Rustic paint cart with Fusion and Old Sign Stencils

From cupboard to antique paint and stencil cart using Fusion Mineral Paint and Old Sign Stencils /
If you do any kind of painting, you know how tricky it is to juggle all you need on one table.

Enter… a rustic paint cart with Fusion Mineral Paint and Old Sign Stencils!

Antiques Old Sign Stencil / From cupboard to antique paint and stencil cart  /
Don’t go letting all that junky bling overwhelm you.

Wait till you see just how easy this all was to put together.

cupboard before

My cheat build started with cupboard I found on the curb last summer. And it’s been eating up space in my garage ever since.

And that’s when it hit me. I REALLY needed it in my photo studio for paint, since I do all my stencilling there.

cupboard before
Since it was already painted, it was the perfect candidate for new paint.

Fusion Mineral Paint sent me some product to play with for a project, and I knew this was the one.

With old signs in mind… of course! πŸ™‚

About Fusion

For those not yet in the know… Fusion Mineral Paint is an acrylic based paint that needs no primer nor topcoat. It’s super price efficient at $18.99 a pint, and the coverage is excellent! I really dug into the about page on Fusion HERE.

Whenever I talk to Jennylyn, I’m kinda mesmerized. She is so passionate about her product. This paint is made in Canada from scratch, with non toxic ingredients of the best quality, ensuring a super long shelf life.

Adding texture with Fusion Mineral Paint /
Back to painting! To resemble the cupboard being made out of a bunch of old signs, each section was taped off, then painted in a colour blocked manner.

To create a mottled effect, a piece of sticky tape was stuck to the wet paint, then removed, which left an oxidized look. Cool!

Adding texture with Fusion Mineral Paint /
Above the lock was created by taping over a wet section done in Algonquin (dark tan), then transferring it onto a dried panel of Champlain (cream).

You can check out all the colours avail in Fusion HERE. 

Plus the new swoon worthy (trust me!) Michael Penney collection HERE.

Route 66 Old Sign Stencils on a cupboard /
This black panel was created the same way using Coal Black. It ended up resembling a chalkboard. 

But it spoke to me and asked, “Please paint a Route 66 on me… but only half.”

Route 66 Old Sign Stencils on a cupboard /
Ok! πŸ™‚

Fusion Mineral Paint on a shelf redo /
I chose Champlain, which has an antique white look.

Route 66 Old Sign Stencils on a cupboard redo /
Using a very dry brush, the stencil resembled a powdery finish, which totally looked like chalk. Neat!

Fusion Mineral Paint Glaze /
Inside the cupboard, most of it was painted in Champlain, with some sections in Algonquin. 

This is the creamiest paint I’ve ever used. The coverage is excellent, with no primer nor topcoat needed. YES!

But the antiquing glaze is magic! It has a VERY long open time, so you don’t have to worry about it drying on you too quickly. I was working outdoors on a very warm day and had no issues.

You just brush it on, then wipe it off with a cloth.

Fusion Mineral Paint Glaze /
One section was done at a time to be on the safe side.

I got a little braver as I went along, and started antiquing the cabinet more heavily. You’ll see what I mean soon.

Adding castors under a cupboard /
Next up, the cupboard got a set of swivel casters, found at last weekend’s flea market.

Reclaimed wood top for a cupboard /
The cupboard needed more work space on top, so a few old fence boards did the trick. They were joined to create a tray like top that can be lifted and carried around as desired.

The two support boards were positioned to hug the top of the cabinet, holding it in place. 

Old Sign Stencils design, Antiques and Collectibles /

Next up, I stencilled Antiques on the top. Fun!

This is a brand new design you can purchase from Old Sign Stencils. It comes with interchangeable numbers so you can change the date to something that has significance to you.

Check it out in the store HERE or by clicking the picture below.

Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils : Antiques and collectibles.59 PM

Fusion Mineral Paint merchants now have the option of carrying the most popular Old Sign Stencils!

Visit their locations HERE and save on shipping! 

Paint brush storage on an antique paint cart with Fusion Mineral Paint and Old Sign Stencils /

And then the real fun began. Moving in day! πŸ™‚

Each panel was given a different duty. The Route 66 panel became the paint brush storage.

Paint brush storage on an antique paint cart with Fusion Mineral Paint and Old Sign Stencils /

See those two fat round brushes on the upper right? They are Fusion Mineral Paint’s all natural bristle brush and boy do they hold paint!

Stencil storage on an antique paint cart with Fusion Mineral Paint and Old Sign Stencils /
No space on this cupboard was wasted. The back became stencil storage.

Hanging stencils on an antique paint cart with Fusion Mineral Paint and Old Sign Stencils /

Using a paper hole puncher, small holes were placed on a corner, which made hanging effortless.

Rustic hooks on a Farmers' Market sign with Fusion Mineral Paint and Old Sign Stencils /
This side of the cupboard got a Farmers’ Market fenceboard sign and a whole lotta hooks of all kinds.

Rustic hooks on a Farmers' Market sign with Fusion Mineral Paint and Old Sign Stencils /
Perfect for tools and such!

A little crazy, right?

Antique paint cart with Old Sign Stencil - Antiques /
For a dash of authenticity, an old label was attached to the sign top.

Rustic label on a reclaimed wood cart top /
I have NO idea what this label is from, but it’s cool!

And this is why I give you permission to hoard junky metal bits and pieces. Always.

Rustic hinges on an antique paint and stencil cart /

Some old hinges were hung to resemble having removed doors off the cabinet.

Fusion Mineral Paint storage inside an antique paint and stencil cart /

The bottom shelf was the perfect size to house a good stash of paint. An old green metal toolbox was perfect for the small tester pots.

And yes, you are seeing them upside down. So I can see the colours easier. πŸ™‚ 

I don’t like guessing what colour is in a can. Are you with me on that? Yet another reason I love the larger Fusion pints. Totally see through.

This is also a pretty good shot of the antiquing inside the cabinet. It’s a little on the heavy side, but is easily controlled by how much glaze you put on. Just ensure to wipe off what you desire right away before it’s dry. 

Rustic paint cart  with Fusion Mineral Paint and Old Sign Stencils /

With the top shelf outfitted with scraps of wood for stencilling and brush storage in mason jars, this cart is ready to (literally) roll!

Rustic paint cart  with Fusion Mineral Paint and Old Sign Stencils /
I love how this rustic paint cart with Fusion and Old Sign Stencils paint cart can be wheeled around to accompany the farm table I have in my photo studio. It is the perfect extra storage companion done in style! Who else needs one of these?

Visit Fusion Mineral Paint HERE

Visit Old Sign Stencils you see above HERE

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Fusion is priced so well, you can get a LOT for $150. That’s 7 pints! 

So… go win! πŸ™‚

3 chances to win!giveaway star 1


1. Visit Fusion Mineral Paint HERE, tell me in comments what your fav colour is and what you’d use it on, and you’re in!giveaway star 2


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This giveaway has now ended. Winner is Lucy Auburn! Congrats! Please check your email. πŸ™‚

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252 thoughts on “Rustic paint cart with Fusion and Old Sign Stencils

  1. This looks way too good to work in a workshop. I definitely need one of these. Probably more than one actually.
    It looks wonderful and so you!

  2. This stencil cart is AWESOME Donna… I want to make one for myself now. I love all the hooks and places to hang things! Wow and your pictures are the best!

  3. Laurentien would be my first choice to use on exterior shutters of the home I’m hoping to buy soon.

  4. I love Champlain and Inglenook. I have the perfect cabinet to put Champlain on the outside and Inglenook on the inside.

  5. This is one of the coolest projects you’ve done in a long time…I love every detail! thanks for the tutorial and great pics! If only I could find me a cabinet similar…sigh. You are super talented!!

  6. All the colors are great but Homestead Blue is the color I’d paint a little stool I have for my new grandson. I love how the paint is pure and safe, esp. for children’s use. I love making personalized things and so I think he might need a coordinating little book case. The multi-surface feature is such a bonus! Your cabinet turned out pretty snazzy!

  7. I Love, love, love the FF Red color! I have an old tool box just begging to be painted that color!

  8. Love it! But then where is the fun of looking for everything I need! Using a butter knife for a screwdriver, a toothbrush as a stencil brush and the back of my shoe as a hammer….seriously, this is darling and it makes me want to go out and spruce up an old cabinet of my own! I’m sure there is one or maybe two in the old shed somewhere:-)

  9. Ooo, love how your table turned out and I’d love to win some Fusion Paint. So,
    1. Favorite color Algonquin – I’d use it on my dining room table and chairs
    2.ctwin1b following Fusion paint
    3. ctwin1b following Funky Junk Interiors
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  10. love the color Laurentien, also posted on Pinterest “……….love your stencils!

  11. I love Champlain and I’d use it to paint my rustic computer desk that I’m planning on building soon. I’d also use it to paint signs.

  12. Loving the Buttermilk Cream color. I do projects of all sorts, so who knows where I would use it.

  13. I love your idea of punching a hole in the corner of stencils and hanging them up. Definitely going to have to try that one! Your cart is amazing! Love everything about it.

  14. So awesome! I would love a bunch of carts like this in my workroom – sounds like a great way to store and pull out only what you need for each project. Plus, it looks so cool! Thanks so much for sharing!

  15. I am pretty much in love with all the colors, but it’s a really tight race between the Champness and Homestead Blue. I follow both you and Fusion Mineral Paint. My Instagram user name is @froufrugal. Love your bench!

  16. Love your highly functional cart and I really hope that my local Fusion retailer decides to carry your stencils!!

    my favorite color – right now is Buttermilk Cream

  17. I love the color Prairie Sunset! I’m just starting down this road of refurbishing/re-junking/re-loving . . . since I’ve lived my whole life in the prairies the warm yellow tone of this color appeals to me! I’d use it on a small side table for a punch of color. Now to find that table . . .

  18. I follow Fusion Mineral Paint on Instagram as Rosie_Melanie. There are no retailers in Saskatchewan that carry their products but I’m going to Alberta in August, I’ll get some in Medicine Hat!

  19. These are great colors. I choose Casement. I would paint a bedside
    cabinet with it to help give the room a fresher cleaner look.

  20. Well, Donna, I hardly know where to begin. Your mastery of combining piles of junk into this functional, cool, painted beauty is mind-boggling. The use of Fusion colors to simulate even more old finds, the tray, the stencil storage, the stencil when you use half! Awesome. Now I need some of your stencils!

  21. Donna – this is gorgeous! I absolutely love how you can take the ordinary and turn it into something eclectic and beautiful!

    Pinned. πŸ™‚

    • haha, NO!! πŸ™‚ I try and break projects up into daySSSS if I have the leeway. One day I may clean the cab, next day I may paint it, the next day I may shoot it, then the next day build the blog post. It really all depends how involved each project is. This one was quite involved.

      The longest part is deciding what to do. Once that’s decided, I could definitely belt this out in a day now. But not the first one! πŸ™‚

      p.s. all those days don’t mean all day long… just a few hours here and there.

  22. This is just fantabulous, Donna…I LOVE how functional it is…yet it still looks sharp! Now I just need to find me a little cupboard sitting on the side of the road. πŸ™‚

    • Oh, also meant to say, I absolutely head-over-heels LOVE the new stencil and especially love that you give us the option of stenciling our own date in! I’m going to have to order this one…but first, I must use the Bingo stencil so I can justify another purchase! πŸ˜‰

  23. 1. Coal Black is my favourite colour and I have used it to paint all of my found pieces for my bedroom set (all except the bed frame). I love how it goes on and how durable it is. Plus I dry brush to get a really unique swirly effect over chalk paint!

    2. I follow fusion mineral paint under the instagram account sad_rosie. It is an instagram for my dog Rosie who always looks so sad.

    3. I now follow Funky Junk on instagram under the name sad_rosie. I have an awesome Idea to make a paint cart out of some mini bookshelves I found in the dumpster! I can’t wait.

  24. I have a dresser sitting in my garage that I want to paint red eventually. Fort York Red would fit the bill perfectly.

  25. I love the Buttermilk Cream! It’s the perfect color to paint my beautiful vintage french bed – the kind with the curved headboard & footboard.

  26. Donna,
    You never cease to amaze me with your posts.
    Where DO you get all you original ideas??
    Wonderful, keep them coming!!

    • Thanks Mary! This one just brewed from my own head. I think of a need, then make it happen with something I have. It’s easier to come up with when you need it! πŸ™‚

  27. since i started redoing my bath and bedroom then had to have back surgery i am chomping at the bit to get this mess finished greys,white and pops of color, i would love to try damask to redo my desk and shelves thanks xx

  28. So many lovely colours, but I think I like laurentien best. Like that this is a Canadian paint company!

  29. Upper Canada Green will look great as feedback stripes in my newly finished garage. Next to the salvaged barn roof being used on the lower half of walls.

  30. I love Renfrew Blue. I have a really great mid-century modern set with water stains that is begging for this!

  31. This is amazing Donna – I would LOVE to have this!! What a great way to showcase all of your fabulous stencils too – makes me want to run out and buy them all! πŸ˜‰

  32. I have already used Fusion Mineral Paint and I was/am very happy with the results and ease of use.

    The colours I would love to try in the future would be Sterling along with a cross between Champness and Renefrew Blue which I would custom mix.

    Personally, I would use this brand of paint on nearly anything I would be painting including: old enamel pieces, garden accessories and assorted furniture, as well as, miscellaneous dΓ©cor items to unify a palette in a room.

    BTW – I was really impressed when I learned Fusion Mineral Paint was a Canadian company.

    That’s all for now, Nancy

  33. My favorite Fusion color is Fort York Red, and I have an old wooden bench that I’d love to paint that color!

  34. This is so wonderful! I love the fact that it contains all your tools, brushes, stencils and moves! Now, I need to find me an old cupboard…that’s just an amazing idea! I have a strong desire for warm yellows…so Prairie Sunset would be a color that I just would need…and, I’m thinking I would do some rustic cutting boards in the color! Thanks for the help!

  35. Love, Love, Love your Rustic Paint Cart, Donna,
    I love all the fusion paint colors. But I would choose Inglenook or Laurentiene
    And I would paint a chair

  36. I’m thinking the Liberty Blue or Champness would be a good color to brighten up a little outdoor bench. Getting tired of our green/brown/tan theme that’s been going on outside for awhile now!

  37. I’m already following Fusion and I started following you….

    I thought I might like the color Champness… until I saw the Seaside in the special colors…. I would love to give it a try on a Potting Bench I’m trying to dress up…

    Thanks for a chance to win,

  38. What a fun cabinet….love all the funky hooks and more.
    Paint color – I’d love to have a go at Bedford for my guest room furniture. Going for a bit of driftwood coloring to accent against the blue walls. It would be a great product to try during my designated project summer.

  39. Love your paint cart! I love the Homestead Blue Fusion paint and would use it on the legs and apron of our wood planked dining table.

  40. Would love to use the limestone color to paint a dresser and and end table and give them a shabby chic life.

  41. Aubusson! I have an old rickety rocking chair that will stand out on any porch for those long warm summer nights!

  42. entry for fusion paint
    Favorite fusion color –Prairie Sunset
    Instagram name –mommielaura

    Excited to try this paint !!
    Free us awesome

  43. Love the Inglenook! Just redoing the house in soft treys and crisp light blues. Need this to redo a sideboard for my dining room

  44. Inglenook is my favourite color right now! Would love to do a great accent piece for my loving room!

  45. My favorite color (of many) is Seaside and I’d use it to “summer up” an Adirondack chair on my workshop porch. I’d love to win some Fusion Mineral paint–haven’t tried it yet!

  46. I guess I’m addled this morning–the color I love best is Inglenook, not Seaside! I guess I made that up because that’s what it reminds me of! AND I love the paint cabinet you concocted it! I’m going into my workshop right now and start foraging for hooks and hinges and bolts to make my own!

  47. using my Instagram name to post for 2nd chance to win fusion paint–Thanks for the opportunity!

  48. Made in Canada! Love this paint! I’d love to try the Algonquin or the Buttermilk… but that Coal Black is also lovely and moody too! Thanks for the head’s up about this product! Off to check them out now πŸ™‚ – Erin

  49. I think I’s like to try Bedford for a beat-up cedar chest that needs a little make-over. I love your cart creation – such a great use of a curb-side find!

  50. LOVE coal black and casement! I would use these on an antique style dog grooming sign outside our business!

  51. I am a follower on fusion paints. I love 2 colors. Coal Black. And Fort York Red. I collect primitive decor and am painting some of my things black and red. These are perfect colors for this project. Thanks so much for the chance to win the paints.

  52. I am following Fusion paints. I love Funky Junk on Facebook. I love these paints. I collect primitive decor. There are 2 colors I would love to have and win on your giveaway for my decor. I am painting some pieces of my primitive decor. I love the Coal Black and I love the Fort York Red. Thanks so much Y’all.

  53. I follow Fusion mineral paints and funky junk on Instagram. I would love to win two different colors. Not greedy but I collect primitive decor and I am going to paint a few pieces of decor I have. These 2 colors will work perfectly. I love the Coal Black and the Fort York Red. I thank y’all so very much for he chance to win

  54. Renfrew Blue…..but I haven’t seen it in person yet.
    I used the Ash on my bathroom cabinets and LOVE it

  55. Visited Fusion Mineral Paint website and Champness would look great on some old shutters I want to install on my porch. Following them and you now on Instagram (MrsRhinebarger)! Thanks for the chance to enter!

  56. I love inglenook. I have a chest I want to do OR I might paint my dining room suite. Actually, I love all these colors and hope to eventually use all of them!This is the best paint I have ever used…without a doubt!!

  57. Well, I thought I wanted Coal Black but now I’m leaning toward the exact opposite: Champlain for a double chair bench I want to make for my bedroom! Thanks, Donna!!!

  58. I like the Champness and Liberty blues, but all of the colors look great. It’s cool to have such a variety so depending on the project, you can find what you need.
    I have a round, pedestal dining table and four chairs that need a facelift. This is what I will use on them this summer, but the color is still up in the air….

  59. Inglenook on a 1930’s 1940’s One Piece School Desk.
    Preserve some of the oak and paint the rest. πŸ™‚
    I really love that colour — seems like a great neutral type colour to me.

  60. 1) Fusion Mineral Paint: fav is red! Project; old 20’s dresser, drawers removed, shelves added, a lovely distressed top, casters added ( oh yeah!)……wala kitchen island. Yes, all inspired by you and Beck4Beyond. You guys keep my head spinning.

  61. LOVE IT!!! Thanks for the inspiration…I have an old 2-level shelf needing to be revived…now I know….and the vintage tone of Fusion’s Homestead Blue will do the job!!! And…the tape treatment–BRILLIANT!!! I have used material before, but love how the peeled tape looks!

  62. I’m here for the Fusion contest, but I have to say I LOVE your site! I’ll be back to check it out for sure!

    My favorite Fusion color right now (because who can pick just one?) is Coal Black because I’m getting ready to paint my front exterior door this color. I’m excited and a little nervous!

  63. I would LOVE to paint a dresser that I have had around for quite some time, but I never knew what to do with it! I would love to use a combo of ash and inglenook!

  64. Would love to try the Inglenook. Just experimented with the Fusion Transfer Gel on my father’s breadbox. Such fun and it turned out nicely. I could spend $150 almost instantly with Fusion!!

  65. You betcha I’d love to win! I’m following Funky Junk and Fusion Paint on Instagram (I finally set up an account just a couple of weeks ago – refreshliving1) and I would love to use Homestead Blue on a table base I am refinishing!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  66. Would love to put Champness on a little, old, in-need-of-love table I bought for $1 at the junk store. Love your junk table made from a cupboard!

  67. I LOVE Champness! That is in the color rsnge of what I am using in my craft room to make it not so boring. I have a reclaimed bookshelf/hhutch that really needs some work. I would love to see this color on it!

  68. I think that buttermilk is just about the most gorgeous colour ever! I think I would paint anything with it! I love it and can’t wait to try it

  69. So many colours!!
    Prairie Sunset is drawing me in. With it’s bright & sunny personality I’m certain it would add joy to a room. Always a fan of black & cream, Coal & Buttermilk are just right.
    Algonquin though, is an always right “go to” for every style of furniture in any room of the house! So many ideas running through my head now!!

  70. I love the Damask color. I’ve been thinking of trying to paint something lavender and Damask is a beautiful shade! I would paint a piece of furniture for my antique mall booth space with it!


  71. I would love to try some coal black! I have an old beat up dresser that I would love to upcycle! πŸ™‚

  72. I have a couple of twin beds that I need to paint. I would love to use the Buttermilk Cream on them.

    I love your paint cart. Now I just have to find an old cabinet!

  73. I love Sterling…I think I would use it to glam up a set of nesting tables I have. Thanks for the chance to win some!

  74. I really like Bedford or Inglenook. I think I would use them on the back of a bookcase I have, also on a large pot in my entryway.

  75. I love all your projects, so cool. I would love to paint my bathroom vanity in “Upper Canada Green”. Please pick me!

  76. I would get Champlain for an old dresser I picked up at the thrift store and waiting for me to paint it! : D

  77. Already a Funky Junk Interiors Instagram follower…….bugmom2
    I’m ready to paint my bathroom vanity.

  78. I love Renfrew Blue ~ it would look awesome on the legs of my 200 year old farm table that I have been going to renew for the past 7 years .. ha ha! ……. all the colors are so luscious I would be in paint heaven with 7 pints!

  79. Limestone. I would use it to paint a beautiful China Cabinet that was left to me from my mother who died when i was 9 years old. It would be absolutely beautiful.

  80. I really like Damask and think it would look wonderful on my grandparents first bedroom set from 1929.

  81. I love love love:
    Coal Black , Upper Canada Green, Casement
    It is hard to decide! They colors are so rich!
    I am painting a coffee table that my father in law made in the 70s. I also have an old door that I want to use for a game table in my playroom.

  82. I CAN’T CHOOSE 1!!!!
    Casement… Sterling… Champlaign… I want to try at least 5 of them. πŸ™‚

  83. My favorite is the casement color. Would love to re-do my dresser that I’ve had since I was a kid. I’m now a big kid and bought a house so it’s time for an update.

  84. I Love the ” Upper Canada Green ” , I’m obsessed with old ladders lately so I would paint one that color and add chicken wire on the back, for a cute herb pot holder and trellis.

  85. I would paint my quilt rack Fort York Red and a plant stand plus another plant stand (stool) to match it.

  86. I am doing over my porch and I think that the Upper Canada Green would be a perfect color for several “rescue” pieces that I have to refinish. I love your website and all of your terrific ideas. They cause my brain to swirl (in a good way) πŸ˜‰

  87. I’ve used a few different colours of Fusion, but the one I’m dying to try is Renfrew Blue! I think it’d look fabulous on a little three-tier shelf I have waiting in the wings!!!

  88. This is like a piece of art work, I have to gush. The details are amazing from the painting methods to the variety of hardware you used as knobs and hooks for hanging. I have a small cheapy rolling cart and it could use a bigger table top. Thanks for the tip on that, too!!

  89. Hi Donna, I’m torn as to a favorite, both the Laurentien and Prairie Sunset put me into painters paradise. The Ceramic green is pretty sweet too!

  90. This is simply fantastic! I love how you took the item you found on the side of the road and made it look like it was pieced together with bits of wood from different projects. It turned out so, so great!

  91. We have update our kitchen with a ‘farmhouse’ feel and this looks just the size kitchen island I’ve been looking for, rustic a (sans Route 66 for our purposes). I love the rustic feel and the multi-purpose storage. The interior storage area would be ideal for my stand mixer, crock pot and other kitchen essentials. Love the vintage looking honging implements and the hinges! Great job. Now, where can I find a cast off cabinet for our kitchen? Casters are perfect for pushing out of the way too! Gotta hit the Salvation Army and other second hand stores in our area!

  92. I love it, but I also feel like a proud Momma, and I had nothing to do with your success! I love the cart, the paint, and the stencils make me think I can do this.

    Thanks, for not just the inspiration I get from you and your blog and all the post, but you have impowered me with so many tutorials that my house is thanking you!

    Keep up the great work.

  93. Amazing, absolutely fantastic. I love the style. Its amazing what you can do with paint. I love transforming furniture, although looking at this, mine is nothing special LOL… you really have an eye for detail. Love your site xx

  94. Donna, The cart is amazing!! I surely wish i had one, but I think I’d use it as a beverage cart on my patio. Yes! It’s that good!! Thanks so much for linking to Friday’s Furniture Fix…. Susie

  95. This is one of my favorite projects of yours… I love how random it is but works so well for organizing your stencils. Truly a creative project! πŸ™‚

  96. I know this is an old post, but had to come in and tell you how much I love this.

    we have a lol at our house. My husband say’s I want to put castors on everything. He said I could keep a castor company in business.

    I tell him, I do it for my old age when I cannot heft stuff around to more it. I can just roll it.

    Thanks for sharing your technique on how you refinished this piece. It turned out fantastic.

  97. Donna, where do you come up with all these great ideas? i want you imagination and creativity. thank you so much for the inspiration. I love you style.

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