Coffee crate lid sign

Coffee crate lid sign with Old Sign Stencils' National Coffee design /

Are you sick of the topic ‘coffee’ on my blog yet? I hope not, because new coffee themed ideas keep pouring out of my coffee lovin’ brain!


This little reclaimed wood sign wearing the coffee stencil resembles a coffee crate lid, don’t you think? And it couldn’t be easier to make! 

Coffee crate lid sign /

This one all started with a theme. I mean… other than coffee…

A little mini crate lid design sealed the deal. I cut three fence planks to size, then secured them from behind with two boards, allowing intentional gaps for the S hooks.

That’s kinda it!

If you want hanging S hooks, you’ll need the support boards attached on the back, so the sign protrudes away from the wall a little.

Hanging sign with hinges / Coffee crate lid sign /

So… what’s the secret to a successful looking authentic sign that you’ve actually made new?

I think it’s using old stuff… and the hinge placement.

If you place hardware in authentic spots, your reproductions stand a better chance at passing for the real deal.

Hanging white coffee mugs from rusty S hooks on a coffee station sign /

Much like the last coffee sign, inexpensive rusty S hooks did the trick for hanging the coffee cups.

S hooks are MUCH cheaper than real hooks! In case that matters.

Flowers in a blue mason jar / Coffee crate lid sign with Old Sign Stencils' National Coffee design /

The hinges also give you something to hang the sign with.

Rustic charm and productivity all in one!

Mugs on S hooks and flowers in an aqua mason jar / Coffee crate lid sign with Old Sign Stencils' National Coffee design /
Isn’t it nice when simple just works?

Coffee crate lid sign with Old Sign Stencils' National Coffee design /

Here it’s teamed up with my shelf turned paint cart. Only now it’s a coffee station.

I love junk that can be anything. 🙂

This makes me want to redo my entire kitchen in a scrap happy fashion. I love the feel of all this.

Can you see it? Patchwork quilt cabinets with wood countertops… and lots of hanging where upper cabinets would normally go. Hmm…

I dunno. Do you think I’d regret a redo to this extent? Can one tire of such an eclectic look for the long term? Hard to say.

Until I improve my building decide… I’ll just keep making coffee signs for practice I suppose.

Reclaimed wood two plank sign with Old Sign Stencils' National Coffee design /
Coffee plank sign #1

Looks like I’m off to a good start!

Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils store /

Visit the stencil store HERE.

Check out more old sign stencil projects HERE.

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  1. Love the coffee kiosk! Very clever and a great way to organize beverage paraphernalia. Well done!!

  2. You can never have too much coffee! Or stuff about coffee! I love this stencil! And the sign is so cute above your little coffee bar.

  3. I could NEVER tire of coffee…are you kidding me??? 🙂 This is a sign I would be more than proud to hang in my own kitchen! I think what really jazzes it up for me is the different sized hinges…I love that you didn’t go all matchy matchy with the rust jewelry!

  4. I enjoy seeing all your coffee station ideas. You must have one in every room in your house by now!

  5. Such an awesome sign! I’ve wanted to figure out a way to display some dishes in our kitchen that are too fancy to throw out but too fancy to use… this might just be the ticket. Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. Can you do or send me a tutorial on the best way to use the stencil. It seems like a no brainier, but……. I just ordered farmers market sign and I am nervous every about getting started!