Pallet hammer organizer for the workshop

Pallet hammer organizer for the workshop /

Loving upcycled organizers really makes my job easier.

It really means, no matter what additions are used, they just work!

Such as this rustic pallet hammer organizer for the workshop.

Pallet hammer organizer for the workshop /

Remember these middle sections from my last pallet hunt? <— click to see how I cut these out

Well, the hammer hanging from it proved to be a natural. So I needed to implement that for keeps.

These middle sections don’t take up a lot of room, which is perfect!

Hammer hinges / Pallet hammer organizer for the workshop /
I didn’t hate what I had before, but these mattress spring hinges were always a little fiddly.

Pallet hammer organizer for the workshop /

Using my variable speed palm sander, (Amazon affiliate link) the wood was made as smooth as possible, then just installed as is to the wall with a couple of screws.

Ok, well, with one plank painted Fusion Mineral Paint’s Fort York Red. (my fav red I had on hand) It just needed a blast of colour.

Twine dispenser on a branch / Pallet hammer organizer for the workshop /
There’s even room to grow! Look at all that bare space above the branch twine dispenser. I’m sure it’ll be filled up in no time.

Enhanced pallet wood tool shelf with screw storage / Pallet hammer organizer for the workshop /
The new (old) pallet hammer organizer looks pretty chummy against the enhanced pallet workshop shelf….

I love a great cheater prebuilt build. 🙂

Pallet hammer organizer for the workshop /
I’m in love!

And so the workshop continues to evolve… with one more cute little easy addition I’ll show you next week!

What do you think? What would you use this middle pallet section for?

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  1. I love this – I reorganized the workshop yesterday and came across a box thing that my grandfather built years ago. Think it was for my Grandma’s garden tools. It was made from reclaimed wood and had a little upcycling attached. Was so neat. We’re selling our farm in 10 months, excited because we’re moving further out in the country. Which also means a bigger workshop is in my future. I’m liking these fun ways to organize my next workshop.

  2. A workspace any hardworking person would love to have. Everything easy to see, find, and reach. Love your creativity!

  3. LOVE the way you have your workshop set up…I’d take your pallet creations over the best store-bought organizational systems money can buy…your way suits my eyes much better! I don’t have a workshop at all, but if I did, this would be the way I’d choose to organize my tools et al. But heck, why not make use of something like this in a room in the house? I’d totally be up for that, too…I love this look soooooo much!