First things first… a little repurposed organizing

Mason jar paint brush storage on

Is everyone super busy with their purging?

Oh boy… things have been moving full steam ahead here.

But… ever notice how one thing leads to another? 

I thought I was so smart establishing starting and finishing ONE. ROOM. FIRST. in my initial Heap of Change post HERE.

(insert hysterical laughter here)

Well, it did not work out that way by a LONG SHOT.

So if you’ve been feeling ‘less than’ during your own purging quest, I failed in flying colours myself.

It’s just going to take much longer than anticipated to do it right.

Paint station before
But first off, I couldn’t begin to clean this room without organizing my paint supplies in my photo studio.

Thing is, they had no where to go. Yet. Which forced me to work on that space too.

But.. one thing at a time… deep breath…

“Just organize the stuff, so it can be carried out when you’re ready!”

Yes! I can do that. Think small.

Paint station organizing with repurposed items on

Can you hear the paint angels sing?

The best thing I ever did was land this massive roll of paper from a thrift store long ago. I ripped off a new sheet, covered a fold out plastic table, and organized the paint inside anything I could find.

Mason jars, sewing machine drawers, the market tray, a thrift store found old toolbox I never did repaint yet… it’s all good!

Side note of interest/ Cats love milk paint because of the casein it contains, so I have to lock it away in the workshop until I come up with a better plan.

Paint organized in a reclaimed wood tray on

Paint brush storage in mason jars and a drawer on

Craft paint organized in a toolbox on

Pit stops. That’s all they are. But that’s ok! This is huge.

This toolbox from friend Kelly was the perfect size for the craft paints.

I can actually paint now if desired!

But I don’t have time yet… well, not that kind of paint.


Paint station before

I’m busy painting ‘the new paint station’ walls. Heh x 200000!

Yep. WAY carried away. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. 🙂

I was going to follow my rules. I really was! But I couldn’t fathom moving this stuff back in a place I don’t like to spend time in. It’s dark and dreary. So I just went for it. You’ll see what I mean soon.

Come back Thursday to see how far I actually got! 

Heap of Change Challenge on

And there’s one more surprise on Thursday… junkers, you’re in for a treat. 🙂 See ya then!

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37 thoughts on “First things first… a little repurposed organizing

  1. I LOVE the paint in the toolbox, I think I have one like that, I’m gonna copy you lol! Looking forward to see what ya did. I’m knee deep in my pantry reorganization!

  2. Lol…love it!! You gave me the perfect solution for my sewing machine drawers that have not sold. I’m bringing them back home…perfect organizer for my office!

    • They are perfect for the right sized jar! The jars shown are new ones from Michael’s. I haven’t tried vintage ones yet.

      And now I wish I didn’t sell my collection of drawers earlier this year. See, this is why I should never set up a store! LOL

  3. Hard to clean up with bits and bobs all over the place! This is a natural progression in my book. Like herding cats! :))
    Rock on Donna!!
    ~ Christina

  4. Haha, I know what you mean. I’m in desperate need of cleaning the studio but I’m in the middle of a project so it will have to wait. Then I’m jumping on the Heap of Change challenge but I’ll have the same issue of staying in one spot.
    Can’t wait to see your room all freshened up!

    • Yeah, it was a real wake up call. I did tackle an area that’s needed me for a very long time though so I went in knowing it would be an uphill climb. It is what it is. I aim to make this space 100% usable.

      I guarantee, once you start, you’ll want to keep working on it, so don’t be afraid!

  5. Great post! It all starts with one step and the silent cheer in my head, saying ” you can do this, you need to do this! Getting in order does make you feel better!!!

  6. So I was looking at your heaps in another post, heaps cuz that sounds better than piles, and thinking there was good stuff in there. Wish we could have a heap of change where we exchanged heaps.

  7. Someone said, and I’m not sure if it was you or not, to remove everything from a room, clean it thoroughly, then put only those things you want back into the room – the things you will keep. I think part of cleaning it thoroughly is to repaint, add shelves if you need them, etc. – do anything you need to do in order to make that space functional for the items you plan to organize and keep. So, I think you’re onto something there. If you are going to organize, organize it by providing the space with what it needs. After all, you aren’t just going to put stuff in there the same old way using the same old stuff. If you want to respect that space, how you store your things must be deliberate. Painting it is redefining the new space. It is a fresh canvas, and you will embellish it with your stuff – the pared-down version of your stuff – the special stuff – the stuff you decided to keep. As long as we keep the end goal in mind and are actively working toward that goal, we are on the right track. So…carry on…

  8. I’m in the same spot you’re in – I keep getting stalled because every corner is such chaos. 🙁 One thing that seems to be helping me is to box up things that I want to keep & lable. Then when I get to the space it goes to I’ll organise it there…rather than add more stuff to that space. I’ll already have that sorted at least knowing what I want to keep.

    I’m also working on a small craft/painting corner to organise all of my tools at least so I can get to work. It’s all so overwhelming!

    • It is Jen. I think every home needs an empty room so we can transfer said junk into it on order to clean up the other! haha

      I miss utilizing the outdoors this time of year, I often use it to do just that, tarp the works, then move on. This is more a shuffling move. One side of the room, theeeeeeen the other.

      It is what it is. It’s working! It just takes longer is all.

  9. Dude, I have been on the purge as well. You are not alone, what started out as a “wave” has transformed into a tsunami of crud….One drawer/ cupboard/ room at a time, yeah right. I find myself wandering from room to room from project to project like a lost soul. I will get there though!!!!

    • Haha! Tsunami is such a great term for all this chaos. Putting on those horse blinder things is mandatory during this one. One. Thing. At. A. Time…. good luck and keep moving forward! We can do this!

  10. You have given me the best idea. Some one gave me a large box of those small craft paints, plus I have oodles of my own. It has always been challenging to know how to find the right color and to keep them from clogging at the tip. Your idea of storing them upside down is great. After I get some other things decluttered I will tackle that. What a great time
    to bring some peace and order into our homes…..and of course vowing that I will never create that kind of mess again…..right.

    In the meantime I have reorganized my craft and office storage, removed a mass of clutter from the dining room counter, and caught up the laundry….feels great. The Christmas decorations are still up and I am loving the twinkle lights and cheery reds to perk me up during these dreary grey and cold days. I may leave them up until Valentines!!!!

    Can’t wait for your post on Thurs. Have fun.

    • I really thought this would be such a nothing little post, but it’s become more than I realized. I’m so GLAD something as small as that inspired you!

      That’s all one really needs to get the ball rolling and get off our chairs! Yay you!

  11. You sound like me, it always takes longer than you think to clean and organize, that is why I am afraid to start, lol! Plus I need to tackle every room in my house! I can’t wait to see what you do to the space, great job with the paint! Just having something to put it in helps!

    • Ha! Starting is really the hardest part when your entire house needs it. That’s why I started in a space I really needed most.

      My closets and drawers upstairs are in chaos. But I am attempting to do one here and there random like when cooking or upstairs for something. It all helps. I’ll do a post about squeezing stuff in like that too.

    • Hey Marie, it’s so I can see the colours. And it also helps that the paint sits on the lid for the squeeze bottles for those that are low. Kinda like when we run low on ketchup or syrup… upside down it goes! 🙂

      • I figured part of the reason was to see the colors better and for the paint in the squeeze bottles to come out easier but it was the chalkpaint jars that threw me. Does it help the lids open better? Because I sure have a heck of a time opening those little jars and so if this helps…upside down they will go!

        • If you’re referring to the little ones in the tray, it was all about seeing the colours. Can’t tell much with a lid! 🙂

          To help with the lid situation, just ensure they are spotless before putting the lid back on. The gummed up ridges make for troubled times for sure.

  12. Going through the same thing with the same results. I am painting my “c@%p” room. When it is done it will be my craft room, but until then the former will apply. I didn’t know about the cats and paints. My two are sound asleep on our bed so I don’t know if they would be interested but I would rather be safe than sorry. Good luck with your project!

  13. “But first off, I couldn’t begin to clean this room without organizing my paint supplies in my photo studio.

    Thing is, they had no where to go. Yet. Which forced me to work on that space too.

    But.. one thing at a time… deep breath…”

    I’m in the same boat!! HA!! I just started last night ~ one room down….. woot!

  14. Okay, you’ve inspired me to organize/clean up/purge my part of our basement that I’ve claimed as my workspace. I have a nice large shelving unit for myself, but I just have stuff heaped on it. I couldn’t find the right color of paint if my life depended on it! LOL! This weekend is a 3 day off weekend in the States for MLK day and I’m going to dedicate at least a portion of this weekend to organizing my mess. I have LOTS of ball jars I’m not using and I have lots of garage type things down there that belonged to my Dad and I couldn’t part with after his passing. I will use these items to help me organize. Thank you for the great inspiration!!!!!

  15. I have an old library table that I use for my sewing table. My dream sewing room is still a dream so it’s in the living room and such a catchall. I got it cleaned off and did a little reorganizing and purging at the same time. I even went through the two drawers. It wasn’t a lot but I do feel better!

  16. I don’t feel so bad now that I’ve seen your junk pile. 😉 At least my junk is “contained” to just the garage, (okay, maybe the shed too) and is stored in plastic tubs and boxes, on rolling racks. I like to think of it as “controlled chaos on wheels. ” Thanks for making me look good. The next time my husband says something about my junk, I’ll gladly refer him to this post. 😉

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