When new casters for a trunk win over vintage rust!

Choose casters with ball bearings for the smoothest glide / part of When new casters for a trunk win over vintage rust! via  https://www.funkyjunkinteriors.net/

I admit it. I go to GREAT lengths to spend very little on DIY.

Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE to shop for new things and appreciate good quality. And I’d love nothing more to win a shopping spree and buy all of my heart’s desires… rustic style of course. 🙂

But I will always hold a special fondness for digging through dirty boxes and ditches odd places for my treasures. 

Y'all need help with this Funky Junk Stuff by Dr. Phil

 You know it, Dr. Phil! 🙂 

(thanks Leo of Blueblood Originals for the fabulous pic!)

Vintage casters, part of / When new casters for a trunk win over vintage rust! via  https://www.funkyjunkinteriors.net/

Then there was the time I landed these cool casters. I actually found a small bucket full of all different sizes, so I was pretty thrilled when they worked out really well on my old trunk ottoman! Old marries old!

Casters with ball bearings make for the easiest glide /  part of When new casters for a trunk win over vintage rust! via  https://www.funkyjunkinteriors.net/ via  https://www.funkyjunkinteriors.net/

Turns out, those old crusty castors were scratching our hardwood floor. The wheels would simply twist the opposite way you wanted them to and SCREEEEEEEEEEEEE….. my poor son didn’t relax his poor tired feet on that ottoman as is for even a moment. 🙂

Choose casters with ball bearings for the smoothest glide / part of When new casters for a trunk win over vintage rust! via  https://www.funkyjunkinteriors.net/

( how to install casters onto a trunk is HERE )

In this case, it just made sense to go new. I chose castors from the local hardware store at a round $5 a pop, that had ball bearings in all four, so it could spin circles with the simple push of one finger.

That’s the key, did you know that? Look for those ball bearings and you’ll have that trunk floating over piled high laundry rugs! Oh my goodness, this thing has sprouted wings!

You heard it here first. When new casters for a trunk win over vintage rust! Sometimes new is just better.

Trunk ottoman, part of / Why new casters with ball bearings won over rusty old ones via  https://www.funkyjunkinteriors.net/

But for some things, I reserve the right to think otherwise.

Old vs. new… what’s your preference?

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20 thoughts on “When new casters for a trunk win over vintage rust!

  1. Thanks for the points about casters! Yes, smooth and all-trajectory is the only way. Thanks for saving me lots of useless effort. I have a lot of caster projects in mind for the winter.

  2. I like to recycle things and drive my poor husband crazy (like tearing old casters off a 50+ year old TV to reuse). BUT, when possible I recycle things but when I have to I will resort to spending the $$ and buying new. {{sigh}}

  3. I might have “cheated” a little and dipped an old toothbrush in some dark brown or rust colored paint and flipped a little fake rust on them before installing, as from a few feet away they would look rusty….maybe?

  4. Donna, I must try to find something like this to make a warm place for Seymour in front of the fireplace. Did a great job (as usual)

  5. Old as much as possible but new when necessary! 🙂 LOVE the Dr. Phil pic!!!!! My son was telling me that I had a problem and I should see someone about it just the other day. He doesn’t get my love for old stuff made new through paint or repurposing. Oh well, I’m in good “crazy” company!!! Lol

  6. Technology is sometimes better than style. Anyway, you mounted those casters so that you can’t see them. Good job. Looks like a Funky Cat Roomba!

  7. I see one of your other comments suggested using leftover paint to help camoflage the shiny silver finish on your new casters. I was going to suggest Tim Holtz/Ranger’s Alcohol Inks to accomplish the same. I really do not see the shiny new casters in the after photos, so this may not even be a problem you have to think about. Can we assume that a tutorial on how to repair scratches on a wood floor will be coming soon?

  8. I almost always go for old… but things DO need to be functional! I actually sold a VERY old trunk this weekend – more like a chest – all wood – at least 100 years old – probably closer to 200 – and it had these RIDICULOUS gold colored, plastic ball shaped casters on it – they were from the 1970’s.
    so silly! but they actually worked REALLY well!! They were TOO UGLY though – I hope the new owner takes them off!

  9. The trunk makes a great ottoman (and cat nap spot lol.) The casters may be new but they still have an industrial edge. I used four small castors, new from the hardware store, on a crate our son made and love them. I keep looking for other projects to use them on. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving, Donna.

  10. Just wondering, could you place black electrial tape around the old casters? Would that help them roll easier. Just wondering. I love the old suitcase, also your helpers were so cute.

  11. Love this trunk! Sometimes you just have to go new…as sad as it can be! Looks great though! Wondering what the burlap piece is on the trunk… Is it a pillow/cushion? Blanket? I’m curious and want to know more. Is there a post about it?

  12. I actually have two of these…a large and medium one. The wood strips are designed for the trunks to stack together. I’ve kept my out of season clothes in the larger one, which takes up a lot of room in the bedroom. The smaller is in my work area on a movers dolly I picked up at Harbor Freight, and I use it as a coffee table.

    I can’t believe I didn’t think to use the clothes storage trunk in the living room…Thanks!

  13. i need some help, i have an old trunk thats rusty but it has pieces that are bubbled or peeling, is there anyway to redo the trunk? like can i sand it or would that destroy it?

  14. That just frees up the old wheels for some creative use in your shop … as hooks to hold something up? As a creative topping for a funky junk birdhouse? As a door stop to click down and hold something open? Insert Donna’s brain here when she gets off Maui time and she’ll spin this into something wonderful…

    But I’m kinda hoping one of them lands on a birdhouse.

  15. Hey Donna. I’ve done this too. Had an old shorty trunk like yours for 20 as my coffee table. Had intentions to put casters on and finally did the summer after working with your son. Just acquired another trunk (even nicer than my first one) and I’ll be adorning it with lovely 4 inch thermoplastic casters in time for Christmas. My daughters garage house just needs a trunk on wheels like the beach house. I enjoyed reading your post ? Merry Christmas to you and the boy ?

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