Day 6 – Stacked gear Christmas tree tea lights

Stacked gear Christmas tree tea lights

If there’s such thing as a project that’s too simple although quite adorable, these stacked gear Christmas tree tea lights would be it. This creation will no doubt feed your rusty junker soul and offer you the cutest little candlelight idea in the land.

12 Days of Christmas 2013 via Funky Junk Interiors-006

I found playing with this gear tree a little like playing with paper dolls back in the day. And I’m gonna even give each one a name and personality! Oh why not… it’s Christmas… gears are people junk too.

Here’s how I did it:

A collection of rusty gears / Stacked gear Christmas tree tea lights

You’ll need:

rusty gears

tea lights, real or batter operated

spray snow


1. Gather up a few of your coolest rusty gears.

I found mine at a local welder’s yard (you HAVE to read the story HERE!)  so if you can’t locate any, call on a welder that’s into heavy duty machinery. And good luck explaining you want his greasy junk for a Christmas tree. I’ve had some wild looks shot my way I will admit.

Stacked gears to make a Christmas tree / Stacked gear Christmas tree tea lights

2. Stack them up.

Don’t worry about stability this round. The highest wind (should you take your gear tree for a walk through a wind tunnel) will not knock a heavy metal gear over.  

The double gear on the bottom kind of gives the illusion that the tree has a trunk. LIKE that!

Stacked gears to make a Christmas tree / Stacked gear Christmas tree tea lights

3. Plunk in a real tea light candle or battery operated tea light like I did, and be giddy at your sheer genius junker moves. In real life, this truly is the cutest thing!

Stacked gears to make a Christmas tree / Stacked gear Christmas tree tea lights

4. Get dressed up!

It was fun coming up with a few different looks.

This one’s Wedding Crasher.

It’s (he? she?) is dressed up in your basic (black?) pinecones, attempting to upstage the bride. Shocking! But stunning and distinguished all the same.

Stacked gears, pinecones and dried hydrangeas / Rusty gear Christmas tree tea lights

This one’s Bohemian Ombre.

I think it’s a she… she’s ready for a New Year’s Party that’s all about colour and isn’t afraid to follow the latest trends. She’s the type that can throw anything together and it just works. And she’s also way too nice to envy.

Faux snow covered rusty gear Christmas tree / Rusty gear Christmas tree tea lights

 Meet Ski Hill Dude.

He’s all dusted up from his last powder run down the black diamond trail, sporting one of those ‘everything matches perfectly’ ski suits. But don’t hate on him for his perfectionism. His snow is very affordable.

Faux snow covered rusty gear Christmas tree / Rusty gear Christmas tree tea lights 

Sigh… now I want MORE. Dear welders… please give a beloved junker friend a gear or two for Christmas. You truly do have the very best junk of all and I’d bet you didn’t even know it!

Come on back Dec 10th and you’ll see where it landed during my Christmas home tour!

So… if YOU were a stacked gear Christmas tree tea light… ok, I won’t go there.

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See you tomorrow for Day 7!

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  1. Oh my, this is just to cute! I think I might know of a place to get something like these gears but he is wayyy to expensive. I will keep my eyes open this summer at yard sales for next Christmas….Oh man, did I say NEXT Christmas already??? LOL Thanks for sharing and have a blessed day. 🙂

  2. Love these candles. I have used a number of these rusty gears in my “rust garden.” Thought I was done looking for them but…….I guess not!!
    Thanks for the idea!