.

  23. I just recently discovered your blog and I absolutely LOVE it! I’ve already completed two decorating projects inspired by yours and this bed spring is one of the next on my list. (I just happen to have one in the storage building! Yay!) Thank you so much for posting your creations and inspiring us all!

  24. I finally got to this post and I have to say I love this bulletin board–you are so clever! We tore our old couch apart (it was so old and beat up we couldn’t get rid of it!), and I saved all the inner springs and underpinings of it, and I’m thinking bulletin board of some variety, too.

  25. Hi Donna, (the site is my niece’s)
    I just found your site today and love it, love what you do. You are so over the top! Reading all the comments & seeing how many people you make smile and perhaps even forget any troubles for a while. Such a delight. It dawned on me that not only do you come up with the most unique ideas but you execute with a simplicity that makes it doable. You are a natural talent. You are as gifted as any artist, be it musician, writer, poet, sculptor, or whatever. Then as if that was not enough you give us tutorials and help us to be an artist as well. Kudos!

    And now I can do something with the bedsprings on my backlot. Yay.

  26. This is sooooo cool!!! How in the world did you ever think to use a bed spring like that!! 🙂

  27. That has got to be one of the most favorite things you have made Donna!! (I lied, there are other favorites too 😉 )

  28. I have our childhood crib matress rusting outside..cant wait to use some of your ideas..The two ends have 50’s decals on the wood so I am putting that on the wall/ a shelf in my “pink” room..that is quickly becoming my pink and rust room..thanks for demo..its wonderful!!!

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