A country bike ride to my land, with a new partner

A country bike ride to my land, with my new partner / funkyjunkinteriors.net

If you’ve been following along my little bike ride adventure stories, you’ll already know how in love I am with this new passion. 

First I tested myself. My bike was not cheap, so I didn’t want to make two mistakes!

Since I passed the test with flying colours, there was one more step to make.

And that’s get my son involved.

blue heron reserve park / a country bike ride / funkyjunkinteriors.net
These days he’d rather chat on his phone with his friends. So if this worked, I’d… I don’t know. But I know I should earn something REALLY SUPER BIG.

So I struck up a deal with him.

“I’ll get you the bike YOU WANT, if you come for rides with me sometimes.”

Generous manipulation at its best.

mother and son bikes! / funkyjunkinteriors.net
Green Nordco trickster mountain bike / funkyjunkinteriors.net
Green Nordco trickster mountain bike / funkyjunkinteriors.net
Knowing what a difference a quality bike made in my own world, we went to the bike shop and got him a ‘good one’.

Cody’s bike is a Nordco, which is a cross between a mountain bike and BMX type. I’m sure there’s a proper name for it, but in my world, it’s a low rider green and white, with pink handle bar covers.

It was explained to me in high detail that boys like to ride standing up these days. Seriously? I’d die in 10 minutes! But it appears to be true.

The bike will allow a few tricks at the skateboard park, to pop wheelies and stuff, as well as coast down the road. He’d apparently ruin a cruiser type, and since he didn’t want that anyway, it’s all good.

He loves it and that’s all that matters. Standing up and all.

a row of fall trees in the country / a bike ride in the country / funkyjunkinteriors.net
So today was a BEAUTIFUL day, and I encouraged him to try out my fancy train bridge route.

Well, after we ventured outside of the heron reserve, we hit country. And this is where my stomache does weird things. In a good way.

It’s hard to explain what transpires once I coast down the hill from the reserve. The wide open fields are like open arms, welcoming me home. This is the neighbourhood I grew up in, so it’s unbelievably familiar, yet a little frightening all at the same time.

Maybe because I don’t want to get sad? I miss my parents desperately, and being here feels like I’m nearer to them. But it’s to the point where I feel a little anxiety, in a good way. Like, something amazing is about to happen. I can feel it. It surrounds me completely. Like just maybe I could live here again some day kind of amazing. Or something.

So we were coasting along when I looked over to my right, and my heart did a lurch. 

“I’m taking a picture!” I yelled up ahead.

a view of my childhood farm / a bike ride in the country / funkyjunkinteriors.net
Way in the background? The red just to the right of the yellow barn, is my childhood farm.

This land is my land.

It was so close, yet still too far. But this felt like a safe distance from it. So maybe I wouldn’t cry.

My eyes stung anyway. I yearned to be there so badly.

But I’d NEVER be able to convince the boy to go THAT far.

a bike ride in the country with my son / funkyjunkinteriors.net
a bike ride in the country with my son / funkyjunkinteriors.net
We took a short water break, then we hopped on the bikes again, hoping the nearby store would be open for a coffee and a coke.

Well… it wasn’t. So.. now where?

a bike ride in the country with my son / funkyjunkinteriors.net
I followed Cody’s lead. He’d never been down these roads before, and I was astonished how far he wanted to go.

And then he said, “That way!”

Which would ultimately lead to ‘the farm’.

Oh my gosh…. I held my breath with every peddle, hoping he wouldn’t realize ‘how far’ it was. 🙂

We ended up chasing the sun. It was starting to set, and we were already in the shade. 

How ironic that we were riding towards the only place I’ve truly know as home, towards the sunshine?

a bike ride in the country with my son / funkyjunkinteriors.net
Going past all the familiar houses and farms, my heart felt so full! I’ve wanted to bike all this way but just hadn’t yet. And now I got to do it with my son!

And then we approached the farm. Giddy, as we rolled towards it, my eyes grew WIDE.

Since my mom left the farm, it had gone downhill badly. Two owners eventually ran it into the ground, so it was always so heart wrenching to see again.

But the last time I had been there, new owners had taken over and were doing massive renovations.

But what I saw today, was completely jaw dropping amazing. And I can’t wait to show it to you… coming soon!

I left there feeling REALLY good. But…

What is it about an area or a lifestyle that calls you back? The calling is very loud. It’s been there forever, but got VERY loud after I got home from Maui. It’s hard to explain. But I feel it in every fibre of my body.

All I know is, I feel like we’re being led to something or somewhere completely amazing to the point of I’ll want to cry every second of every day amazing.

And I have faith that whatever ‘that’ is, it’ll materialize when the time is right. 

Don’t you love a good story that never seems to have an ending?

– – – – –

Now up!  Part 2 / A major farmhouse reno at my childhood farm

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32 thoughts on “A country bike ride to my land, with a new partner

  1. I know exactly how you feel!!! My grandparents’ farm was lost when my mother died, and it makes my stomach turn to drive by the community it’s in. *sigh*

    I recently started riding too – a lovely navy blue bike I’ve named “Livvie”. We have an amazing trail system in NW Arkansas and I am loving the exploration!

  2. I can’t wait to read the next instalment…

    Glad you and Cody are enjoying the bikes, and how awesome he led the way to your family farm. I hope it is being loved and looked after.

    • Nessie, I think I felt content this round leaving the farm (for the first time in a long time) because the owners ARE taking pride in it. I can’t wait to see their vision complete!

  3. I LOVE this story….because I have a similar one!
    And yup….something AMAZING happened. So I am sooo excited for you and what will happen down the road!

    I went to college in a small town in NJ. I lived there for a year while in college just to “get away”. I wanted my OWN place and to be able to do WHAT I WANTED…WHEN I wanted. Ya know…AWAY from my parents. LOL

    Years and years later, every time I rode through that town, I felt this kind of PULL. I could never explain it, but I was drawn to this town. It was not anything special at all. I lived in the next town over for many years but, still, every time I rode through a certain section, I felt that PULL.

    Years later ….in my 40’s I was going through my “why am I here?” phase and I knew I needed more than I was getting at my current church. I wanted a church with Bible study, but it had to be close to me because I didn’t want to have issues getting there on time. (2 kids,one bathroom and Sunday mornings…utter chaos EVERY time. LOL)

    I looked online and found a church in THAT town. I went. Here it was DOWN THE STREET from where I had lived in college! Back then I used to look at that church building, and there was something about it…but I could never put my finger on it. Years later that church sold the building to my current church. So that FEELING I had was that one day MY church and a BIG part of my life would be in that very building.

    So, 25 years after I lived there at college, here I was again. That 1st day at that church the pastor said something that made it clear I was in the right place. It was my new “home”. I quickly became family. And there was this man….a SINGLE man….who I eventually realized (after a lot of DENIAL…lol) was HIM! THIS was my husband!!! This was the man I had seen in my dreams (just not his face) and could actually FEEL was close by!

    So one year after I walked in the door we started dating. And 6 months later I was his WIFE! I have been EXTREMELY happy since that day. HE is the most amazing man. And I am truly blessed.

    I LISTENED to that “feeling” inside me…it was God nudging me in the right direction. That is how He works!

    Listen to that FEELING inside of you. You won’t be sorry! God is leading you towards something He wants for you. Whether it be a new home, a new business venture, new friendships, (or even a new mate one day, ya never know). GO with it!!!

    I will be eagerly awaiting any updates you give us! I bet I can speak for all of us….we REALLY are excited for you…and WITH you!!! 🙂 You share so many things that help us with many areas of our lives. Thanks again for all of that.

    • Robin, all I can say is, I feel excitement edging up when I read a post like yours! What a wonderful story! Thank you so much for sharing that.

      My belief is, our stories are never truly over until we leave this earth. There’s a whole new chapter just waiting to be read… and many more after. It IS exciting! 🙂

  4. What a beautiful area, reminds me of where I grew up in Skagit County, WA. There was lots of farm land and fun roads to roam. The country is calling your soul, My husband and I are in the country now and we love it but we now want to move further out. So we’re hoping in a year we can sell and follow that dream. Peace, Stillness and God’s amazing grace captures my heart living in the country. I’m happier, I see things in a new light that feels right. Looking forward to seeing pictures of the farm. I always wonder why folks let things go. We ran into that with our current place. We’ve been fixing up for 6 years and can only hope the next folks that move in follow our example. Beautiful bike ride, I think I really need to get a bike.

    • I think folks let things go when it becomes too much for them. I even admit, with my current what I call ‘barbie doll yard’, it’s easy to ignore it and move onto more exiting things. 🙂 But at least I know better! 😀

      And what you described about country life is perfection. Seeing things in a new light is spot on. I think it’s the wide open spaces that do it. Your mind and soul can rest in between the busy.

      My front yard faces a tight row of houses. My back yard faces a mountain view. Guess which view I gravitate to most… but I am grateful my neighbourhood is a very GOOD one. It makes a difference when folks take pride in where they are for sure.

  5. Donna, it’s been so nice to see and hear about your bike adventures.

    My son and daughter-in-law gave us bikes earlier in the year. It was Lisa’s way of “encouraging” us to exercise. I’m many years older than you are but as they say, you never forget how to ride a bike. We’ve been riding our quiet neighborhood and bike paths and it is really fun.

    Can’t wait to see your next adventure.

  6. I do love a good story and I am totally intrigued by yours. You write from the heart and beautifully. I look forward to the wonderful things that are in store for you and your son. God Bless.

  7. Donna I love that you & your son have found a new passion i too love to bike but mostly inline skate (we skate in a line & don’t push each other down(not derby) but we do race and even at practice BUT WE ALL WEAR HELMETS~ you only get one head and if you fall then your 2 hands won’t work PLEASE get your son a helmet and MAKE him wear it every time he rides no matter what the “cool kids say” please it is that important! and they make very cool helmets these days! you can fall off your bike esp when doing “stand up tricks” at the park and the results are either fatal or permanent damage its cheaper to buy a $20 helmet (get them fitted at the bike shop) than a $20k hospital bill! er… i’ll get off my soap box now…. thank you! love ya!thanks for the cool post

      • hi DOnna
        am SO happy you both wear helmets! i noticed your son’s pic with out a helmet to i jumped to conclusion! my bad! sorry! people have no idea of how a simple $20 helmet can save a life! So glad you and your son have found a wonderful new joy in ilfe together!!

  8. Oh Donna, that was the best result! How lovely for you to be out with your son where you feel so at home. I feel that in Prague where I was born and grew up. Every time I’m back there I never want to leave again. It doesn’t help that my grandparents are buried there either. Childhood connections are so strong, aren’t they? The other day I was in Fort Langley, so not too far from you. Loved the drive thru the country from there to Abotsford; just beautiful. PS. my son rides circles round me before I can even get down the block, and, yes, standing up!

    • Haha, the standing up comment just made me laugh! He was complaining about sore legs today, but me? I’m ready for another run! Can’t feel a thing. I think they should hire those seats for a long ride but boy did I get some strange looks after that ‘very wise’ suggestion!

      Wow… Prague!

      And yes, that run between Abby and Langley is wonderful. Fort Langley… I do believe I’m overdue for a run out there!

  9. What a beautiful place to ride! And your son is so grown up….that happens way too fast.

    I yearn to go home as well. I grew up in the Appalachian mtns – southern West Virginia – & haven’t lived there for over 30 yrs. The last time I was there was 2006 when my mom passed away. Some days I so long to see mtns again. I love where I live but it’s not as beautiful as where I’m from.

    I can’t wait to see the farm. You’ve written this so well 🙂 I could feel your anticipation as you rode closer & totally understand!

    • What IS it about being drawn to where you grew up? It’s so strong! But that’s farm life for you. It never leaves your system. Even writing Appalachian mtns sounds dreamy! Another place I must see.

      The new farm owners were so incredibly gracious, and said I was welcome back anytime, so I suspect this story will evolve. 🙂

  10. I try to ride 10-12 miles a day, but often it only works out to 3-5 days a week. BUT…it feels like flying. I saw a video about an older chap who quit his job as a doctor and started just roller blading in CA. He described the feelings he got doing that and it does make the mind soar. It is a high. It is good for us. It boosts the spirit. I hate winter when I can only bike in the basement and watch something on TV. So, I get it and I think it will be wonderful to share all that with your son. My husband and I have started transporting our bikes to new trails in the state and seeing the new scenery makes the biking even better. Tomorrow will be in the 60’s and we will go north to see fall in the forests!

  11. I don’t know how you feel about being led somewhere, although the last couple sentences make me feel like you do believe. I’m glad someone is caring for your home. And somehow your memories. I have gotten to live in the house my parents built as young married couple, and now their last home, where they both passed on to their next journey. I am blessed. Am anxious to see where life/God and your instincts lead you.

  12. How great that you can both ride together and travelling towards ‘home’ was meant to be that day. Hoping answers continue to come to you. We will be facing some decisions on where we choose to live in the coming years as our area is becoming more crowded and expensive. Hoping our choices keep us near family and closer to ‘home.’

  13. Donna, I know exactly how that farm makes you feel. There is an old farmstead in SW Wisconsin that makes me feel the same way. I haven’t lived there since 1957, but I still get goosebumps on my arms and all tingly when I get within 10 miles of it. It’s the place I grew up, from 7 to 14 years old, and I still call it home. All that was left in 2011 was the chicken coop and the barn, but it still calls me over the years and distance.

  14. I love knowing you and your son can share the same passion…now THAT is special and rare…something to truly rejoice in! I wonder if, deep in his heart, your son felt that same pull you did? Strange that he started to head for the farm so quickly after you took that first photo and your heart spoke so clearly to you. Maybe your heart was speaking to his somehow? At any rate, I am sooooooo enjoying this story and I’m on the edge of my seat now waiting to read how it all turns out…please hurry…I’m not good at waiting…hehe!

  15. Donna – so glad your son is joining you on your bike adventures and those photos are jaw dropping!! I was catching my breath and hoping you would get to your childhood home. Yeah! you did! God’s blessings to you and your son as you venture together!

    • The bike seat is only ‘ok’. Been debating on a bit of an upgrade… just not sure what yet! How does one know without trying them all out?! Wish you could rent them for a week at a time… 🙂

      Maybe I should just use my son’s!

  16. I’m excited about finding your site. I love the items that you create/make. But I was especially excited when I began reading about your love for biking – and adventure. My kids don’t share my love for biking. But my daughter always jokes, “Mom, you’re all about the adventure”. She’s right, I am. I think biking allows us to drink in the sites at a perfect pace. Life is too fast paced, biking allows us to slow down and see things we wouldn’t see while driving. Also, biking allow us to take the backroads. Thanks for sharing!

    Happy Trails. I will be checking your site from time to time.

    • Ahhhh, so glad to connect with another bike adventure seeker! I, like you, find biking the perfect pace. Walking bores me to tears, and with driving you miss way too much, and can’t take in forest trails. Oh, and then there’s biking on fall leaves… no other feeling quite like that! Happy trails to you! I’ll be writing about more soon. 🙂

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