A chat with the river, during a new bridge trail bike run

Train bridge over the river during a bikeride funkyjunkinteriors.net
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Some days feel like too much effort.

My son just remarked today, “It’s hard, you don’t understand!”

Well, I kinda actually do. I just have more grown up hard things to contend with.

But we all have to deal with something.
Call it running away if you desire. 

But when the noise gets too loud, I’m outta there… grabbing the bike from the entry, we speed off to who knows where, and we don’t much care!

A bike on a gravel trail ride / funkyjunkinteriors.net
I love my train bridge trail through the heron reserve.

But today it felt like that would be a little too much work. The bike is on the heavy side, and I didn’t feel like dragging it across the tracks, then carefully manoeuvring through the long, narrow walking ramp all the way to the other side of the river.

Too. Much. Work.

Too. WEARY. For. That. Much. Work.

So instead of going along the tracks, I crossed them in an easy spot, and kept riding straight along the river dyke.

I had never been this way before. Why not?

Hmm… guess because I didn’t have a bike back then!

A goregeous new, wooden bridge crossing a creek during a bike trail ride / story on funkyjunkinteriors.net
And then turning the corner, to my utter surprise, I came across this!

A gorgeous bridge, cutting over a creek. It was as if it was made just for me.

“Look! See how easy this is? Come on in!”

Don’t mind if I do!

new creek development / A trying day made easier on a newfound bridge trail / a story during a bikeride on funkyjunkinteriors.net
What is going on with my area?

I get a bike, and it’s like the universe says, “Good job! Now we are going to build you lots of easy, nature trails to keep you on that thing!”

This is going to be an amazing spot. 

Trestle Challen Trail bike ride funkyjunkinteriors.net
While I peddeled along, I noted a new country neighbourhood below… how fun is that? New farmland to strike out on! You know that entry’s coming soon.

The newness of every corner was very contageous. It was that travel bug thing emerging once again.

Travelling, getting out more, and new things provides an opportunity to ‘let your guard down’, not be so on top of everything, and just go enjoy where you are.

It’s like walking out of a kitchen full of dishes. I think temporary escapes just quiet things down, offering you time to develop a better perspective on things. Sometimes we just need to listen more rather than think too much.

Are you a bit of an over thinker too? Then you get it!

A fabulous new wooden bridge crossing a creek during a bike trail ride / story on funkyjunkinteriors.net
I love these cool, winter days. Bundled up toasty warm in my fav black puffy nylon Gap jacket, (found at the thrift a few years ago), with the crunch of the gravel beneath the tires, the thump thump thump of hitting the wooden bridge with a gurgling creek below…

… enjoyment.

bike riding over a train bridge / funkyjunkinteriors.net
a gorgeous pond in the middle of a trail ride / funkyjunkinteriors.net
Right about here is where I got off the bike and just stared. This perfect little natural pond was quiet, unassuming, just sitting there. Not showing off in the least. Just… shining in its own beautiful way.

Moment like this remind me of kind words from others.

Things may not get better. Circumstances may not change. But the kindness is like a release to let go of all the hard stuff, even if just for a little while, offering the hope that everything will be ok.

Pond moments like these, feel like friend moments during trying times.

Wouldn’t you agree?

sitting in front of the river, during a bike trail ride / funkyjunkinteriors.net
Thank goodness for freshly cut, easy trails that lead to absolutely no where, with friendly rivers to chat with, telling you…

…it will be ok.

Do you take moments like these? Where do you like to go?

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15 thoughts on “A chat with the river, during a new bridge trail bike run

  1. Yes, Donna, pond moments like the one you had certainly are like a spending time with a supportive friend. It’s a great listener and calming to the soul just to be there. I sense you are having a tough time. Take as many pond moments as you need. And know that you are thought of and I will say a prayer for you and your son. Goodness, I know, because I have five grown sons, and I could fill my own pond with my prayers. Hang in there! Your site brings us(your followers) a lot of joy!

  2. I love reading about your adventures! I hope your day got better! You are blessed to be able to step out your door and go. And as a mother, I can relate to the stress. Stay strong!

  3. Thanks for the ride Donna. I guess I am going to have to get a bike now. Going to teach my Granddaughter how to ride. Then we can go exploring together.

  4. Sorry, you’re having a tough time; I’m going through a storm myself and the best therapy is to get outside. Love your post and the nature sounds.

  5. I always say that gardening is my therapy. Just being outside, able to take in deep outdoor air breaths, and zone everything out except for what’s right around me in nature. I’ve been also going through a tough time for quite some time, and just escaping to our backyard gardens, picking up sticks and pulling up some weeds made me feel like a new person! Thanks for the awesome bike ride in pictures!

  6. It just struck me in your post “pond”…..ponder…..hhhmmmm it does sound like a connection to be made!Just returned from my morning brisk walk with my faithful pooch….nothing better. Time to get outside, hear the birds, and pray. Everything feels much lighter after that.
    God bless your peddling!

  7. Ahhhh…..just reading your blog today and gazing at the photos just seemed to slow me down and calm my heart rate, Donna. Thank you for letting me ride along with you today! I needed that! 🙂

  8. I love be riding my bike and discovering new routes, especially those with amazing scenery, is always something to enjoy In the moment and shout about to all who will listen when you get home. I know the feeling you’re trying to descrube. Oh for spring to come quickly -or at least the rain to stop on the warmer days ;). Riding is truly a great escape from reality for me, too. I found it seems to bring clarity to the chaos in my reality at the same time I’m escaping from it 🙂 We recently moved from CO where the views were continuously breathtaking to IN. I’m finding old barns and windmills to be quite charming. I just need to watch where I’m riding -I’m in Amish country 😉

  9. Love the river and nature sounds; I have a CD like that and it takes me far away without even moving. Hope your struggles smooth out.
    Beautiful spot so near to escape to. Our weather in Michigan is 69-70’s last couple of days (after a heavy snow storm last week!), all the snow has melted and it was great to get out and clean up a small portion of the garden. My release when troubled about issues or life in general, is digging in the garden. I can’t wait for more spring! The wrens and red-winged black birds have arrived; great signs of Spring being close.
    Thanks for sharing your rides and the beautiful trails. Best wishes.

  10. Oh my goodness, YES! Sometimes just getting out of the normal, every day scene, you can rejuvenate and refresh your mind.

    I’m not a biker, so I usually do this in my car, travelling back roads and looking for scenes of old, run down homes, cows, barns – anything appealing to my camera.

    Sometimes you just need some time to refresh.

    Your scenery is amazing!

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