The bike ride sunbeam that kept me company

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The day was ‘family day.’ And it was GORGEOUS out.

Not wishing to stay locked indoors, I suggested to my son we go for a ‘family bike ride.’ Fun, right?!

Wrong. He had no interest. 

Ah, drat. Well, I refused to miss out on that gorgeous day, so I geared up, and was on the road within minutes.

Ya know, ever since I gutted and cleaned up the front entry with room for my bike (of all things), it’s been an absolute breeze to dash out the door. I love having the bike inside! As crazy as that may sound.

Anyway, I made today’s goal about picking up more farm fresh eggs, AND homemade soup from the local store this round. A delish dinner made for us as well? You can’t beat that.

Train bridge on a sunny day /

Gotta admit, I was feeling a little meh. There were so many family members on the trail. While that was super nice, I couldn’t help but feel a little left out that I wasn’t with mine.

But, on I went anyway.

Sun beam filled bike ride on a woodsy trail /
And then, there it was. That striking sunbeam.

It illuminated the bike path in long stripes of lights and darks.


Which helped to make me feel a little happier…

As I rounded the corner up ahead, a family with very young kids was having a rough time. It appeared it wasn’t one of the kid’s ideas to be out there that day. Everything in his world was going wrong, wrong, wrong. He fussed, and didn’t like this, nor even that. His parents moved the family over so I could pass.

I gave them a knowing, “Hey, it’s all good…” kinda smile as I rode past.

But it wasn’t until I passed them that I suddenly felt SO GLAD to not have to squabble on this gorgeous day. Even if I was alone.

Bike ride through the countryside /
Once over the hill, I was instantly in farmland once again. Even ruts on a country road are pretty on a sunny day. The eggs were picked up by the road side, then it was time to head to the store.

Soup was indeed on for the day! I brought an extra large thermos along for the ride, so I could get it all home without incident. And not wishing to wait one hot second more, I ordered up a small bowl to enjoy right away before heading home.

Oh no… something was a miss… The soup was mistakenly over salted in a BIG way, which was a first. Nooo… there goes lunch AND dinner!

Boo. Not quite what I hand in mind. But oh well… I did get eggs. And the day was such a gorgeous one.

The sunbeam that kept me company during a bike ride /
And there it was again. It was as if every time I felt a little blue, my eyes focused yet again on that glorious sunbeam that was itchin’ to take my breath away every chance it got.

What a little show off. 🙂

Fog rolling against the mountains along the countryside /
And that’s when I came across this gorgeous scene. I should have filmed it, and I’m not sure what it was, but see that smoke or fog in the distance? It moved ever so slowly, like I was riding through a dream world.

The moment was so stunning, I had to just stand there and stare. This picture captures only 10% of what I witnessed.

Sun beam filled sunset in the country against tall silouetted trees /
And then this. Goodness.. no chance of staying glum today!

That’s when I had to mull over my afternoon.

In a perfect world, everyone would want to do the same things at the same time. But life really isn’t like that most of the time… or at least not for us.

It’s hard not to compare to those that seemingly have it all. Like on that bike path full of happy families all walking together in the sunshine.

But when I came to the tantruming child with mom and dad struggling, I immediately felt relieved and grateful I could just ‘do my thing’.

So, out of everyone I talked about today, who has it good?


I think everyone has it good.

But I think the trick is, some folks are just more efficient lemonade makers.

If you ever find yourself comparing yourself to what others have, or do, always remember, you’re seeing their best. I’m sure I looked happy on my bike too, even though I wasn’t feeling it the whole time.

Maybe the mom of the crying child wished she could be puttering around on her own like I was. Who knows.

Point is, I could most certainly feel grumbly the entire day because I didn’t get my way, But allowing something as simple as a sunbeam to take my blues away was a choice.

I may not have landed my beloved soup, and I may have not have enjoyed my kiddo with me that day….

Power lines silouetted against a sunset in the country /
But what I did get was yet another small lesson on being ok with imperfect circumstances.

Thanks to that happy little sunbeam, that just couldn’t leave well enough alone. 🙂

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5 thoughts on “The bike ride sunbeam that kept me company

  1. When I woke up this morning, I was so excited to see a sunbeam peeking through at the edge of my window shade. Living in southern Ontario in the winter, a brilliant beam of sunshine is indeed a rare thing! I was so excited by it, I ran downstairs to open all the shades other drapes and blinds. No way was I going to miss the beautiful sunshine lighting up my day. I wanted those sunbeams to light up my house!!

    Of course, with that sunshine comes an Arctic high pressure weather system, meaning cold temperatures. Not something people from these parts are used to at all. So currently, the temperature is -16° C. The locals here are complaining bitterly but I choose to focus on those sunbeams and the temperatures that come with them to remind me of my prairie roots from Manitoba and Saskatchewan. This is nothing but a glorious winter day to prairie people!

    I’m choosing to use today’s rare gift of sunshine to remind me of my home and family that I miss terribly. I’m so glad you received a special gift of a sunbeam, too!

  2. Your bicycle posts? These are the kind of articles our Pennsylvania magazine w/ consider for publication. Perhaps you have a similar ‘local’ magazine you could submit to? There are bicycle magazines out there – but mostly I’ve seen them submit articles about biking a particular destination (touristy perhaps)… but not always. You might wanna try submitting to them too. Just some tho’ts for you. Such beautiful photos… I’m thinking they’d be considered for sure…

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