Repainting a front door blackish-brown

Learn how to repaint a front door black-ish brown using house trim paint! View tips and see the reveal of the front entry! #paintingtips #frontdoor #doorpaint

Repainting a front door blackish-brown

With some nice weather this past weekend, I decided to get out the paint brush, and ended up repainting the front door blackish-brown!

I’ve always felt painting a front door is one of the easiest, quickest and most price efficient way to enhance a home’s curb appeal. I love changing the tone as desired and trying out new colours!

Learn how I painted a front door in a beautiful sage green by Fusion Mineral Paint! Click for the colour name and tips!

Visit how I painted the door Bayberry green HERE

It wasn’t that I didn’t like my front door as-is… I actually really loved the current Bayberry tone! It was the perfect green that chimed in with nature. I highly recommend it!

I was just ready for a few next steps in my future exterior dream home plans.

BC Box House Renovation Concepts

Awhile back, I shared THIS post on dreaming up new improvements to the outside of my style of house. Here were a few drawings I shared at the time…

My mind has slightly changed over time, however in a nutshell, my current plans include neutralizing the tones of the house while adding in some rustic wood charm!

So the first thing I did was play around with the trim colour. I’ve loved the deep chocolate-black trim paint and colour for a number of years already, however it was a flat finish. So as a trial, I ordered up the same tone but in a satin finish so it wasn’t so chalky looking and feeling.

I’m much happier with the new satin sheen! So I painted my front door with it too!

The paint I used


My paint choice is a custom-blended very deep dark chocolate or warm black.

It goes on looking black, but it dries with a warm chocolate undertone. It’s a warm black if you will.

Find out my fav blackiish-brown house trim and front door colour for my home. By Cloverdale Paint in Canada. Click for custom colours.

Find out my fav blackiish-brown house trim and front door colour for my home. By Cloverdale Paint in Canada. Click for custom colours.

Cloverdale Covercoat Satin (new colour)

100% Acrylic Latex

02014 N

Neutral Base


Recipe for 1 litre




Repainting a front door blackish-brown


Learn how to repaint a front door black-ish brown using house trim paint! View tips and see the reveal of the front entry! #paintingtips #frontdoor #doorpaint

So I brought out my little folding table to the front door to hold the paint supplies and got to work!

This post contains some affiliate links.

Supplies I used:


Microfibre roller

100% synthetic paint brush

House paint in a satin finish

High grit sand paper

Tack Cloth

Razer blade scraper

Find a Fusion Mineral Paint merchant HERE for likely everything you would need.

Method of painting a front door


While painting a front door is relatively easy, being outdoors can provide a few challenges as paint dries quickly in windy conditions. So here’s a run down of how I do it, keeping in mind to always paint against a wet edge.

View short video of my process below these instructions.

1. Remove door handle and lock.

I personally leave the front door on, however an option would be to remove it so you can paint inside as well.

One thing I do though without fail is remove the door handle and lock. It isn’t hard to do, although my kind of keypad lock does always make me think twice when I put it back together again! But the extra effort is always so worthwhile so you have a nice smooth surface to work with.

2. Clean the door.

I had just pressure washed the front of the house so wiping the dust off with a damp rag did the trick.

But if dirty, I stock Fusion’s phosphate free TSP. It’s very concentrated and lasts a long time, and you don’t have to rinse it off.

3. Scuff sand the door, then remove the dust with a tack cloth.

Scuff sanding (ending with high grit sand paper) adds some tooth for new paint to stick to. After removing the dust with a tack cloth, I also quickly go over the door with a damp cloth to ensure all the dust has been removed.

4. Roll on the paint with a microfibre roller, then use a 100% synthetic paint brush to smooth out the texture in long, even strokes.

Sometimes I paint the door with just a brush. But this round, I tried out using a microfibre roller to apply the paint first, then smooth it out with a brush afterwards. It did make the task quicker, but the only thing I may do different next time is use more paint on the roller so there’s more open time to work with.

Other door painting tips:


  • A good quality 100% synthetic brush tends to leave a smoother finish vs. a brush that contains natural bristles. 
  • I paint the horizontal sections of the door first, then the verticals, moving from top to bottom, always against a wet edge.
  • An artist’s brush was used to paint the smaller inner window frame areas.
  • After the paint dried, I used a razer blade scraper to clean up the glass.
  • I only applied one coat.


I personally did not prime the door, because my last paint was Fusion Mineral Paint. A scuff sand was all that was required.

You may require a primer if you are going from oil to water base. It really depends what is already on your door and what paint you are applying. I suggest to ask a retailer for instruction or read the suggestions on the paint label.




Click above to watch a short video of my paint method.

Learn how to repaint a front door black-ish brown using house trim paint! View tips and see the reveal of the front entry! #paintingtips #frontdoor #doorpaint

Blackish-brown front door reveal!


And in just a few minutes, I had the most beautiful, deep chocolate neutral door ever! Isn’t it pretty?!

I desired the side window framework and door to be the same tone because I have some fun plans on building a custom rustic wood screen door which will ultimately change the look of the door. More on that soon!

Learn how to repaint a front door black-ish brown using house trim paint! View tips and see the reveal of the front entry! #paintingtips #frontdoor #doorpaint

Will it hold up?


I don’t yet have working knowledge how this particular paint will hold up as a front door choice. (Painted May 2020) Dust does collect on it quickly, and I’ve found if I run my fingers on it, it leaves smudges. Probably similar to most other dark tones.

Wiping it with a wet rag appears to be the best way to clean it.

But I do prefer the satin finish over the flat I had for certain! The tone looks richer and deeper and the feel is smoother to the touch on trim work. The door has a very slight satin sheen to it which looks really pretty.

I will for sure update this post on how repainting a front door blackish-brown ultimately turned out as time goes on.

I can however highly recommend using Fusion Mineral Paint for your front door. It’s very durable. I’d  suggest to add their new paint extender when working outdoors so you have more open time to avoid premature drying, which can add brush strokes.

So let’s take a quick tour of the door as it stands today… with more fun revamps to come!

Bachelor button flowers tucked inside an antique crate for a faux window box effect by the blackish-brown front door. Visit post for painting tips and the entire tour! #flowers #frontdoor #painting

Entry tour


This antique crate holds fresh cut bachelor button flowers from the front garden. It’s an easy way to have fresh flowers that appear to be grown inside a window box. Simply replace as desired.

A squiggly bush trunk becomes a hanger for a garden art lantern in a flowerbed filled with bachelor buttons. Take the full yard tour!

The spring flowerbeds are exploding right now! But they’ll fade quickly, so I couldn’t bypass not capturing them at their present best…

A squiggly bush trunk becomes a hanger for a garden art lantern in a flowerbed filled with bachelor buttons. Take the full yard tour!

The flowerbeds are so full, there’s barely any soil showing!

I love it this way. Last year was the first time I didn’t cut everything down to the ground over winter, so I think that move paid off.

Not bad for not planting one new thing, huh?

A wicker loveseat by a front door under a porch beside brick posts of wisteria. Click to take the full front porch tour!

In other front door news, while I pressure washed the driveway and house last week, I also hit this wicker love seat hard, knocking ALL the original paint off! I picked up this piece from a neighbour giving it away last summer.

I honestly didn’t think the paint would come off, so this was a really happy surprise! I’m debating staining it a wood tone so it looks woodsy against other wood accents I’d like to also add to the house. Yay!

Learn how to repaint a front door black-ish brown using house trim paint! View tips and see the reveal of the front entry! #paintingtips #frontdoor #doorpaint

My other current dreams for the house exterior:

  • Covering the brick around the door with either wood planks or cedar shingles.
  • Wrapping the brick posts with wood so they appear solid wood.
  • Repainting the house siding… if I don’t replace it with new hardy board. I’d really love for it to be white…
  • Adding a DIY rustic custom screen door with soda pop advertising to the door handle.
  • Painting or somehow resurfacing the concrete in front of the front door.

Can you see what I see?

What suggestions do you have?

Learn how to repaint a front door black-ish brown using house trim paint! View tips and see the reveal of the front entry! #paintingtips #frontdoor #doorpaint

I love the decision on repainting a front door blackish-brown! And can’t wait to implement more changes!

But of course, there’s no real hurry since I’ll be home all summer this year… leaving plenty of time for  front porch coffees while enjoying and appreciating my pretty newly painted door!

When’s the last time you painted your front door? What would you like it to be?

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33 thoughts on “Repainting a front door blackish-brown

  1. I love the new look …dark brownish black. It looked good in green but way more pop with the new look. I always love a painted door. I have a metal and glass screen door so I really don’t know what it would like like if the main door was painted…would it look weird?. I can never visualize.

  2. I LOVE the new color of your door and entry. It picks up the darker colors in your brick. I’d leave the brick as is, and highly recommend Hardy Plank siding. My husband and I redid all our siding 10+ years ago and we can’t say enough good things about it. It is so easy to work with and paint. If you use the recommended shears the job is a breeze. It does take two people though as the planks are heavy and do bend easily over longer expanses. Email me if you have any questions.

    • Thanks Sharon! I love the door too.

      I got a quote for hardy board and it was rather over-the-top… as I don’t feel this is something I can accomplish on my own. Sigh… maybe one day.

  3. Love the new rich looking color. Front doors are a fun way to change things up for not a lot of investment of money and time. Your yard looks so pretty too….and tidy as usual. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks, I’m enjoying it as well! I agree… a door makes such a dramatic difference and is very cost effective to change! And I cut out the messy parts of my yard in the picture… they exist. Big time. haha

  4. Years ago I tried a black door. I don’t know what I did wrong but it was far from awesome like yours!

    • Thanks Bliss! It isn’t a true black… it was hard to capture in photos what it really looks like. I think the warmth to it really makes a difference other than straight out black perhaps?

  5. Love the black/brown door. A green wreath will really stand out! Black is your neutral. Colors will pop! How about painting the brick off white? Still frame the columns with wood. Love your house. Love the kitchen cabinets!!! Don’t paint those!

    • Haha! I go back and forth on my kitchen cabs… I actually do like the wooden bottoms but would love shelves on top but I don’t think my kitchen could handle the removed storage. So there it sits…

      Interesting thought on paint and wood for the columns! And I had a green wreath on the door but it looked to faux. haha I’d like to make a real one! Maybe once the screen door is also on…

  6. Love the new door color! Black just adds a bit of class to everything. How about painting the bricks white? Either solid white or with the German shmear (sp?) effect? Maybe some rustic wood shutters?

    • Thanks Lora! The house use to have shutters but I had them removed. LOL I felt like they dated the house. But rustic ones… now there’s a though!

      I have considered shmearing or painting the brick, and it may happen, but my heart says WOOD. I guess I like to make things difficult. haha

  7. The fresh new door color is a hit! It adds a more classic look. Of course, your surrounding decor makes it all tie together. Your gardens look so perfect, nice work and I know it is work. Happy Spring. It is still coming for us in Michigan. A cool season this year. Trees are popping and the grass is waking up. I like your plans for wrapping the brick columns; that would really change the look of the front of the house. Enjoy

    • Thanks Eloise, yes, I’m craving wood accents on the house. The screen door that’s to come will make a big diff too!

      Hope your weather warms up so you can enjoy the outdoors more-so! It’s basically saving me right now.

  8. Very nice color. I can see where a satin finish makes a good difference. It’s one of my preferred ones. It goes very well with your brick. Appreciate your attention to details in your explanations.

  9. Oooh, I love the black door too! You have a very good eye for colors. Now about your concrete driveway – I was just searching online yesterday for ideas on how to stencil old concrete patios. Some of them look fantastic; however, I’m spoiled with the quality of your stencils and the thought of buying huge stencils for outdoor use probably wouldn’t be as sturdy as the stencils your sell. (hint, hint ;)) A lot of the really large stencils out there give a lacy kind of look, not what I had in mind. Maybe you might ponder a large stencil for using on walkways and patios? 😉

    • I have thought of larger floor scaled stencils Sharon! And I know the quality we offer would be superior for that. I will consider it!

      I don’t want to stencil my driveway as I love the exposed look (although it needs a $$$ redo!), but the sidewalk is a different story. It’s in rough shape. I’d rather place wood on it to resemble a farmhouse porch but paint would be a 2nd choice for sure.

  10. Is your door wood or fiberglass? I’ve been wanting to paint mine but it’s fiberglas and I didn’t know if you could paint over it.

    • Hi Jill! My front door is metal. Most doors can be painted on though so I’d find a good bonding primer for your given surface? Perhaps ask the paint store for their suggestions.

    • Cool, I’m not completely crazy then! I’m even possibly visualizing some metal clad siding instead of shake shingles for an industrial (somewhat brave) twist… wish me luck! haha

  11. Donna, your front door is beautiful in your new color! I’m anxious to see how you add a rustic screen door with a soda pop handle…I have one too and have no idea how to use it but it brings back great memories when I was a kid. The corner store, 25 cents would buy you a brown lunch bag full of penny candy!

  12. Love your new door color & how it coordinates with the brick, which has great colors. And your yard…my dream. Please share a post making your screen door as I need to make one for an antique 34″ exterior door on my house.

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