Valentines Day hanging hearts mobile on a branch

This DIY hanging hearts mobile is the perfect craft for Valentines Day. Using simple materials like fabric, twine, and a branch, you can create a beautiful decoration that will add a touch of love to any room!

This DIY hanging hearts mobile is the perfect craft for Valentines Day. Using simple materials like fabric, twine, and a branch, you can create a beautiful decoration that will add a touch of love to any room!

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I’ve recently come upon the opportunity to take part in a local free workshop that focused on repurposing! How on brand for me is that?!

And to my delight, the February theme was focused on Valentines Day. Since I had only made one Valentine’s Day craft thus far this year, I was all-in!

Where the workshop was hosted


This is a very unique workshop, which takes place in a local store Fox & Thistle. It’s a beautiful store located in Yarrow, Chilliwack, BC, filled with earth-friendly products, so this workshop fit right in!

You may recognize it if you visit. The location use to be Hazelnut, then Chestnut Springs Bakery which I’ve previously showcased in THIS POST HERE.

All kinds of boxes were filled to the brim with used crafting supplies galore. From fabric scraps, string, twine, ribbon, buttons, wooden hearts, felt, embroidery thread, and everything in between.

The task was to go ahead and make whatever you wish, themed around hearts. So I grabbed all kinds of things and started to play.

After 2 hours, the end result was a delightful and neutral Valentines Day decor item that was all too perfect for the season and my home!

Candy, gifts, red roses, chocolate, hallmark card greetings and poems are wonderful for Valentine’s Day to gift family members. However it’s nice to make things to decorate with as a form of celebration of valentine items, am I right? Especially if they are free!

While this isn’t an official tutorial since I made it elsewhere, I will explain how everything was done so you can give this idea filled with whimsy a go this Valentine’s Day as well!

Valentines Day hanging hearts mobile on a branch


Supplies you’ll need:


Wooden hearts of all shapes and sizes

Wicker heart ornaments in woodsy tones


Heavy cream yarn

White felt fabric

Neutral fabric scraps

Larger scale sewing needle

Thick white thread

Wood grain beads

Neutral buttons

Heart-shaped buttons

1 large branch for crafts

Tiny small twigs

Hot glue gun

Heavy duty scissors

One-stop shopping option:


Visit my Amazon store under Valentine’s Day HERE to pick up loads of craft supplies that will help you create this branch mobile!

Check out the shelf curation feature on Amazon HERE with full supplies listed.

tieing string onto a branch

Preparing a branch with string


1. Choose a branch in the size you’d like your mobile to be.

The above branch is for tutorial purposes. I used a different branch for my mobile with real moss attached! So cool!

2. Attach random bits of yarn, twine and string to the branch spaced evenly apart.

The string is attached using a wrapping effect, where I’d tie the string to the branch, double knot it, then continue to wrap the string around the branch to add a little more detail. Loved the outcome, and doesn’t have to be perfect!

how to create double sided hearts for valentines day mobile

How to create the double-sided hearts


3. Gather up and create various hearts to hang from the string, with double-sided in mind if you are hanging the hearts up.

Wooden hearts of all shapes and sizes

Since this is a mobile, the hearts have a tendency to turn. So with that in mind, most of the hearts have some double sided looks which was easy to accomplish.

Wooden hearts:


  1. use two wooden hearts of the same size
  2. decorate the wooden hearts as desired
  3. place a string in between them
  4. glue them back-to-back with the hanging string in between them.

double sided crafted hearts for valentines day

So fun! Focusing on the wooden hearts above, here’s what I did:

Heart buttons heart:


The wooden heart on left is held onto the string with two threaded heart-shaped buttons glued on to the heart.

String wrapped wooden heart:


The wooden heart on the right is wrapped in twine, then ends in the back with the twine hot gluing it into place.

buttons and sticks on crafted hearts

Wooden heart with 3 buttons


Three neutral buttons were hot glued onto the wooden heart.

The previous button heart was positioned back-to-back, with a string in between them, then hot-glued together.

XO wooden heart


  1. A very tiny twig was broken into pieces, then hot glued into place creating an X.
  2. Using a neutral button, it was glued to the heart to form an O.
  3. 3 wooden beads were strung onto the thicker yarn, then held intact with a knot with the yarn ends frayed out to resemble a tassel.
  4. The xo heart and twine-wrapped heart were positioned back-to-back with the yarn running between them, then glued together.

tieing valentines day hearts to a branch

Felt-stuffed heart with 2 buttons


  1. Two felt hearts of equal size were cut then stitched together along the edges with thick white thread.
  2. Before closing the heart, some pillow stuffing was added as well as the hanging string to the top.
  3. Two heart buttons were hot glued into place.

Other hearts:


Other random hearts with some being premade wicker heart ornaments while others were laser cut wooden hearts were attached to the branch with string.

wooden hearts on a string for Valentines Day

Wooden hearts on a string


Random neutral wooden buttons and wooden hearts were teamed up.

Some were glued together with the string in the middle.

The heart buttons were thread through the string.

I couldn’t even begin to tell you what exactly I did, because this was a very random happening! This is where the freedom to just play, without stopping to document all the steps made this such a fun Valentines Day craft!

tied strings onto a branch for hanging hearts

Hanging the hearts


Then each heart was attached to the branch in that wrapping technique previously mentioned. I loved this outcome! It looks so random and rather scrappy, while being totally unique and very casual!

Just be sure to alternate the height of each heart so they all hang at different lengths. The wrapping technique makes that easy as you can wind the string around the branch more or less to get your exact look desired.

Valentines day hanging heart mobile on a shelf

Valentines Day mobile on a shelf


4. Mount the branch where desired to hang up your Valentines Day mobile!

Isn’t it just the cutest?!

Here I have it attached on a shelf with photos of both my parents. I love this vibe and actually used this same setup in THIS post: wooden Valentine heart with scrabble tiles message.

However I think it would look equally adorable hung in a window or just against a wall.

stitched and wooden hearts on a valentines day mobile

Various hearts hanging from a branch


I just love how each heart has its own vibe. Yet teamed up, they all look so nice together!

This fun project left me questioning my own crafting supplies. I pulled out everything I had, then proceeded to attempt to make another valentines day mobile, however I wasn’t happy with the end result. I felt like I wanted to use things I just didn’t have!

So note to self: I’ll be starting to collect a vast amount of crafting supplies during my garage sale and thrift store stops, so I have the ability to create small crafts like this whenever desired.

And that also gives me a good excuse to create a new crafts area! More to decorate!

Valentines Day mobile on a branch

All-in-all, this valentines day mobile on a branch is a very quick craft that is easy to modify using things you already have. Or join me in your quest to collect a few key elements so you can copy what I did!

Other ways to use or gift these hearts:


  • Get the kids involved to make on Valentine’s Day
  • Craft up one heart to turn into a keychain
  • Attach the hearts to gifts
  • Create as heart tassels to hang
  • Or make a mobile like this for the entire family to enjoy!

Happy Valentine’s Day, indeed!

Valentine wood heart art with scrabble tile message

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