My new junk styled pallet wood coffee table

Junk styled pallet wood coffee table, by Funky Junk Interiors

I did it! I finally got rid of a store bought coffee table to make way for a quirky junk styled pallet wood coffee table I made myself.

The cost? Absolutely free. It’s original, and handmade from scratch. It is the PERFECT size for our room and I couldn’t be more pleased. Here’s how I did it!

Once again real woodworkers, please look away. 🙂 This one is RUSTIClicious!

The build

taking a pallet apart

I found this pallet at a workplace and had great intentions on leaving it as a pallet. But.. I didn’t love the shape. So I ripped it apart.

Luckily this pallet had straight nails, so it came apart with a crowbar and hammer in only a few minutes. Bonus!

pallet wood gets sanded

After all the nails were removed, each board got a really good sanding.

Junk styled pallet wood coffee table, by Funky Junk Interiors

Junk styled pallet wood coffee table, by Funky Junk Interiors

Junk styled pallet wood coffee table, by Funky Junk Interiors

Here’s how I put it together.  Just imagine the boards to the left and right cut to size and slipped into place. So simple!

Junk styled pallet wood coffee table, by Funky Junk Interiors

Then all the boards got screwed together while the table sat upside down. I used a line of masking tape so I could tell where the 2x4s were located. Cool trick, huh?

predrilling holes for pallet wood coffee table installation

All the joins went together with screws, complete with predrilled holes.
Predrilling makes installation so much easier and also reduces the chance of splitting the wood.

Junk decorating for a pallet wood coffee table via Funky Junk Interiors

And now the fun part! Let’s junk it up!

Junk styled pallet wood coffee table, by Funky Junk Interiors

The support beams underneath just looked too… bare. I think this looks much better. 🙂

Junk decorating for a pallet wood coffee table via Funky Junk Interiors

I like!

Junk styled pallet wood coffee table, by Funky Junk Interiors

And I even made a cute little checkerboard tray for the top! More on the tray is HERE.

Finished dimensions:

legs 18″ high

top 36″ x 48″

all the rest was cut to fit


Junk styled pallet wood coffee table by Funky Junk Interiors

So fun! I love this quirky junky little coffee table and the best part of all?

It was free and is so very very me.

Other reclaimed lumber projects of mine and some pallet wood safety tips can be found HERE.

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54 thoughts on “My new junk styled pallet wood coffee table

  1. Wow, that is awesome!!! I really should take lesson from the School of Funky Junk Donna and make my own. There are always pallets around for free almost any day of the week around these parts. Heck I can even get them at work for free. You have inspired me……

  2. I love it! Where do you(I) find pallets? I never see any around here…do I have to go look for them in a special place? I love how you added your own special touches to it. You never cease to amaze me with your talent!

    • I live in West Texas, so heavy duty grill guards and front end replacements for pickup trucks are almost a must to have on our highways. I found some at a vehicle accessory shop that sells these grill guards and they had tons of pallets. They gave me some for free, I have got to get business and build something with these free pallets!

  3. I love this table! I am tryin to make a coffee table out of pallets, but every time that I try to seperate the pallet wood the wood breaks. I am using a hammer and crow bar. Any tips on how to stop this?

    • Taking pallets apart isn’t for the faint of heart. I lucked out as these nails were straight. Twisted nails make the task so much more difficult which can result in broken pallet boards. Some people cut the nails to avoid ruining the wood. I’d just be super selective in search of thicker boards and some help. 🙂

      Also try googling how to take them apart. There are loads of online tutorials and videos to gleen from.

  4. Oh My! I absolutely LOVE it… I think I already told you that on insta… maybe not, I always comment on your fab photos!!
    Andrea a.k.a. @ms_robertson

  5. Love love love this! I just built a lemonade stand out of pallets and it was so fun. Thanks for sharing and inspiring me to do another pallet project.

  6. Compliments! It’s a fabulous idea! I make many furnitures with wood from pallets. In Italy isn’t usual, but with the “green way” (and the crisis) the people is starting to accept it…

  7. I absolutely love this coffee table! My husband hoards pallets because he works on old dozer parts, but he might find one or two missing in the spring…heh heh.

  8. It is absolutely fabulous!!! I want it LOL The picture you have of the side braces (the frame under the top), did you make them even. It looks like it in the finished project. I really really love this!

  9. Hello, I came across this from New House, New Home, New Life on FB but have a question.
    I didn’t read, or may have missed reading it elsewhere, if you addressed the issue of the pallet being treated with chemicals.

    Quote: From what I’ve read it seems that most pallets are
    stamped ____ or HT. HT means heat treated and are deemed more safe than the other option. This is because there aren’t any chemicals used in the process.

    You and your projects are inspiring, and the pallet coffee table looks like something I’d love to do…any thoughts?


  10. Since I love all things pallet wood made just had to pin this coffee table. Also love different and one of a kind. Your table is awesome. But from what I’ve heard on blog land you are one of top queens of awesome.
    We made coffee table out of pallets for a patio or even a living room if it’s kinda rustic or industrial. We’d use one we made but our living room is too small for it and table not really cottage style.
    I’ve gone onto your pinterest board and pinned so many projects. Happy weekend

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