My $7.00 burlap coffee bean sack window shades

No sew coffee bean sack burlap window shades via Funky Junk Interiors

I love coffee bean sacks! Not only is the burlap perfectly rustic, the added stamped graphics give them the ability to turn something ho hum into art.

There’s a bank of 3 windows in the kitchen I thought could use some warming up. So after I landed a certain sack lately, my brainstorm kicked in. Faux shades! Well, they’re real but they don’t function as real roll downs. They’re just for looks.

My costs:

brackets – $2 per window x 3
sack – $1@

Aren’t they fun?! Here’s how I made them.

1. Start with a wooden dowel and a coffee sack.

2. Pick up a closet bar install kit for the dowel.

3. Cut the dowel just under the size of the inside of the window frame.

4. Gather up a drill bit and screwdriver bit.

5. Pencil in the hole, then predrill a pilot hole.

 6. Screw in the brackets.

So easy!

7. Cut the sack to the width of the dowel. 

Depending on how long you wish for them to hang down will determine the up/down height. I used 1/2 a sack per shade.

8. Fray the ends so they have a nice edge.

9. Cut a liner of some sort for a backing. 

The burlap is very transparent so if you wish for the graphics to show up, a liner does the trick. I used a linen material from my stash.

10. Glue the liner to the burlap just around the edge.

Don’t overdue it or the glue will seep through the materials.

11. Run a bead of hot glue along the inner edge and attach the dowel.

12. Roll until material meets material.

Or however much you wish.


13. Add some junky trinkets as shade pulls, install and you’re done!

If they want to ‘unroll’, predrill a small hole into the side of one bracket and add a screw. I did that to one and it worked like a charm!

Then add a few green faux plants for a no upkeep window area and…

…go decorate the rest of the kitchen to work with your new windows of course. I’m on it. πŸ™‚

(best place to land coffee bean sacks are any place that serves up coffee or roasts their own beans… these are from The Back Porch, Harrison Hot Springs BC Canada, for $1@)

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  1. This is such a great idea……
    My mind is racing with ideas about what I can transform around here with coffee bean sacks……
    Today I actually recovered my Coastal Style Cane Barstool cushions with cool teatowels……$4.00. I’m still smiling ;o)

    Tania xx

    Scandi Coast Home Australia

  2. Love them, Donna! They have a warm, rustic look and the lettering really steps it up a notch. I’ve got a stash of old seed bags that will hopefully become my kitchen curtains, as soon I get a new window in my kitchen that is getting very slowwwwly remodeled.

    Angie @ Knick of Time

  3. Great idea again Donna! This one will be viral too I’m sure! I love it and if you don’t have real coffee bags I’m sure you could replicate the same kind of thing on burlap with stencils! I really like the idea that they don’t roll down, a great valance!

  4. Looks Fabulous. I actually tried this in my kitchen… had them hanging @ Christmas time, but mine did not iron out well & didn’t hang as straight. Another great job by Donna! Blessings!

  5. Great idea. Please let us know how they hold up to the rolling! Also, my experience with coffee bean burlap bags is that they have a strong burlap and oil, not to mention coffee, odor. How did you handle this issue?

    • Hey Jennair,

      These are ‘dummy’ panels and just stay as shown. (I don’t require privacy in this area of my home) And for some reason, this burlap had no odor to it. Guess I lucked out this round because I know exactly what you mean!

    • Hey Barb!

      The colour is a really nice neutral mocha, called Bamboo Beach by Cloverdale Paint in Canada. It’s the perfect undertone… not green or pink, just a nice clean brown. Goes on strange when wet and dries to perfection. Looks darker in smaller rooms, lighter in larger. This colour is throughout my entire home.

  6. Adore-ably rustic! They look great in your windows, Donna! The perfect spot. Been working with burlap and coffee bean sacks a lot lately but have yet to make any window treatments. I’d really like to try it! Thanks for the how-to as well. Great instructions.

  7. Those are beautiful!!! And you can use any type of scrap fabrics that might be laying around, too!!!!!!!! *cuz I might have some!

    Donna, those tutorials are the neatest and easiest to see and understand! Thank you, from a seriously visual learner!!!

    I’m sharing this with everyone!!!


  8. Love the Sack Curtains. I have a question about the Tin on the ceiling….What color is that painted and how did you do it with the tin and attachment to the ceiling? What products are used? Looks awesome…..Great Job.

    • Hey Anastasia, the black ceiling pieces are MDF painted out black. The rivits are wood plugs. The works was screwed into place. The concept was dreamed up by artist friend Dan Sawatzky at in order to hide ceiling damage from removed cupboard headers. Pretty sneaky! πŸ™‚

  9. Wow! Great idea! Most of our huge pottery (at my job) come wrapped in burlap bags and they are everywhere in our back room. I should ask for a couple and try this myself! I love burlap as it reminds me of younger days when my parents worked at the local chocolate factory and my dad would bring home cocoa shells to mulch our garden and we always had the smell of cocoa from the burlap bags as well as the garden especially after it rained. As a matter of fact, when my dad retired, the president of the company gave him a dry cleaned burlap cocoa bean bag (you can still smell the cocoa) and my mom just gave it to me. Although I am using that for another project or two, I will have to inquire at work about the others. Your blog inspires me so much and I have “borrowed” many an idea from you….you are so very creative and I check everyday to see what you are up too! Thank you!

  10. Donna– love the curtains.
    Loved the post. Good job showing off your mad-driver-skills.
    Way to get a handle on the lingo…
    This is a cute way to get a nice impact with very little money!
    Loved it.

  11. They look great! They fit perfectly with your other decor.I love your unique handmade style. Michele

  12. These are adorable! I love them and I want them..I don’t even have windows in my kitchen (thanks to apartment living) but I can assure you when I do I will be making these! I also love the farmers market sign! Too cute!

  13. My post magically disappeared as I scrolled down the page. Fun times.

    Cute idea for the sacks!

    I recently came into possession of three coffee bean bags for free (from a local coffee roaster). I’ve got a lot of ideas on how to use them, including making a mannequin for photographing my jewelry.

    Thanks for sharing this. πŸ™‚

  14. I am having a hard time finding cheap coffee sacks πŸ™ any ideas? Does the place you bought yours from ship them?! Thanks,
    a girl who just wants coffee sacks!!

  15. Great idea and one I’m hoping to steal, I mean, copy myself. Excuse me for asking a dumb guy question but for a liner, would pretty much anything work like a old t-shirt or pillow case or does it need to be something else? Really liking this site!!

    • Hey Doug, I’d think anything that would be close to the same colour as the sack itself would be perfect. The liner is basically there to avoid the light penetrating through the somewhat transparent burlap. And… thank-you!

  16. Where have you been all my life?! Your blog is amazing – it’s so refreshing to find a blog that isn’t all crisp & white… my style is identical to yours, and I’m so excited to have found you!!! I absolutely love the curtains, they actually make me giddy… thanks for the tut!

    • Tabitha, I’ll probably be the last one on earth that doesn’t have a white kitchen. πŸ™‚ I truly like my stuff very woodsy and rustic… nice to have found someone with similar taste! πŸ™‚

  17. love this idea! where do you suggest getting that kind of burlap fabric..not every fabric store sells burlap right? p.s. i live in canada

  18. Those are absolutely awesome. I love them. I think I may have to expand on the idea and purchase some of the roll up shades as we do get a lot of sun in the evening. Those are so cool. Where did you find the great coffee sacks?

  19. I just love these and you blog also, I will be selling some coffee sacks in my Etsy shop soon and will direct anyone who is thinking of buying them to this great page for inspiration, if that’s OK with you?
    Love it.

  20. Absolutely adorable! I think it’s time to change up my red gingham valances. These will be just the perfect update. I just found your blog…such a happy day! Anxious to spend some time looking back to see what I’ve been missing. Thanks so much for sharing.

  21. Those shades look fantastic!! I have a 40 yr old home that has rustic wood paneling in the den. It is a light honey color. I’m thinking these shades would be perfect on my windows on one wall. They are three large windows.

    We are thinking of selling our home, and I think this would be a real “enhancement” to the out-dated paneling. I dont want to go to the expense of tearing this out, when I could actually work with this issue!

    Thanx for your ideas! I love your creative passion!!

    Thanx again!!

    Joy Privett

  22. I love this! May you please tell me what your wall color is? Having a very hard time finding one we like

    • Hi Tiff! It’s called Bamboo Beach by Cloverdale Paint in Canada. It’s the PERFECT soft mocha tone, with no pink nor green undertones. Just crisp and perfect and goes with anything. It looks even more beautiful at half strength, which I’m going to slowly change over to. If you visit my most recent bathroom redo, it’ll show you what that looks like. Thank-you!

  23. Love this idea! I am making a few changes in our rustic kitchen and love your paint color…do you know what color and brand it is?

    • Hi Misty!

      It’s called Bamboo Beach, by Cloverdale Paint in Canada. πŸ™‚ Glad you like it! I’m actually in the process of lightening it up to ΒΌ strength. More on that soon!

        • Hi Pam! A header use to run around the kitchen ceiling that was removed when it was renovated. That left holes in the ceiling, so some mdf was cut to resemble metal, then screwed over top of the damage. πŸ™‚ Glad you like it!

  24. Where can I buy these bean bags, been wanting to do this to my windows forever now. Love your idea, but I can’t ever find where to purchase the bags. Any help or where to buy them would be greatly appreciated ? Thank you

  25. I LOVE these coffee bean burlap valances. Can you tell me where I can find this burlap with this writing on it? I want to do the same thing. Thanks.

    • Hi Linda! I’d suggest to check coffee places that roast coffee near you. Should that fail, antique shops or flea markets would be next. There’s always lots on eBay too. Hope you find some!

  26. I love this. I am in the process of making this shade and I’m wondering if you washed them? My sacks are shedding and I am not sure what to do with it. Any suggestions on how to prep the burlap? Thanks for your creativity, love love love your windows.

    • Hi there! I didn’t wash mine. If you did, you may wish to hand wash and hang dry. I didn’t prep the burlap with anything and just dusted them from time to time. Being valances in a kitchen helped to keep them clean.