Yard dancing with lawn mowing… and snow.

Not quite sure what’s going on this year, but I’m really antsy for spring. It may have something to do with the rarely shining sun this time of year on the wet coast. So when the sun peeks out for even a quick moment, I love to get out there and act as if it’s there for the long haul.

Maybe I’ll blame it on Cyndi…

We were so very blessed when friend Cyndi offering up a bunch of garden tools and this fantastic wheelbarrow, as she was moving. EVERYTHING was an upgrade to what we had (if we had it). So rather than put it all away, I simply removed it out of the truck and put it to work that very day.

Thanks, friend! It was a treat to clip with blades that cut and rakes that picked up more than 4 leaves at a time due to broken tines. 🙂

So, let me take you for a little walk since I’m out here anyway…

I really should have cut these hydrangeas down last fall, but I was still decorating with them. And I used them again not even a week ago. So I decided to just leave the old blooms on until I see new growth. My neighbours may think I’m behind on things, but I can’t stand throwing stuff out I can still use.

Tip: staging with hydrangeas or leaves and such is best done when freshly picked. Work with them before they turn crispy.

Hmm… wonder what I should do with this dresser this summer… last year this was my hydrangea stuffed dresser so I should to try something different… maybe plant stuff in it? Thinking…

I’m coming guys, hang in there! My junk sits and patiently waits for a good scrub. The budding tree appears to be telling me not to wait too much longer!

Hmmm… the snowdrops might be saying get on with it PRONTO after all. Aren’t they amazing?

And so the yard dance begins. I even mowed my lawn about a week ago I was so exited! 

And then it snowed.

We may be a little mixed up, but at least I know my junk is waiting and ready for just the right moment. I mean, it’s not like it can get any rustier… can it?!

Ok then, I’ll wait!

Who else is a tad anxious to get outside?


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24 thoughts on “Yard dancing with lawn mowing… and snow.

  1. You do amazing things. It won’t be long before you can mow to your heart’s content. LOL We are trying to decide whether to sell our house or keep remodeling. So I feel like I am also doing the limbo. I want e everything to be pretty in my house & outside. But I don’t want to keep spending time & money if we’re going to sell.

  2. I am down south in TN. We haven’t had extreme cold temps but none the less, the rollercoaster ride, from 30’s to 70’s. And when you get those pretty days, it just ticks you off for it to turn off cold again. It is suppose to be a nice weekend, but the ground is so saturated with water, there will not be any working in the yard….Maybe sitting in the sun with a glass of sweet tea.

  3. Same here in Texas. We’ve been able to work outside pretty much all winter, with the exceptions of a couple of cold days. And those were probably shirtsleeve weather for you guys. I have snowdrops in my garden, too. Just love them! I also have roses and irises blooming now. Crazy, huh ? And my first purple martins arrived two days ago. I’m ready to play outside and find my rusty crusty goodies again! Donna,I broke our turning fork a few years ago and have gone without. But I found a nice one yesterday at the thrift shop for just $5.00. woo-hoo!

    Hope your spring comes soon.

  4. Me! I can’t wait to get outside. Here in North Van it’s raining buckets. I lifted some snow drops the other day and planted them in the shade garden and saw some primroses starting. Yay! Can’t wait. 🙂

  5. My but your Spring has started already….I guess you would say it has put spring in your step…mowing already…wow! It is still snowing here so I won’t be in the yard yet.

  6. oh yeah…I was ignoring my flower beds and a garden I hadn’t gotten to since we got busy moving in last year and fixin’ the inside…did’t have time to play outside much, hmmm, I guess I wasn’t ignoring it then right? :)…but your blooming trees and snowdrops are gettin me all ansy!! I can’t wait to start either…Oregon has had teasing weather…sun pops in and out, then it’s gloomy and cold and windy, then the sun makes another appearance….she’s a tease I tell you….come on Spring!!! 🙂

  7. Green grass, snow drops, and little pink flower buds!!! Lucky you.
    I would absolutely love to get outside and start (thinking about) getting stuff done but we still have 3 ft of snow on the ground and are expecting more before the season is over.
    We are still in the cabin fever stage here. Spring fever will be a few more weeks yet.

  8. Wow. Love the snow drops and I can’t believe you actually have grass to mow. Ours is still very brown/yellow and right now is hidden by a big layer of snow and ice. I’m so totally jealous!!

  9. Oh I got out in my yard today…we had 5″ of snow last night here and I moved a ton of snow! It will be months before I see my lawnmower! But thanks for the pic’s…lifted my spirits knowing I WILL see grass in my future!

  10. Had a nice day in Alberta on the weekend and got rid of some leaves in the yard. We have some trees that keep their leaves till November and then the snow came. It’ll be a busy spring!

  11. Wow, mowed your lawn!!!! Love your little snowdrops (which are appropriately named). I am probably one of the very few who love the versatility of the seasons. I relish time spent with each. I’m still nestled in my home with wood stove and snow/wind storming outside. Warming up today but have had wind gusts up to 30+. I always have more things than I can accomplish and feel very blessed. And, with blessings and smiles to you. Thanks for sharing.

  12. That little taste of spring we had a couple of days ago was amazing too wasnt it. I spent the whole day outside, unfortunately the next day smacked us back to reality- the pooch and I went running in the cold rain. Love the snow drops. Fingers crossed for a mild spring.


  13. Me too! Here the frost is still so strong but the sun is helping on the mood.. But patience? Erhm..! Thank you for sharing your lush spring-snow-round, Donna.

    xx Pernille / Polly

    droemmedukkeraekkehus.blogspot.dk (eng. writing)

  14. We had three nice days in a row so I spent a lot of time working in the yard, trimming, raking and generally sprucing up, then like you, it snowed! Now it is supposed to be nice this weekend so I am hoping to do a bit more. Yes I have a little spring fever.

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