Summer patio revamp with a reclaimed wood farm table

pallet wood chair with rustic baskets and branch corbel on a patio |
I can’t believe I’m actually sitting on a newly painted, AND clean patio, compared to just one short week ago!

It must have been all that rest we took this summer. I knew once home I’d be antsy to get productive, but I had no idea I’d be doing this!

And that just goes to show, it pays to not plan in my world. Because then it would have felt like ‘work’. πŸ™‚

painting patio trim |

To recap, I wrote HERE about how I was shamed into finishing my house, rather than redecorating the same things.

But once the dream farmhouse tour took place, even more motivation struck!

Besides, sitting on a dirty patio after having enjoyed pretty ones all summer just wouldn’t do. So out came a paint brush, and I got to work.

summer patio with pallet wood sofa and mini rustic farm table for the laptop |
And I am just loving the clean and very woodsy result!

pallet wood chair with rustic baskets and branch corbel on a patio |
This pallet chair got a quick makeover with a white duvet cover, and piled on tone on tone pillows and blankets. 

pallet wood chair with armrest for coffee |
Simple, comfy, easy to bring inside during poor weather or to clean… and best of all, free!

pallet wood chair with rustic baskets and branch corbel on a summer patio |
A black license plate brought a little accent into an otherwise all whitish palette.

pallet wood chair with armrest for coffee |
And you KNOW I have to try out my coffee mug everywhere I go. Wider armrests come in mighty handy!

rustic laundry baskets and branch corbel on a patio |
Because the laundry line is right behind the pallet wood chair, two baskets were hung inside one another, the big one for laundry, and the small one holding clothespins. 

Along with a branch corbel for good measure.

pallet wood sofa with vintage market signed sawhorse coffee table on a summer patio |
Pallet sofa and sawhorse coffee table

The pallet wood sofa was decked out in much of the same kind of look, along with burlap pillows.

I have visions of changing this out come fall, with some plaid flannel. I’ll be on the hunt!

And now, time for something new…

Branch ladder flower market flower stand on a summer themed patio with Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils |

This branch ladder flower stand was created last summer. And while I loved it, I had something a little more productive in mind this year… using that same table.

Patio sized reclaimed wood farm table for lap top use with straw hat wall art on a summer patio |
It’s now a little farm table, perfect for setting a plate or two down, or browsing online!

How to make the mini farm table:

making a mini farm table from a metal framed side table |
1. Either make a base, or find something that could work. In my case, I had this curbside metal table with a wood top.

making a mini farm table from a metal framed side table |
2. Determine the size of your table based on the top boards you have to work with. I lined up 4 fence board planks to determine mine, then cut them all the same exact size.

3. Cut 4 2x4s to the same size as the table top planks. Stack 2 on each side, then attach with screws.

4. Place planks across the 2x4s, then attach with screws.

Patio sized reclaimed wood farm table for lap top use with straw hat wall art on a summer patio |
And you are done! In minutes.

Patio sized reclaimed wood farm table with storage inside |
Adding height to a smaller table allowed for a storage area, perfect for the laptop, books, or even coasters / placemats.

straw hat wall art on a summer patio |
The three straw hats came home with me from Hawaii, found at a thrift store. I’m glad I jam packed them in that very full luggage now!

I love how they add a summertime touch, along with some great texture. No need to stick to just hanging baskets when you have a few hats on hand!

I was inspired to collect straw hats when I came across what Lucy at Craftberry Bush did with hers. Isn’t this wall divine? And I LOVE this simple one hat with an oar.

Be careful… you may start collecting them too if you see what she did… πŸ™‚

white coffee mug on a reclaimed wood coffee bean coaster made with Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils |
The little reclaimed wood coasters imprinted with coffee beans (using THESE stencils) are simple, yet perfect.

I actually have a story about this cracked white mug… another Hawaiian trinket.

When I visited one of my now fav places for breakfast on Maui, they handed me this cracked, oversized mug. I nearly asked them for another, but then I just rolled with it.

The coffee ended up being SO good, I blamed it on the imperfect mug. You know how a good mug makes coffee better, yes?

When I made a return visit, they handed me a standard schmandard mug. When I asked for the cracked mug again, they said they were retiring it, as it was just from a thrift store. So I asked if I could purchase it… but they did one better, slipping it into a bag for me!

I’m so glad it got home safely. I use it EVERY DAY.

patio lights strung from the ceiling |

Patio lights

I’m embarrassed to admit, I never did replace an old, removed light on the patio from 8 years ago, so it’s presently lightless.

But these edison bulb styled patio lights work like a charm! In fact, they work so well, I unscrew every other bulb to dull it down some!

Found at Canadian Tire in Canada.

HERE are some similar lights on Amazon. But I think THESE may be more sturdy due to thicker glass. (affiliate links)

crate firewood storage cabinet and chrome and black grill on a summer patio |
The unpretty productive side

And here’s the currently unpretty side of the patio. 

I have visions of creating a farm styled rustic table or cabinet with doors, with a shelf underneath, to house and hide a new, smaller table top grill and the propane fire pit.

I think a long table would better service this area, creating more surface for entertaining, and give this end a more streamlined look. I may even incorporate the firewood storage, which is currently sitting inside the crate cabinet.

But these upgrades may wait until next spring, as this is really more a want vs. a need. Remember my mantra, finish the house first, then do fancy stuff? I’m trying to be a good girl!

summer patio looking through screen doors |
Looking through the DIY wooden screen doors from the inside of the house, it looks mighty enticing out there. I’m just glad my little cleaning spurt turned into a full fledged revamp!

And just for fun, I went shopping at Amazon (affiliate links) for a few of my fav things in order to help you get this look … even my dream grills are in the lineup! But if you get them first, fair warning. I will be jealous… πŸ˜€

Now… whatever shall I work on next? At least I have a nice place to rest in between all this finishing… πŸ™‚

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30 thoughts on “Summer patio revamp with a reclaimed wood farm table

  1. Your porch looks really nice. The paint job really freshened up the spot. What a good idea to design the table with a spot to store items. I look at it and am like, whoa, that’s cool. Why didn’t I think of that. Looks great Donna!

  2. Awesome space and I love that little farm table. You’ve inspired me – to keep cleaning out because I’m ready to move on and create a new environment. Tempted to do that here but with us getting ready to sell I think I’ll keep dreaming. Always enjoy stopping by and seeing what you’re doing.

  3. Glad to see someone else is having to do the stuff you really wish would just be done when you woke up some morning.. I have a large porch also.. ALL white and grey. Loved it when we bought the house but every year it becomes more of a chore to keep it pretty. I do love the southern feel of it though. Love your sofa. When are the new stencils coming out?

    • YES. I know the big porch syndrome very well. Honestly? This one is plenty big enough to keep up, but I admit, there is NOTHING like a huge porch.

      Some new stencils are on their way hopefully mid September!

  4. I love the porch!!! Doesn’t it feel great when you get a project “done”? Ha ha! We are never really “done” are we?! I can’t wait to see the addition of flannel!!! ❀️❀️❀️

    • YESSSSS! If you had any idea how many times I wanted to stop in mid paint… but I pushed hard! In fact, one day I was bored, so I decided to be bored while sitting on the floor painting. Most productive boring time EVER. πŸ™‚

      Spotted some flannel today in a blanket, I was so tempted, but during a heat wave, I couldn’t do it! Yet…

  5. The porch looks wonderful! Paint helps to freshen things so, and I love the reclaimed farm table. A very nice touch. You certainly have been busy so go ahead and enjoy that mug of coffee. You deserve it!

  6. Donna, I would love to get you that cattle feed sack,just because?You bring such joy to us and I would like to do something nice for you! Please let me know where to have it sent and I would be happy to get it for you.

  7. Everything looks wonderful, I can see myself out there with my coffee in the mornings then having lazy afternoons with ice tea in hand.
    I love old straw hats, my love affair started with them when I moved to this farming community and I was working as a Hospice nurse visiting some of the farms and seeing some of the old hats hanging by the back doors, and it occurred to me that old straw hats are like faces they all have a story. I have aquired a few not as many as I would like, but there is such a thing as overkill I guess, but if they could talk what stories would they tell.
    You make me feel so ashamed of myself, I have a really nice big covered patio and it is such a mess, but it has been so hot I just can’t get out there (worst heat in years).
    The views you have from your home are so beautiful, I don’t know how you get anything done. Your pallet furniture looks so good and so comfortable, I can just picture the plaid flannel in the fall (can’t wait for fall).

    • Oh Patty… mine was bad too! Start small… and don’t promise yourself big things. But I guarantee… once you’re plugged in, it’s hard to stop. And really, that’s the only reason why mine got done. If I told myself I’d be doing all that, I’d be running back for the islands! πŸ˜€

  8. There you go inspiring me again. When you cleaned out your storage, I had to clean out mine too. Now I’m looking at my deck thinking, it could really use a coat of paint (and I didn’t even spend a month in Hawaii).

    Oh, and I love the table too!

  9. What a fun place! I love the table and ladder. And how fun are those hats? I may need to hang mine in my she shed. πŸ™‚

      • I think I might try to make one today!! I have pallets and I have 4 x 4 posts!! The hard part will be the cushions. I wonder if the deep chair cushions they have at Lowe’s would work… I’ll have to measure after my chair is done and see.


        • Hi Tania! I found going to an RV place that fabricates foam bedding to be the easiest. They had thick enough stock and could easily cut it to size. But of course, it isn’t that cheap. But for my pallet sofa, they had a used piece that I got for a better price, so it can happen!

          Keep your eyes open in your local new and used listings too for used ones!

          • Thanks for the tips Donna! I’m happy to say I got mine built so I’m hoping this weekend to find some foam. I think I might try JoAnn’s Fabric too, with a 50% off coupon maybe the price wouldn’t be too bad. :o)

            As soon as I get that done I’ll be doing a blog post about it and of course I’ll link back to your tutorial!


  10. I just love seeing how you piece together “junk” to make such cozy, inviting, and amazingly textured spaces! This patio is just lovely- the table update is great and your palette sofa and chair are totally awesome. Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  11. Absolutely LOVE the revamped table. It turned out so cute yet extremely useful. The entire patio looks terrific.

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