Reversible DIY reclaimed wood Flower and Apple Farm crate with video

DIY rustic Apple Farm crate for fall, made with Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils-001

Reversible DIY reclaimed wood Flower and Apple Farm crate with video Every morning, I enjoy my first cup of brew on my outdoor patio overlooking the mountain view. There’s just something about nature that pulls me outdoors, no matter what the weather. Unfortunately, our BC skies have been filled with forest fire smoke lately, creating […]

Taking in the stunning Wailea Beach Path (with video)


Hi! Not quite Aloha any longer since I am officially back home in Oh Canada! Where did the time go? I had meant a million times over to post more while on vacay and show you a few sights, however each draft just never made it to completion. I call that a small success I […]

How I built a rustic reclaimed wood garden fence – part 4

building a reclaimed wood garden fence-003

How I built a rustic reclaimed wood garden fence – part 4 See the finished fence HERE Visit the entire series HERE There is nothing quite like an unplanned project. Because no planning appears to work best in these parts! So thanks to my lack of due diligence, I’m taking you waaaay back to the garden […]

The secret meadow trail ride with video


I’m not sure whether I should be patting myself on the back for hitting the bike trails pretty much every single day these days… Or ashamed of myself because I’m generally on those trails before I get a decent amount of work done. Whoops. I guess we may as well blame our improved weather. RIGHT […]

A junk shopping day with birthday girl musings with video

Canada eggs crate, birdhouse and chicken egg basket at The Back Porch at Harrison Hot Springs, BC

My favorite kind of day in the whole wide world is an unplanned one. Can you relate? I actually had an appointment earlier on April 6th, which also just happened to be my birthday. Prepared for rain, I glanced up at the sky and the clouds parted. Shadows! Some sunshine! So without a care in […]

Wishing you a Merry perfect for you Christmas! – with video


Click video above to view. When our plans didn’t pan out to go away for Christmas, I had to swallow a big lump in my throat.  I had something else completely different in mind. My toes would be buried beneath the hot sand while waves came splashing upon the shore. The humidity would be hugging my […]

5 – pruning the great outdoors


I have a seasonal buddy, and his name is Walter. Walter is flat out my hero. He calls ME when fall transpires, to check up on things outdoors. I love reminders. I feel like someone is taking care of me for a change. I also love big trucks. The end. Whenever Walter asks if it’s time to […]

How to distress a new shelf into a dumpster find… with a video


Today was deemed a family day, so I didn’t have time to work on anything home bound. And that doesn’t make for very interesting blog material… Something I’ve learned in the past 31 days of writing so much is to ensure there are pictures stored up, so a new story can emerge any time. I’m […]

The 5 boring steps to exciting success! – journal 2


Resolutions?! Not exactly my favourite word. In my world, resolution spells this big ‘ol list of promises I’ll break within the hour. So, I created my GO idea for this year. Yup, it’s a pretty good idea, but there’s one thing wrong with it. If you don’t have a direction to go, you end up […]