How to recut flower bed edges like a pro – part 2 with video

How to recut flower bed edges like a pro – part 2 with video

Well hello there spring!

It feels so good to be mowing that greener than green grass once again! And of course, play in the flowerbeds.

Today I even painted house trim! I do love my sunshine.

But one thing never fails…

Come spring, barely before the snow has melted, my original post How to edge flower beds like a pro starts to gain some traction.

And I truly know why it continues to do well.

For one, edging flower beds dramatically changes my own yard from ho hum to an instant show stopper. And I will use this method until the end of time.

Now know, I am so not a professional gardener by any means. I’ve even removed all my flower beds from my back yard in an effort to feel more accomplished in a yard I could upkeep on my own!

However, the front yard flower beds are indeed intact so my home remains to have some pretty curb appeal.

So once spring arrived, while I mowed my lawn a few times already, the flowerbed edges looked frayed once again, and it was time to clean them up.

Since the flower bed edges were already cut, they just needed sharpening up which is much easier than starting fresh!

So I’d like to share how quickly this clean up method works and how pretty the results are, complete with short video sharing the entire easy process!

No flower beds yet? I suggest to start at Part 1.

Part 1 – How to edge flower beds like a pro

Part 2 – How to recut flower bed edges like a pro (you are here)

See video below at end of this post.

Collect these simple garden tools to create stunning flowerbed edging results! Weed trimmer, half moon edger, hand garden tools, and a kneepad.

How to recut flower bed edges like a pro


Supplies you’ll need:

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hand garden tools (fork and trowel)

Half moon edger

Yard trimmer (I love my battery-run version here)

Knee pad

Weed bucket


This post is based on the fact that you already have flowerbeds. If you don’t, learn how to cut them at:

Part 1 – How to edge flower beds like a pro HERE

1. Using a half moon edger, create a fresh cut along your existing flower bed edges to sharpen them up.

Once spring transpires, your flower bed edges will have a fuzzy look.

Most of this is due to the grass growing. However you will also note, the soil levels out, becoming level with the lawn, which reduces the sharpness of what it can be.

The key is to achieve a sharp edge and get a trench back in place.

I simply go along the flower bed edge with a half moon edger and slice off the very least I feel I need to. Just enough to create a sharp edge once again.

Slicing the edges is like cutting into a cake. It isn’t difficult, because your edge is already there. But it’s worthwhile because this will make ALL the difference in the world!

If you cut after a rainfall, your soil may be softer to work with.

2. After slicing the edges, tap soil off turf chunks.

I then work at removing the soil from the sod pieces, and place into the compost upside down, so they don’t reroot. Or throw into your applicable green container for recycling.

3. Trim grass by clipping the grass edges horizontally and vertically.

Now with edges cut, it’s time to give the grass its final trim, much like a haircut.

The grass edge is trimmed horizontally so it’s level with the lawn, and vertically so it looks completely clean looking directly down onto the edge while standing up.

You can use garden edgers like I have in these pictures, or a yard trimmer if careful.

How to trim with a yard trimmer:

  1. Turn the weed trimmer head upside down, and run the cutting line against the edge.
  2. Do not angle the yard trimmer. First cut horizontally, then vertically, not on an angle otherwise you’ll round out the flowerbed edge.
  3. I also use THIS light duty battery operated yard trimmer. The head rotates so I can hold it upright while the head cuts upside down. It works fabulous.

4. Gather up most grass clippings by hand, then use a garden fork to spread the rest out to compost.

5. Dig your shovel into the cut, then lift up the soil towards the back, creating a fresh trench.

6. Smooth out the new soil mound with your hand or garden fork, and you’re done!

The 2 minute video below this post will show you the entire quick process!

In spring, the fuzzy edges before the refresh.

And after: How to freshen up flowerbed edges like a pro!

Stunning difference isn’t it?


How to mow recut flowerbed edges:

Something I still get asked is how one mows around the beds.

I simply mow as close as the mower can get to the flowerbed edges, then trim things up with a yard trimmer or hand sheers.

General flowerbed upkeep

  1. Remove debris, and fluff up the soil.
  2. Redig the trench so the flower beds maintain that soft uphill mound of soil.
  3. Smooth out the mound for a flawless finish!



Click above to see a short 2 minute video of the entire process! 

How’s your garden looking these days? Think you’ll try these tips?

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15 thoughts on “How to recut flower bed edges like a pro – part 2 with video

    • Hi Pam! I top up the soil with a mixture that includes organic fertilizer every 2-3 years. However I don’t add bark mulch to my beds if that is what you are asking. I personally would use landscape fabric and bark mulch for beds that I know I won’t plant anything more in.

  1. My grandma always did deep edging like this in her yard and it made her summer trimming (which she did with hand sheers) so much easier.

    Looks beautiful…

  2. Today I started edging my flowerbeds like this. It is a workout when it is brand new but i love how they look!

  3. Since the edge of the grass sharp, how do address mowing the grass on the edge? The mower wheels would be too short to match the soil. Have always loved the look, but don’t quite get it. Thanks for the clarification.

    • Hi Kirstin!

      When I mow, I get as close to the edge as comfortable without going over the edge with the lawnmower wheels. A weed trimmer positioned ‘flat’ takes care of the rest along the cut.

      Then I position a weed trimmer upside down, and cut ‘up and down’ along the entire edge. This can also be done with hand clippers.

      It’s a lot easier to do than explain. Haha!

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