And all it took was a stray

I have a little story of joy for you today.

I’d been getting some visits from someone’s cat lately. I knew this cat wasn’t a stray, for it was very well fed, healthy, spotlessly clean and wore a cute pink collar. She even smelled pretty. She’d come visit me on our patio while I was banging away on the computer next to it.

Every day I’d get a visit from this cutie, to the point of, I was kinda expecting it at this point.

One day, my little friend wouldn’t leave. She had no intent on going home, even when I closed the patio doors on her. She found a way to peek in and give me those longing cat eyes. It was dark, and I didn’t know what to do. I had NO idea where she lived. So I let her in for the night.

But not before I attempted to walk her down the road. She appeared frightened and ran for my front door, not even giving me a hint of direction on where she may come from.

She spent the night in the house. But what really surprised me is when I woke up the next morning and she was LAYING on me. (cat HEAVEN)

a tortie cat visits
Well, I was beside myself! But I knew it was wrong to get attached to another’s cat so I had to find her owners.  So I threw this picture up on Facebook. Luckily, a name came forward. All was well! Except.. I lost my little friend.

Teddy’s only been gone for about 2 months but I won’t lie, I’ve been dragging my heels when I come home. She was my little therapy session and it felt like the home was an empty box without the softness. Pet lovers know what I mean.

Anyway, with my new little friend gone, I felt like I hit bottom again. So my son and I jumped in the truck just to ‘look’ at the shelter for a cat of our own. You know… to just look…. (insert I told you so here)

And then we found these two. TWO. Ohhh goodness.. tuxedo cats! As soon as I heard they were a brother and sister, I knew in an instant that if I were to bring one home, they would be together. So I said, “I’ll take them! BOTH!” BUT… we were too late to do the paperwork. So we went home with the cats on hold.

Funky Junk's cats

I posted this photo on Funky Junk’s Facebook and it went crazy. Over 1000 likes and 400 comments! Everyone was saying TAKE BOTH!

But the next day was a tough one. I had 2nd and 3rd and 4th and 5th thoughts. Lotsa what ifs, should we, what about… etc. But one thing kept sticking to me. We found a brother and sister and that would make travelling a little more pain free for all involved… if I went for it.

See, I had started to make plans when Teddy was sick. I knew her time was near. I had been busy nursing 3 sick pets over 2 years so I knew the drill well. We were going to travel care free with no pets to worry about ever again! Yup, we’d have it made. But… the stray changed everything.

We went in to visit them again the next day.. But it was the end of the day so again, no time to fill out paperwork. I promised to come the next day.

But it still felt strange, so I finally came to terms with no. I was unsure. A cat is a serious commitment. It wasn’t easy on my son, but I knew he’d eventually forgive me and carry on. So I waited for the call of them hunting me down (I didn’t have the guts to make the call) and said no.

But something changed. I mean, I told my son no, and I was ok with it. But then I started to get upset. What’s this?!? Why? What’s really going on here? I was feeling loss again. I guess I fell for these two after all and I refused to allow myself to have them.

We had looked at a few others, but I felt NOTHING. So there was something special about these two that I couldn’t put my finger on.

I later called and asked if the cats were still there, and if they’d just call me if someone was interested as to give me a last minute choice. I hung up and felt uneasy, like, I needed to do more. So I called abit later but the line was busy. I called again and they put me on hold… hold… hold… Panic panic panic started to set in. Was someone looking at MY cats?!

I finally got on. As it turns out, yes, but the lady was thinking about it. Well, that’s all it took. I told them we’d be right over because they were SOLD! πŸ™‚

tuxedo cats Funky Junk Interiors

the sister… melt! She looks like she’ll be a medium / long haired, but it’s hard to tell.

tuxedo cats Funky Junk Interiors

the brother… what a handsome boy! I’ve nicknamed him Hollywood. πŸ™‚ He has the softest fur you ever did feel. It’s un. REAL.

They are beautiful! I love that they are the same yet different. But more than that. They are quiet, so clean, and purr and love to be cuddled, even at 4 months old.

They are PERFECT.

tuxedo cats Funky Junk Interiors

The only two rooms I have kitten proofed are the bathroom and my bedroom at the moment so we did LOTS of visiting today. They are romping like mad but you barely know they’re there. Not even a peep and don’t appear to have a need in the world. But are happy to see you come in when you do.

cats running

But I have some homework to do with photography. These two are FAST! I’ll have to learn that shutter stuff stat if I ever want to land a good shot of these guys! πŸ™‚

But no names yet. They came with Figaro (boy) and Orca (Orca?!). (girl) Figaro is cute, but Orca (whale) has to go. Any ideas for names?

The world feels right once again. And all it took was a stray that wasn’t even a stray after all.

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105 thoughts on “And all it took was a stray

  1. Oh…congratulations! You needed them! And so does your son. They are sooooo pretty. I like Figaro….that is the name of the little tuxedo cat in Walt Disney’s version of Pinnochio….how about Cleo for the girl…that is the name of the goldfish in Pinnochio.

    Here’s a photo of the two…

    You could call them Fig and Clee for short.

    I love tuxedo cats. Yes, it seems like a good idea to not have pets so you can travel…but life at home is just not complete without them. And you are home way more than on vacation. I’m thinking about going on a little trip for a week…and I just don’t want to leave my four weenies. Even though I’d leave with my Mom…I hate to be away from them that long.

    You know…I found Franklin on Petfinder late one night and wrote the foster…immediately and then regretted it. Told myself that if he was not available that would be for the best. But the next morning there was an email in my in box. I told her I needed to think…because she was ready for me to take him. She wrote back and said I had a week to think and then he was going to Denver for a big adoption fair because there was a better chance for him to get adopted fast. Well…then I decided I better get him…I didn’t want him traveling after being lost and everything. Even then…I told myself that if I didn’t just love him when I saw him…I would not take him…but the moment I saw him and saw how sweet and gentle he was…I was a gonner.

    I couldn’t snatch him from her arms fast enough. And I have NEVER regretted that decision…not a single second. As I’m sure you won’t either.

    • I saw the musical “Cats” too long ago to mention. Ever since, when I see a black and white cat I think I think of them as Jellicle Cats.

  2. We have an adopted Tuxedo and 2 Golden-Doodles!! Yikes! The Tuxedo’s name is Lewis and he purrrrrrs like crazy but right now our adopted, supposed to be a foster Doodle, Piper, won’t leave him alone so after almost a year they are playing through the gate. We are SUCKERS! Have fun with the kittens.


  3. Tuxedo cats are so cute. I used to have a Tuxedo cat, my son has her now as he all grown up. She was really his in the first place. Anyway, the story on how we got her was early one morning, we heard a scream. We were standing at the back porch and the scream came from the front of the house. Here someone had thrown a little baby kitten out of a car. It was her screaming as she hit the ground. We quickly scooped her up. She was all dirty full of grease. She couldn’t have been more than a few weeks old if that. We fed her baby formula and cleaned her up. I wasn’t really prepared for a cat, but my son fell in love with her. To make a long story short, she is now 12 years old. We named her Sweet Girl. Mainly because when we found her she was so sweet and loving and we just could not imagine anyone ever doing that to a sweet little kitten. She is on the smaller side and looked to be the runt of the litter….I think the runts are the best! Have fun with your two new members of your family.

    • Laurie, I wonder if your baby had been inside the car engine and was thrown out in front of your house? How lucky she was to not be hurt.

      We adopted a tuxedo cat in a similar way, a young cat that appeared in our yard with a raw wound where his tail should have been, and injured hind legs. We couldn’t catch him to get him to the vet, he lived under a shed and we left food for him. He did recover, though he kind of hopped, so we named him Bunny. He was a sweet cat, but he always seemed self-conscious of his missing tail. We had quite a few cats, but his best friend was our naturally-tailless female. I’m sure he was thrown from a car engine as it drove past, and his tail got caught in the fan or fan belt.

  4. They’re so cute! The other cat who’s been visiting you looks a lot like the pregnant stray someone dropped off by us ~ she’s getting bigger and bigger and bigger!

  5. Hi, they are gorgeous, not surprised you fell in love. My suggested names are Hercule and Monique.

    have fun with them while they are kittens.

  6. I think you should name them Bogie and Bacall since they are my favorite couple in the old black and white movies!

  7. So happy for you and your two babies. Currently we have three, the last two were sisters that we could not bear to separate. The two will keep each other company which is an added benefit. Enjoy your new babes!


  8. Hi Donna, I have to admit while I was reading your story I got caught up in the excitement of did she or didn’t she? I am soooo happy for you! Pets bring such peace in our hearts we need and only they can give us. I followed your story about Teddy and have followed your story about your visitor. I don’t believe in coincidences! I believe with all of my heart it happened for the reason, teddy wanted you to have that love again… Enjoy! They are beautiful!!!

    “”Francesca” ?

    Take care have fun!

  9. I am SO happy for you. We always say we will not get another cat or dog when we lose our beloved fur baby – but we always do. I knew it was just a matter of time.

    Some things are just meant to be.

  10. I was getting panicky reading the article, afraid that you weren’t going to take them. I have two tuxedo cats, too. Just love them. I think animals have a way of finding us.
    How about the name “Dazzle” for the young lady?
    So happy for all of you.

  11. Congratulations on your new babies! We had a tuxedo once and her name was Pearl (her birthday was Pearl Harbor Day). Also, had two kitties in the 70s….their names were Fleetwood and Mac (I did say this was the 70s). :). No doubt in my mind your two new family members are two very lucky kitties!

  12. How about Funky and Junky? πŸ™‚ Cats like names ending in the “e” sound and those are names easy to call. And dear to your heart! I saw a quote the other day “Money can’t buy happiness but it can buy JUNK and that makes me happy”!

  13. I’m so happy for you. there’s just nothing like the love we get from our pets! Tank, our very large, part Maine Coon that we fell in love with at the local shelter (he’d been there for 2 years) agrees.

  14. What a wonderful story. Two kitties getting a loving home, grateful to you for doing so. We all know they will give back more joy than expected.

    I have one tuxedo cat that has fur like a rabbit, similar to what you mentioned. He has grown into the biggest cat I’ve ever had and talks constantly.

    You will fall upon names at some unusual moment. Their personalities are already showing. Keep us posted as to the names.

  15. Yeah!! So happy you have them. I have two cats and somehow when you are traveling I feel they keep each other company. Enjoy!!!!

  16. We had sibling cats when our children were younger. The male had extremely spikey hair and looked like a baby porcupine, so they were named Porky and Bess {with apologies to George Gershwin}. You definitely made the right choice in recognizing they chose you for their forever home πŸ™‚

  17. CONGRATS!!!.the only thing better than one kitty is TWO!.they keep each other happy and busy when you are otherwise occupied….
    I love wordplay, and had several litters of “wild” barn kittens is was socializing for adoption… are some of the names..

    Mame and Claude (brother and sister, too!)
    Bing Clawsby
    Clawed Monet
    course, you could always go with famous “pairs”
    Jack and Jill
    Bonnie and Clyde
    Fred and Ethel
    Lucy and Ricky
    Ben and Gerri
    Frank and Beans
    Whatever their names will be, glad they have helped fill that cat-shaped hole in your heart

  18. They are adorable! I have a 2 brothers that I adopted as kittens, named Jac and Gems (I think instead of Jill since he is a boy). They were named at the shelter. I decided to keep their names.

  19. How about “Cuddles” and “Cozy”! The remind me of our cat “Patches” we had long ago. Unconditional Love…

  20. You have made the best choice. I also adopted a brother and sister and am so glad I did. As kittens they spent all their time together, now 5 years later they do their own thing but occasionally you can find them curled up together in a chair, or on the bed napping together, or chasing each other around the house. By the way, your 2 are so cute….

  21. Congrats again Donna! They are just adorable and I know will be true blessings. Our kitties are 12 and 11 and we just love them so much. I have heard people say that cats have no personality and that is so far from the truth. Our Sophie knows she is the queen bee and our Max is carefree and full of kisses.

  22. They are soooo sweet, Donna! I know exactly how that feels. That doubt…and indecisiveness. When I finally decided to get another dog and a match was found through rescue, I hesitated. It’s such a big commitment. What if it wasn’t the same? I am in a position to finally travel more…having a dog makes it more difficult. What if she had major issues (why else would someone give her up)? Then I saw her and I still had those fears but none of it mattered. And the foster home loved her too and even offered to pet-sit during vacations. She is also the most well behaved, well trained, loving dog ever. It was meant to be and that’s where those two precious kittens are. ‘Home’

  23. Oh Donna….I’m so glad you decided to take them! I just adore them…and tuxedo cats are too cool. We had one with a tiny little Hitler mustache…we named him Groucho….for the Marx brother….That perfect name will come….and these two babies are gonna be so much fun to watch grow up and old on your site! Thanks for sharing them with us! ~Tammy

  24. Two years ago I had lost two elderly cats close in time frame. It was devastating. I was down to one cat and that just wouldn’t do. I asked the Humane Society to pick me out one kitty, “fluffy and cuddly”, because I know that viewing all the rest in their cages would have done me in. I showed up and there was Josie, and she was absolutely perfect. It was kismet.

    How about Kismet & Karma as names?

    • The Great man works in wonderful ways! And your surprised that a totrie showed up, melted your heart? Nahh, it only “opened up your heart”!
      New wonderful little beings that showed up? They are already named or, at least one is, Figaro is very cool! How about Savannah as another reader suggested, it seems to fit! Can’t wait to see new fun pics that will arrive soon! However since they are long hairs, teach them about the sink and getting wet, kitties that learn about water soon will have no fear or dislike of it, then washing and brushing become second nature, oh yes they can learn to use the tiolet too instead of the box!
      I used to live in a little house on the ocean and the neighbors kitten would walk with his owner all the way to the oceans edge, every morning when he went for his morning walk. At first he thought it was a mistake but years later the cat would wait for him by the door ready! Congrats on your new happy little “melt your heart” souls!

  25. We, too, have a brother and sister cat pair, only ours are identical Russian blue mixes. Our family argued, ahem, debated, so long over their names that the stand-in names of Boycat and Girlcat stuck. We get a few funny looks at the vet, but it still tickles me whenever we say their names.

  26. Oh Donna, I’m happy for you. When we moved 10 months ago we came with our four little dogs. We’ve had cats before and before long I was missing those kitty snuggles. I just ‘adopted’ two tiny kittens, whose mom abandoned them so they had to be bottle fed. Mia is a tortoiseshell like your ‘stray that wasn’t a stray’ and Jax who is a long haired tuxedo! They came from a barn all the way to town living, many miles from where we live and they are doing GREAT! I was initially only going to get Mia but am so happy I brought home her brother too!!!!!!! Enjoy your fur babies for many, many years!!!!!

  27. Oh. my. gosh. I can so relate to this story. I was done with cats and kids and even went so far as to buy a white sofa! Then my daughter came to live with us with her kitty, Gonzo. We became attached to Gonzo and then the big boom hit…he had leukemia and died. After a few months without a kitty, the house felt empty. I went to the shelter to “just look” and came home with twins! Like you, I couldn’t separate them. The female, Cinder, is long-haired, while her brother, Ash, is a short hair. (they were named after their adventure on the first night in the fireplace!) They’re both black and get along so great. Somehow, it just feels good to rescue a kitty…even though I know I’m getting the best end of the deal! Congrats on your new babies!

  28. I’m so happy for you, Donna! I have two Tuxedos myself – both boys and not from the same litter. I actually just recently found out that black and whites were called “Tuxedo” – who knew? As for names, not sure… one of mine looks similar in the face to one of yours – we named him Bandit because he looks like he has a mask over his eyes. Enjoy your new found friends!

  29. SOOOO happy that you got them both!! She looks so queenly….like an Isabella….Izzy for short, and he is so wonderfully furry….he could be her Ferdinand….Ferry for short. Their names will surface from them, but it is fun thinking of names based on their looks. May you all have many wonderful years ahead!!

  30. I have a tabby and a standard poodle. Lots of fun here! Our late back a white cat was named Sylvester. Remember that childhood cartoon character Tennessee Tuxedo? He was a penguin but Tennessee might be a good cat name. Or Dot and Domino.

  31. Names: Frankie and Johnny, Sonny and Cher, Bonnie and Clyde, and now my
    favorite Rhett and Scarlett (I’m a Southern Girl).Elvis and Priscilla just to name a few. Good luck and I’m so happy YOU gave them a home. Blessings

  32. Bahahaha! The same thing happened to me. My boy Boogie a chihuahua stole my heart but passed away on March 14th. I just knew I didn’t want any other dogs. We still had Sable, but after her we would be able to travel more easily. Even though I know, the hubs and I took both Sable and Boogie on a month long trip to CA and home without any problem. I cried every day for over a month. Then I started looking at rescues and that’s where I first saw “Teddy Bear”. A fur baby that looked exactly like Boogie, but he was a tiny chihuahua. Everything ran through my head…why was he at the shelter…he must be saved. Then after a couple of emails the shelter lady asked if we would take his brother too? What??? I hadn’t even considered two, but how could I leave his brother??? Yep, you guessed it…we now have the two. We did change their names a little. Somehow “Teddy Bear and Tiny Tim” just wasn’t an option for two older adults to be calling their fur babies. Teddy Boy and Thames pronounced Tims seemed more adult or at least to us it did. I still cry missing my boy, but more of my time is occupied. Tuxedos are wonderful! Love that you opened your heart and home to two also! Tuxedos are wonderful! Somehow knowing I am not alone in my decision helps!!!

  33. Aloha,

    Congrats on your new furbabies! I’m sure that the right name(s) will come to you soon. I had twin tabbies that I named Twin (confused the vet to no end!) and lost one about three years ago.


  34. They are adorable!!!!! How could you not take them …although I fully understand your hesitation. Figaro is ok but I do like Hollywood better… You could name the girl Vegas LOL! I like when the names go together easily and it would be hard for me to come up with something that goes with Figaro.
    Congratulations on your new family membersβ™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯

  35. I agree with the other commenter who suggested Bogie & Bacall. I had two little multipoos years ago and they were Sophie & Tucker…after the Red Hot Mama!

  36. Ohhh I just adore them Donna and am so happy for you!!! I mentioned I have been babysitting my little grandkittens- from the same litter as well. They are 7 weeks now but so tiny they fit in your hand when they were first rescued. I fell in love instantly. I did a blog post about trying to find the ‘kitten’ setting on my camera too πŸ™‚ Congratulations on your little darlings!! xo

  37. We had a brother and sister (dogs) once, their names were Charlie and Lucy. If you wait a bit you know they will name themselves.

  38. you had me holding my breathe there!!! my heart hurt for you, your son and the kitties…but I am so happy you didn’t deny your destiny! God is so good to us, He just keeps on knocking even when we are trying to push the door closed. They really are beautiful kitties, and yes a house is eerily quite without the ‘voice’ of a pet in it.

  39. Hi, I’m glad you made the decision you did,they are adorable. Would of been a shame to break up the pair. Cats are way more independent then dogs. Sometimes other then the smell of a litter box when it needs changing you wouldn’t know there was a cat about unless they come make themselves known. Congratulations on becoming a new kitty mom enjoy them thoroughly and they’ll give you many years of joy and love xx Karen

  40. Love your new kitties! I know what you mean, I said the same thing, I want to be free, no worries about pets….but I just couldn’t! I had to have my kitty! He’s curled up, asleep on the chair,that I said I was going to recover, when was that?, don’t know! But i have my sweetie kitty! LOVE! Congrats on your new lovelies!

  41. Oh I am so happy for you and your son…I’ve been thru the same loss. I just wanted to share a bit about traveling when you’ve got fur-balls at home. I have driven a tour-bus for many years. And have discovered my 4 were absolutely fine for a few days. An extra litter box, and dry feeder and a big waterer. I did many 2 night trips, but any longer I used a sitter. Just thought I’d share. In the beginning I would have someone come in to check on them, but ahe NEVER saw them, so gradually we reduced the visits and they are good overnight…congrat’s on your new babies….names??? Something will come to you and just feel right! <3

  42. Donna,

    SOOO Glad you decided to take them…they are ADORABLE!!! I am sure it is hard still missing Teddy…but she would want you to give these babies a wonderful forever home like she had with you…..Congrats!! ENJOY…sounds like they have put pawprints on your heart already!!


  43. How exciting! I understand the hesitation of deciding whether or not to adopt – and two cats at that. I also know the joy these two precious souls will bring to you and your son. God bless you and your son and now, also your two furbabies.


  44. I am glad you decided on both! We have 3 cats right now and 2 of them are brother and sister. One is named A.L.F.( another lazy feline) and the sister is called mego.(because when we went to get them, only intended to get the male(alf) , but his sister was there just a talking and rubbing up against our legs. Like to say taken mea take me too. Hence the name mego. And the third cat is named Liberty, mostly call her Libby for short, and she is called that because I got her from the pound.( I gave her her liberty.) anyways we have always waited a couple of days to name ours ths, they seem to end up naming them selfs.
    Glad you decided to get both,your not regret it!

  45. Ohhhhhhhhh… I am so happy you decided to take them together!!! My favorite couple are Nick and Nora Charles from the Thin Man movies. They were always fun and glamorous and your tuxedo kitties are that! They obviously left their tiny paw prints on your hearts that day!

    I followed you and Teddy and my heart broke for you that day. We went through similar with our 13 year old Maddie. We lost her to kidney failure in our home April 21st. It was devastating for us and our other 13 year old cat Jake. When I rescued Maddie she was separated from her brother which we later regretted but we already had Jake at the time.
    Some of my last tearful whisperings to Maddie as she was leaving us were to find us someone to rescue when we were ready. Well, our Maddie obviously was way ahead of us. On May 8th, my husband sent me a text from his sister with the cutest two 3 week old kittens, brother and sister, who had been dumped off near a dumpster. He hesitated at first not knowing if I could handle this emotionally. My broken heart opened up as soon as I saw the photos. Two days later my hubbie and I drove upstate to get them from her. Jake accepted them and now Shelby Mustang GT and his sister Bella shower us with kittie kisses and purr transfers daily! We now have a happy family so filled with love once more… thank you Maddie.

    Many happy blessings to you all!

  46. Hollywood fits him so well. I thought of what would go with that and Vine kept popping up, but I don’t like it, but Ivie or Ivy (vine).

    Hollywood and Ivy
    (opt spelling, Ivie, Ivey, Ivie, Ivee)


  47. This post just made my day! I have had animals my whole life and with that came the inevitable loss and grief when they passed so I know exactly the emptiness you feel and the hesitation of going through that pain again at some point down the road. But one thing I have also discovered is the love and companionship of another pet is the best therapy you can receive to heal from your pain. They just make the world right again. Just look at the joy on your face! Your heart made the right decision and you have given these two babies a wonderful new life. Congratulations on your new adventures together πŸ™‚

  48. how about pixie and dixie they are from an old cartoon about a cat named jinksy and two mice named you got it pixie and dixie

  49. I am so happy for you! Kittens! What joy! I haven’t read through the comments, so this name may have already been offered up – what about Fiona???

  50. All we have ever picked up were strays. I did not find them they always found us. And everyone I have loved with all my heart. You did the right thing. I have a brother and sister strays that we befriended over 15 years ago and they are my heart & soul.
    The joy they bring, and the love they give are worth it every day. Best of luck to you and your new cat family! Smile!

  51. Beautiful cats. I also went for one cat and came home with Siamese brothers and have never regretted it. They sleep together and clean each other and cry when separated. They also call each other to play!

    How about Oreo for one of them and Peppi?

  52. I love the names Cleo (Cleopatra) and Oreo. When I look at your pictures it suits them! I’ve always loved those cat names but never had black and white cats to name. I’m jealous! Congrats!

  53. So glad these TWO purrfect kittens found you! Life without pets just isn’t the same! You deserve happiness and they deserve to have a wonderful life with you and your son! Congratulations!

  54. Congratulations Donna! My niece has a tuxedo named Jack. Yours are gorgeous and don’t worry they will tell you their names in time. I just adopted a little tortoiseshell kitten and she had so many names over the first 2 weeks…I’ve never had such a hard time naming a pet. She mostly got called “Monkey” but after 2 weeks, we settled on Eilish. Elizabeth (my middle name) in Irish because she was born on ST Patrick’s day. Enjoy you new family members. They’ll help heal the wounds from your loss. J

  55. Love it Donna! They’re the cutest. And will keep your camera busy for sure. I agree with one of the others…Teddy sent the stray

  56. I love kitties, especially black and white kitties! I used to have a black and white cat named Oreo. He had white paws and a white spot above his lip. He looked like he had Oreo cookie cream on his lip. πŸ™‚

  57. Oh, my. How sweet! As a kitty (and doggy) mom, I know the emotions you’re going through. When I lose a baby — and they are mine, I don’t have kids — I wait a little bit, hold off, think about it….
    Then a kitty appears for me to adopt in that pet’s memory. It’s the way I can honor them and help a hole in my heart fill back up a little. I’ve had as few as one, and [scream] as many as 7 cats and 4 dogs.

    Actually, I live in the country and often the universe just sends me another in the form of “a dump.” That’s when someone drops their scared, loving pet off in the country for whatever reason. Imagine the fear 2 of my cats had when they turned up in my drive. Hungry, matted, and declawed. Let me cut your fingers off and dump YOU in the country and say, “Ok. Now hunt and defend yourself.” (I’m on a rant.)

    Anyway, I think you’ve made a fantastic choice. You obviously need these little souls in your life or you wouldn’t have gone through such agony of decision. I think it wasn’t the decision TO adopt them, it was the decision NOT TO. The beautiful little torty stray was there to make a path for the others. She loved you, too.

    Congrats on two, beautiful little souls joining your family. Your son doesn’t need to “eventually forgive you!” Enjoy their spirit.

  58. Hi Donna, I work at the shelter in Bellingham Wa. and I can tell you that the fact you took 2 cats is a wonderful thing. It is kitten season and even by 4 months people think a cat is too old to adopt. Everyone is looking for the 8 week old babies. Tuxedos are known to be very social, friendly cats that like to please their people. By four months you start to see the personality developing but it isn’t until about 1 year that the true adult personality is fully developed. Kudos to you for adopting from a shelter. They sound like they will have a great home. I have 3 cats and a Great Dane that all came from my work. I also had chickens and ducks who also came from the shelter but recently rehomed them because I am selling my house and moving away.The best of luck with your new cats.

  59. The female looks just like a little feral I trapped and brought inside in 2000. I could ill afford another pet at the time. She was injured, wormy and had ear mites. It cost $700 (did I mention I had no money?) to fix her up and spay her and it was the best money I have ever spent. She purred me to sleep in the long months my dad was dying. She was never so much as a room away from me when I was home. She died last year and I couldn’t believe how great a hole was left in my heart. I have two other great cats, but they don’t take the place of my darling Sarah. Sorry to ramble. I just want to say that your heart was guiding you and this is the right (if not prudent) thing to do!

  60. cute. but then we have an adult one that would fit right in. ours has more the markings of a Holstein cow and that is her name. as she got older her one side looks like a black saddle. she loves our dog and we suspect she may not know she is a cat Dustmop the dog doesn’t seem to know Holstein is a cat either as they re 100% best friends.

  61. Love your blog!!!

    We have a brother and sister as well

    Louie & Lucy
    but we also love

    Violet & Vinnie

    Ivan an Ivy

    Holly & Henry

    Pearl & Paulie

    Lillie Mae & Lou

    Everyone has great names on here…you more than likely will have a hard time picking now…LOL

  62. Donna…the stray came into your life for a reason…to love a beautiful creature again…They were meant to be yours…Can’t wait to hear what you will name them…there has got to be some great brother/sister names out there…like Donny and Marie…LOL!

  63. How about Oreo and Cookie ?

    In the end, any name you and your son choose will only add to the magic and love for many years to come to you all.

    Best wishes!

  64. They are adorable! I’m glad you found some new friends. I cried when you lost Teddy because I know I will be the same way someday when mine is gone. Love your FB pic of one of them on the back of your chair. πŸ™‚

  65. So happy for you! The babies are gorgeous! After reading through all the great name suggestions, it occurred to me that I hardly ever use my cats’ ‘real’ names! I called my ginger cat, named Miss Rogers, all sorts. Missy, Miss, Miss Priss, Miss Kabiss, Sweet Girl, Gilly, Googy, Gilligan, Gillylilligan. I call my foster cat Zoro anything but: Mister, Mister Boo, Mister Poo, Moo, Booboo, My Boy, Mister Magoo. He won’t know his name when he goes back to his family!
    TMI?? Lol. I think they respond to the love in your voice regardless of what you call them. πŸ™‚
    Have fun, whatever you decide!!

  66. Oh…what a great ending to a sweet story. You had me scared for a little bit. The cats are beautiful. Enjoy!….Oh yes, good decision!

  67. Oooohhhh – I’m so happy for you! I was looking at your pictures (finally catching up with blog reading) of the toolboxes and saw your beautiful kitty and my heart felt a tug. I’m so glad you’ve opened your heart and home to two beautiful kitties. They look just like one we had (unfortunately we had to put her down last year as she had cancer). Her name was Rothko (after the famous painter).

    Three weeks ago we had to put our sweet 13 year old dog down…here’s my story:

    My husband wants to wait a year to get another dog, I’m not sure I can. I’ve had health issues since last September and Hershey was my constant companion…we’ll see.

    Enjoy your wonderful cat snuggles!

  68. When bereaved pet people are ready, the right ones come into their lives. What a cute pair! Name suggestion for the sister: Orla, a classic Irish name that’s similar, in case she’s become accustomed to the ungainly “Orca” (ick, but I do see the resemblance to killer whale black-and-white markings).

    Very happy for you and your son, to have a cat-ful home again.

  69. Well if his name is Figaro, hers should be Susanna. They’re the couple that gets married in “The Marriage of Figaro!” Cutie pies, nice work picking them out.

  70. Oh my word! I was reading, holding my breath! I’m so glad you got them. I love cat people. You should name them Gatsby and Daisy-best book ever, plus, the little guy is exactly what I would think a cat named Gatsby would look like!

  71. Happiness!!!! They are beautiful! How wonderful that they could stay together. 2 cats are easier than one, and they are more than twice the fun. I am looking forward to many pictures of those two “helping” you with your projects.

  72. They are absolutely adorable and I’m so glad you brought them home! We have a family of cats and they are all so very special to us. I can’t imagine our home without them. If you want to relax, just pet a cat or dog. There’s nothing like it. You’re right, Orca is a horrible name. I love Figaro. How about Lolita for your little girl.

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