100 fav Christmas projects with my 4

I’m generally not much of a seasonal decorator. But there’s one time when I break every rule in the book… and that would be for Christmas.

But I break more rules than one…

100 Christmas Projects on FunkyJunkInteriors.net
First off, you’re about to be blown away with a little Christmas past. Maison de Pax has gathered us ’round to show you 100 fav Christmas projects with my 4.

How’s that for quick and fast inspiration?

Let’s go!

So… rule breaking. Well, let’s start off by saying, I’ve long tossed out the traditional Christmas decorations. I now visit my everyday junk stash and visit outdoors for all the trimming.

Here are my 4 fav rule breaking ideas using what I have…

old windows fireplace mantel / FunkyJunkInteriors.net
Illuminated old windows Christmas mantel

These glowy windows represent fresh fallen snow in a forest, with a little warm cabin illuminating the night walk. With the flickering glow of a wood burning fireplace , you are enticed to peek inside the windows. And there on the table, homemade hot cocoa with marshmallows awaits you…

How’s that for a mantel story? 🙂 Visit the post to learn my realistic snow making secrets!

twig garland / Funky Junk Interiors
Christmas garland made from twigs

I love shopping outdoors for Christmas. There’s just something so natural about utilizing what nature provides vs the mall. 

This twig wreath can be yours while you watch two hours of Survivor. It’s charming, rustic, and all season too!

Here’s a grapevine / pinecone version of it I equally enjoyed making!

stepladder Christmas tree / Funky Junk Interiors
Stepladder Christmas tree

This was the year I was tired of my faux trees. I knew they were on their way out. But for one last time, I decided to go total QUIRK as a final goodbye.

And stuff it inside a stepladder. Which made it brand new again. 

Who knew.

rusty gear tree votive on FunkyJunkInteriors.net
Rusty gear Christmas votive

I love a great candle glow, but get nervous with a rambunctious teen and hopping animals abound.

It only made sense to create a votive that wouldn’t move in an earthquake!

Stacking rusty gears is all this took. Plus, a battery operated tea light makes it even safer.

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Hope you enjoyed a little of my rule breaking Christmas ways. There’s loads more where that came from. Click above to visit all my most popular projects.

Now it’s time to get blown away 96 more times!

Merry Christmas!


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7 thoughts on “100 fav Christmas projects with my 4

  1. Found you last year about this time. Have followed you ever since. You’ve had quite a year and I’ve enjoyed the ride with you!

  2. Oh, Donna, we love how you break rules. Or perhaps we should say you set trends. Your holiday decorations from Christmas past are rustic and natural – right up my alley! I’m looking forward to your 12 days of Christmas for this year.

    It’s been fun blog hopping with you. Happy December. 🙂

  3. Short story,
    I love youre site it has been an inspiration to me and an emotional boost in a time I was about down as down can be.
    Im a single mom of two teenagers,bought a house three years ago and doing pretty good ,I was happy had everything I needed.I worked in a hospital,volunteered FF/EMT,I turned my yard into a fabulous relaxing eyeappealing landscape, I repurposed furniture,among many other things I do I was always busy and drove my kids nuts if I wasnt gardening, repurposing,ff ing I was cooking or creating something from “junk”.I never sat,thought it a waste of time.My friends and family jokingly called me a hoarder but then when I finished a project they said “wow” howd you do that and oh wow you have a great eye for turning fire wood into amazing things.A friend left their gazebo out to long and the snow took it down,the medal railings bent the canvas tore but the frame was solid,I said whats you going to do with that? they said trash pile. I said NO NO I WANT IT! they said its junk,i said ya like this but it is perfect for my front deck,they shook their head and the next weekend I found the beams and frame in my driveway…yes! I now have a rebuilt gazebo on my front deck.People thought I was nuts but they love how it looks w/ morning glories growing up the columns it gives me a natural screen that the honey bees and humming birds love..”wish I could post a pic”
    ok I said short story I think you got the just of what I was.
    I was taken out of work on dec.16th 2013 for medical reasons..:(
    My 18 yr old moved to his dads for guy bounding,my 19 yr old girl moved into her boyfriends,ugh mom is alone.huge adjustment.
    I was told to sit,do nothing ,rest,dont use ur arms.Are you kidding me?I do everything myself and didnt depend on others well.I got to a point that driving even walking aggrevatted my arms,a friend said MB you like to paint you should paint,well I paint on barnwood,I couldnt carry the wood:( or even move it,I was in a cast for 3 months.So I found my watercolors and hey with a bit of help I started watercoloring,loved it got bored running out of things to paint from , so a friend gave me a laptop to download pics to paint,”I also love to take pics I would take walks and take many pictures.” I found youre site when searching on google.Loved loved loved that their are others out there like me!Anyway short story.I am still out of work,I been collecting “junk” to repurpose but still couldnt use my arms.Like you my friends have said ,”what a piece of junk,hey I bet MB could make something out of that! and they would drop it off to me”:)I have met a wonderful man ‘from a diffrent state’ who we adore each other.He has little vision but when I tell him what I see,he builds it for me:) I made a few new friends who are like me in this wonderful new store called diddies and dodads I found while driving about looking for treasures in new hampshire when I walked in I was wide eyed and opened mouthed! OH a store that thinks like me! this is great!I spent an hour or more just looking at everything. So now my new love and I have been working together and now have a few pieces of “junk” for sale in this store.I am now moving to his state to build a dream of mine to sell repurposed junk.

    Point of this story,I may not be able to go back into the medical/emergency services for an undetermined time if even at all and that has stressed me to depression at times.Many days I sat in the cold winter under a blanket with my laptop reading from youre site thinking “oh she must be giddy with the thoughts of what to make with her finds” and it kept my spirit up knowing someday I may be able to repurpose my “junk”from some of youre great ideas and my great finds.I even spent time over the summer at the beaches of the atlantic and thought “am I ever going to be able to work again? what am I to do?”Will people buy my creative crafting? The answwer is yes,I have sold a few items with a decent profit.
    I have been encouraged by youre blogs that I may start a new life with one of my passions…”JUNKING”:)
    Thank you

    Sometimes we need to just sit and listen and the changes will just happen.

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