This is the way we wash our beloved market junk – fav products included

grey milk bucket and galvanized tea kettle / washing market junk /
Today, I had the glamorous job of washing some market junk.

And dreaming about what others may do with this stuff.

Doesn’t that bucket need flowers written in a pretty french script?

And that kettle is calling for succulents spilling over the edges.

antique soil sifter and rusty green metal trunk /

But, if you just mow through the washing task all at once, it’s not so bad.

That soil sifter sure would look awesome hung from a plain wall as part of a wall gallery. I have just the place… (slapping own hand)

washing market finds /

I didn’t do anything fancy. Just some dish soap, and a little elbow grease. 

But here are my favorite ways to clean regardless:

(affiliate links leading to Amazon below so you can find my favs:)

1. Pressure washing (post HERE) for old wood and really caked on grit.

2. For old wood, a scrub brush and diluted bleach, if pressure washer isn’t avail or job is too small. You want to get the mildew off. 

3. LOVE Shaklee Basic H2 or Shaklee Dish soap. It’s very concentrated and really does a great job on anything.

4. To remove glue, Rapid Remover. It cuts through sticky crud while protecting the finish. 

5. To cut through grease, Rapid Prep.

I’ve used the Rapid products for many years while working the sign industry. It removes glue and grease with complete ease! A little expensive, but well worth it. Fill up a quality spray bottle to get the most out of it.

Those cutting boards need some lettering! And that cast iron pot would be beautiful filled with potted herbs or even a mini rock garden.

enamel bowl fresh from the farm needing a good wash /

This is the way most of it started, so I had my work cut out for me.

There’s no such thing as too much enamel. I love the stuff. I just want to use it for washing stuff in if nothing else.

deer antlers and an army green metal ammunition trunk /

army green metal ammunition trunk /

And when I say I’m going through everything, I’m going through everything. I bought this neat army trunk a couple years ago and never did do anything with it.

But man, would it be amazing filled to the brim with bright red geraniums…

stacked market junk freshly washed and drying outside /

Oh… my heart! 🙂

stacked market junk freshly washed and drying outside /

red traffic lanterns and green parking sign /

Guess that’s what happens when you buy just stuff that you love.

Those red traffic lanterns would make the most amazing votive holders on earth… maybe I’ll keep one…

antique dutch pots and galvanized lunch box /

None of the vintage items will get any paint. They will go in their natural state, just the way I like to buy them.

I just want the new owners to do their own thing to it.

The dutch pots are so cool! So cool… I just wanna look at them. Maybe fill them with some rusty hinges and stuff for the workshop. And that galvanized lunch bucket needs to hold office stuff.

army green metal ammunition box, antlers, round cutting boards and vintage jars /

I think it’ll be a nice mix to see the vintage with the reproductions I’m bringing along. 

So, I’m down to the wire with the plans. I made a list, and each day I have to reach a destination. Today was a good one. I crossed off washing EVERYTHING, and even got to the local grocery store to fill the truck up with boxes. And tomorrow is pricing day.

I was actually so proud of getting this done, I allowed myself to go to zumba tonight.

I haven’t blogged about that yet, but I will. I’m only my 2nd week into it, so I’m still very much a beginner. It’s hard to find time for it as it’s 30 min away from me, but, it’s important. And I’ll tell you about that too.

Ya know, I’ve never been an antler person, but I’m liking these… They sure capture on film well with their rustic look.

And those vintage jars are the BEST for storing anything. That big one is huge.

vintage metal headboards, and other market merchandise /


black windsor chair and rusty metal green trunk /

I think I’m also ready to let go of the black windsor chairs. That’s a hard one, but one is stored in my garage which isn’t a good home for it. They are beautiful and need to be appreciated.

But boy they look good in photos… like in my blog office… ugh.

Funky Junk goes junkin' at The Olde Farmhouse Vintage Market.13 PM

And I do hope to capture some nice photos of this stuff once set up for The Olde Farmhouse Vintage Market.

If I’m strong enough to bring it there that is…

Do you find it hard to part with stuff too? What would you do with some of your favourite things here?

Edited to add: Sorry, no private sales at this time. Everything is going to the market. Will assess what is left after, then decide if further private sales will be done. Thanks for understanding!

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28 thoughts on “This is the way we wash our beloved market junk – fav products included

  1. Omg! Looks like my heaven. If only I lived closer. In love with that old iron bed, and any old container. Army case, trunk, old tool boxes. You’ll do great. Can’t wait for pics.:)

  2. Hey Donna. Great haul here. Do you sell items for shipping as well? I know some would love to have that opportunity. Let me know. Thanks, Hope

  3. How is it that you can make even the mundane chores of washing up look like an adventure?
    I decided not to go out junking over Memorial Day weekend, and instead sorted through the boxes of stuff I gathered at a community wide sale recently.
    Everything really does have a place and it is time to make sure they find their “homes.” Even that was fun as I knew I would like everything I took out of each box.

    I pulled down a kid sized swim pool from the barn loft yesterday.
    Even though it continues to rain here, it is time to wash it up. Full of water from melted snow, and pigeon feathers, and I don’t dare think about what else, I look at all the possibilities it has. Will I fill it with plants or make a large fairy village? Or just add water, some appropriate pond statuary and use it to splash my feet in? I love things that can become anything.

    Have a wonderful time at the market!

  4. Oh Donna….I paint on all of the treasures you have there! And, buy it just as dirty as you found it!! The old headboard is already in my garden…Wishing we were not on opposite ends of the country, but know we’d be reaching for the same things at a sale or bidding on the same auction finds. lol It would be fun though!!
    I make time for Yoga, and only wish there was Zumba close by….Loved it when I went! All that laughing (& sweating!) is wonderful!!
    Those couple of hours (have to add in the drive time!) for your body, fuel your soul too.
    Make it an “appointment” you keep for yourself!

    • Hi Sharalee! I’m not doing private sales at this time, but perhaps after the market for those local. Sorry about that! I also haven’t yet decided on a price for the chair, but it will be on the higher side. They are originals.

  5. Oh my gosh!!! I can’t stop drooling over all that yummy vintage goodness, and oh the possibilities!!! You’re right about that army trunk planted full of red geraniums… wowza that would look good!

    Seriously, I need to get out more often, lol! There must be goodies to be had here in New Hampshire! 😀

    Hugs and enjoy the week and good luck at the market!
    Beth P

  6. Cracking me up Donna! It’s definitely one of the chores of pickin’ that I don’t care for too much. Fantastic “junk” you have there. Wish I had it in my booth and for parts.

  7. donna be is hard to let go but by doing so you make room to go hunting more stuff ha ha xx

  8. WOW…just WOW…these lovely photos are perfect captures of *my* Nirvana! Those lucky ducks who get to attend the market don’t even know how insanely fortunate they are! Whomever winds up with *my* headboard had better be good to her! 🙂

    Oh, Zumba sounds like such fun, Donna! It may take a lot of your time just getting back and forth, but you owe that to yourself for all of your hard work…if we make life all about work, then we are missing a good chunk of what life is all about! Hope you have a blast!

      • You know, we think nothing of putting the time, effort and money into maintaining our homes and our vehicles…if only we thought to put that sort of energy and care behind maintaining our bodies. I am soooooo glad to know you are doing this for yourself, Donna…you and your body absolutely deserve it! And I can’t wait to hear more about the Zumba class…I just know your post will be uberly-inspirational as always!

  9. Donna, that is some awfully fine junk you have there. I don’t think you’ll come home with much. If it was me, I don’t think I could part with that tea kettle, or the chairs. The chairs are so unique! Also, I’ve been wanting to ask what made you design a Rt. 66 stencil? I’ve lived in Missouri my whole life and have pretty much been driving up and down the Mother Road and her remnants my whole life. Just wondered, you being in Canada and all, why your chose that? 🙂 One of the items on my bucket list is to take Rt. 66 from St. Louis to the coast. I know it actually starts in Chicago, but I am originally from St. Louis and that’s good enough for me! Good luck at the market and I look forward to hearing all about it next week!

  10. I have one of the ‘under the car’ creepers in my basement. I bought it to hang in my son’s room, which had a rusty car theme. I plan on painting’grease monkey’ on it…what are you going to do with yours?

  11. Is there one cleaner you use for everything? I’m always afraid of altering the finish on old treasures when cleaning them off. So I’ll have several different cleaners out. Be nice if there was one good one.

  12. I know exactly how you feel about parting with the good stuff. I bring old dingy tossed to the curb furniture to life again and then sell it in a resale “boutique”. Its always hard to part with something that begged me to make it beautiful again, but I like knowing that they will be appreciated by someone else.

  13. Next time you don’t think you have anything to do or make, drag out your junk and start cleaning. You will figure something out! Have fun, and I hope the market is successful.

  14. found a piece on a Google search that’s Identified as party junk 183. I would love a price on it or maybe I should ask if it is for sale. I think it would make the perfect headboard for my bedroom. Thank you. I can also be reached at 843-368-5649.

    • Hi Connie!

      The only thing I sell online are old sign stencils. Anything else, if it’s a feature I did of another’s work, there will always be a clickable link under the picture, which will take you to the source of the project. Best to inquire there.

      That said, if you can leave me the link to the picture in comments, I’ll try and help you out! 🙂

  15. I, too have a hard time getting rid (selling) my found treasures. I have a small booth at a mini mall. Re-purposing and up-cycling is my favorite thing to do. I just need more time and a little more space. I love what I do……Thanks for all your inspiration!

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