The golden hour nature artist strikes again

archway of trees along a bike trail in the forest |
After I returned home from an unexpected day spent in town, I glanced up towards the sky. It was still blue! There was still time.

The forecast called for 3 intense storms, thanks to remnants of a typhoon. So I scrambled to get the lawn mowed as the sky started to gather a spotty appearance.

As I was putting the lawnmower away, the sky grew dark and heavy.

And then I had to make a decision. I knew the storms were on the way, but did I want to get one more bike ride in or tackle the disgustingly messy interior of the truck?

I chose the truck.

It had been way too long. I even found a container of leather wipes, probably purchased around 5 years ago. #winning

So while I vacuumed and worked away, the sky finally darkened enough to the point that a bike ride was a total, definite no go.

Can’t have it all I guess.

So as I was pondering what I could share tonight, I found these golden hour photos from one recent bike ride, and knew, that’s what I needed to celebrate, with the recent departure of our sunshine.

fall bikeride over a wooden bridge |
It never fails. I always feel a little spoiled when I hit the trails.

It’s like, I’ve been on them a million times before. Over and over. But they always look different. Especially at different times of day.

Meandering forest bike trai during fall |
They are always welcoming, as if ready to pull me in for another quiet conversation of nothingness.

wetlands pond in the forest during golden hour |
On this particular time and day, the glow of the sun was just getting ready to set.

The highlights the selective sunlight captured reminded me of an oil painting. How does the artist just know where to place all those layers up on layers of perfect tones? 

wetlands pond reflections during sunset |
wetlands pond reflections during sunset |
double rainbow against a very blue sky during golden hour |
Seriously… what an artist.

forest trees with hanging vines |
fall pond reflections during a nature bike ride |
As I sit, finishing up this post, I can hear the rain fall heavily on the patio roof. It’s a sound of comfort. Especially knowing that lawn got mowed!

But I’m already secretly longing for the rain to stop and the sun to come out, only so it can set again.

golden hour river bike ride trail |
Because it’s pretty hard to bypass this golden hour nature artist’s work, isn’t it?

Read more of my bike ride adventures HERE

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12 thoughts on “The golden hour nature artist strikes again

  1. What a beautiful place and I just love the water there is something so comforting and calm about it. When we drive to our new property there’s a lake right before our place and it’s simply the best. Lots of cranes and wild life living so free. Nature is the perfect element of detail, God is so amazing!

  2. Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos! It was just what I needed on this dreary Thursday morning here.

  3. I want to come visit….good worker in exchange for lodging…would be my first visit to Canada!
    Just kidding (maybe)!!!

    Always enjoy your postings of your adventures…admire your humor, skills, talents, writing etiquette, pictures, personal reflections/musings, independence, nurturing spirit & fearlessness!!!

    ? Cindy Lou from Texas

  4. Your photos are beautiful and you live in such a beautiful area, all those trees and streams.
    Nature really is the best artist.

  5. Donna,

    You are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place. You sure know how to take pictures of the most amazing places…out your backdoor.

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