How to make a wood Love rope sign for Valentine’s Day

Learn how to make a reclaimed wood Love rope sign for Valentine's Day! #valentinesday #valentinesdayprojects #funkyjunkinteriors

It’s been a LONG time since I whipped up something to celebrate Valentine’s Day. I’ve created these salvaged junk hearts awhile back, but I was overdue on something new… something rustic. 

My decorating style is pretty neutral and rustic, so I desired to make a project that chimed in with that so I’d be inclined to keep it around for after Valentine’s Day.

I wanted something fast and easy… and that’s when it hit me. How about if I allowed a piece of rope to do all the talking?

Grabbing a few reclaimed wood fence planks from my stash, here’s how I did it!

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How to make a reclaimed wood Love rope sign


How to make a reclaimed wood Love rope sign on a headboard /


You’ll need:

reclaimed wood
heavy twine – identical to what I used!
sketching paper
hot glue gun
cordless drill – my fav kind
Starbucks Pike coffee optional, but pretty ultimate

chalking in the design / How to make a reclaimed wood Love rope sign on a headboard /



1. Roughly sketch your desired LOVE sign on paper.

Be aware of how bendable your chosen twine is.

2. Freehand your design with chalk on your sign boards.

I chose three reclaimed wood boards, and hadn’t even bothered to attach them to each other yet! 

But you could mount them together prior to this step, with two attached support boards underneath.


gluing down the twine / How to make a reclaimed wood Love rope sign on a headboard /
3. Apply hot glue along your chalk line, then follow along with one long piece of twine.

The glue cools nearly instantly, so I went several inches at a time. 

How to make a reclaimed wood Love rope sign /
I ended my design with a big ‘ol twisty heart to further tell the story. Cute, huh?

I don’t have a ton of spare wall space (read that as none) in my home, so I decided to…

Reclaimed wood Love rope sign on a headboard /

How to make a reclaimed wood Love rope sign /
… mount the reclaimed wood Love rope sign to my headboard!

Mounting instructions:

The 3 sign boards were first affixed to each other via two side planks, as shown.

The entire sign was them screwed onto the gate headboard.

Reclaimed wood Love rope sign on a headboard /


Reclaimed wood Love rope sign on a headboard /
Love reclaimed wood rope sign funky junk interiors-008
I love a light, neutral bedroom, so crumply white pillows and quilt do it for me.

Reclaimed wood Love rope sign on a headboard /
I LOVE it! 🙂

I also ought to challenge myself at the 11th hour more often…

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21 thoughts on “How to make a wood Love rope sign for Valentine’s Day

    • I was wondering if you recall where you had gotten the wreath at?
      Im always looking for one that resembles that and its hard to tell online the size and how thick they are.
      Thank you,

  1. When I first saw the picture until i read the directions, I thought that after you had put it all together that u then painted the entire thing white. But it’s totally awesome as is but painting it to match could be an option I think, painting and then antiquing.

  2. Love your site! You have given me so many ideas and now I would like to actually make something. Thank you for sharing the diy on your love rope sign. I am going to make it for my niece and her fiancé’. Could you tell me what the dimensions are for the sign you made? I did get some old barn wood but I am wondering if it may be too thick- about 1 and 1/2 inch. What do you think?
    Thank you so much!
    Corlyn Miller

    • Hi Corlyn, sorry, I’m not home at the moment to check. But honestly, any board will do! I generally create with just whatever I find. 🙂 I think thicker wood would make a super nice statement, although it may be a little trickier to mount on a wall. Just use longer screws.

  3. Hello! I was wondering… could you do this on a much smaller sign with thick burlap string? It would be like a small version. Just wondering what you think 🙂

  4. Hi Donna!

    love your website and all the great crafts you have on here!…I was wondering if you had a tutorial or any such thing on how you made your headboard for your bed. I absolutely LOVE it!

  5. Hmmm… i think I’d paint that rustic ‘Love’ sign with a white background so the rope stands out better. Having said that, what a unique way to use a rope on a sign. Was looking for something similar. Hard to find signs with rope words.

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