An inspired by wildflowers bikeride

An inspired by wildflowers bike ride passing farmland |
Well, our Hawaiian adventure has come to a close. We are officially now home, and I’m busy nursing jet lag, wading through 6 weeks of mail, and cuddling the cats. Ohhh my cats!!!!

I didn’t feel the ‘dread’ of coming home like I did last summer. I was ready! And boy, that crisp air and my own bed with its puffy feather pillows feels so good!

We did have a little bit of drama on our way home though. The last day of travel was a big one. With 4 airport visits and 3 jets, my camera got lost in the shuffle somewhere, and I’m sad to say, my best shots of our adventures are on that missing SD card. Pout.

Reports are filed. Even if it never shows up, I do have some shots on the phone. But if I can be honest? You could not capture what I saw on film. No way. Pictures seem to flatten a view, and I was never happy with any photos I took, especially of garden heavy Kauai. That is one BEAUTIFUL island, and you just have to be there.

But I will write a little about it soon, and share what I do have.

So, since I was busy filing lost camera reports all day long (exhausting work!), I went for my first bike ride since being back.  

sunset on a gravel road bike ride trail |
And found a sunset. So out came the phone, and… well, this post is the result.

bike riding among wild flowers and sunset |
Something does feel a little different since being home. My senses have been heightened where plants and flowers come into play. I won’t promise to turn into a gardener quite yet, but when outdoors, it’s the first thing I see now.

bike riding among wild flowers and sunset |
When I sat in my yard this afternoon, nursing a kona coffee, what I saw shocked and kinda depressed me. 

The Potting Shed area is pretty, and it weathered our weeks away ok, but the rest… oy.

Which made me realize how little I have respected my outdoors right in my own back yard lately. When did this happen? And why?

bike riding among wild flowers and sunset |
deep red wildflowers on the side of a bike trail |
Even something as simple as these wildflowers offer just the right amount of spark to the side of a road. Imagine what a little more care would do to my own yard.

“Me, are you actually listening to this?!”

“Yeah, kinda… but the mere thought of getting my garden back up to snuff is rather daunting!”

Going to Hawaii was easier. 🙂

bike riding among wild flowers and sunset |
Something else I did take home with me though was how impressed I was, watching groundskeepers work on condo gardens. It was constant. The biggest machines moved in. They’d hack down tree branches after storms, constantly blow the landscape free of leaves and flower petals, and trim constantly, because things grew so rapidly.

Nice gardens come with effort. End of story. So you gardeners out there, I commend you!

I hope I have some shots of the untamed Kauai I saw. Goodness… that place should be called Rambling Perfection. Imagine taking a fistful of all the tropical plants you could find, then plunking them down in one spot. On steroids. The result was twisted vines nearly covering entire trees, and everything touching each other. It was incredible.

lush, bushy bright green trees along a bike ride trail |
This row of trees took me back there for a second. Out of control bliss.

yellow wildflowers on the side of a bike ride trail |
I’ve never spent the time nor funds to go full tilt on the outside of my home. I was always holding off in case I wanted to move.

Well… that mindset just may have to change now… after one more kona…or 5!

How much time do you spend in your yard?

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19 thoughts on “An inspired by wildflowers bikeride

  1. Welcome back Donna! I truly enjoyed all your photos and posts from Hawaii but sure am glad you’re home with fast internet service and wifi. Your pictures of the wildflowers are awesome. And I have to admit that I’m not much of a gardener. In the beginning of a new season I’ll get excited and plant stuff(notice I call flowers stuff)and I’ll take care of everything for about two weeks. Then a combination of life and high humidity and temps curtail my upkeep. I do wish, oh so much, that I had a pretty garden and maybe some day I will. I’m a little too busy with work and family right now, but I think my time will come full circle and I’ll try again. Hope you and your son are getting over the jetlag just fine and how is your sister. I have been remembering her in my prayers. Take care!

    • I could have written your comment Joanne! I too get all gung ho, then drop the ball mid way. Maybe I should work at simplifying a little more, so the pretty areas have more ability to shine instead of adding more more more…

      A house came up for sale near me, which was ALL garden. It was incredible. I had wished I lived there, but for some reason, I completely overlooked the amount of work that must take!

      Whew… that was close. LOL

  2. Welcome back – have missed you!
    Gardens do take consistency – but there are ways to have a beautiful space with little effort. Think Herbs, Simplicity roses (Jackson and perkins) and native plants. If you want to know more shoot me an email. I have an eBook that I shared last year (The Garden Plan) It would be really helpful and it’s a quick read so if you want it just let me know.

    Your garden would fill your heart and keep you inspired in so many aspects of your life. There is something amazing about being outdoors among God’s creations. For me anyways it just keeps me going – fills my heart with a deeper understanding of this crazy thing we call life.


    • I’ve missed being here too Carole, thank you!

      I think if one goes in with the mindset that gardening is work, they won’t enjoy the process. It’s like a haircut… it will always need another trim.

      There was a time I put nearly all my time into gardening during another lifetime. The secret was in the soil I brought in. Nothing failed in that stuff! I’m kinda feeling the need to invest in a prettier outdoors again.

      And I’m glad I have your expertise nearby to help when needed! Thanks for the offer! 🙂

  3. I spend much of my time in the garden this time of year. Oh, I don’t have that pristine place that I dream of, but it keeps me happy. Living in beautiful places as we do (Pacific Northwest) makes it easier to come home (and the cozy beds and cool temps. help too). Sorry to hear about your camera, but our phones take amazing pictures too. Welcome home!

    • Ohhhh, you nailed it Sharon! Our crisp air welcomes cushy beds with down quilts like nothing else! I’ve missed the weight of the covers!

      And agree with the phone, glad I was using it regardless. But for some reason, my phone has been losing photo quality… maybe it needs an upgrade…

      I love upgrades. 🙂

  4. Happy you are back. You are one of my very favorite bloggers. Love your creativity. Before you went on your trip you were given a wooden cabinet & were going to do something with it I have a very similar one that was made for me to store my gardening supplies many years ago. The difference is that it is made of plywood & is in excellent condition. I want to use it in my new Guest house as a closet. Waiting to see what you do with yours. I have a shabby, cottage, whimsy, distressed look.

    • You are so sweet, Josephine, thank you!

      And thanks for the reminder about that cabinet! It’s sitting in the middle of the walkway in the garage at the moment, and needs to be put to work. I’m playing with the idea of perhaps moving it into my laundry room that is in bad need of a makeover… instead of overhead cabinets. But it was pretty flimsy so that idea may change…

      I’ll get on it! Thanks for a new direction!

  5. I have so many gardens around our property in the woods…I love to walk through and sit on the patio and admire all our work. I am the planter, weeder, caretaker; my husband does any of the major digging and moving of plants. He also enjoys the beauty…but, it is lots of work, many hours, many days particularly in the spring and fall in Michigan. Now that I am retired, I can do a little at a time and my energy level is less as I get older. Keep your garden simple and remember less is more, as it all grows over time and fills in.
    Unfortunately, I am the kind of person that wants instant results so I put in too many plants and have learned to give them more time to spread.
    I love gardening…it is good for your soul. I do lots of creative thinking and problem solving while digging in the dirt!!
    Love the photos of the wildflowers.

    • Yes yes YES! I always want an established garden yesterday! I think part of that is because of photography for the blog.

      Perhaps it’s time to consider a proper plan around here, so I have to adhere to some ‘rules’.

      Boy, that sounds like ‘work’ though… hahah

      You are right about simplicity, Eloise. My gardener brother once told me, “If you can’t keep up with something, it’s better to cut lawn instead.” I think in my case, I need a tiny bit more lawn, with less beds…

  6. Donna flower pics are wonderful!!! sorry you lost your camera, but hey its an excuse to go back next year!:) but more importantly updated pics of lake and skye! i missed those wonderful faces! did they great you with purring and jump in your lap or did they ignore you like my scottish terrier used to do (ok he got over in a few days and was happy again, they are such a joy for you! best regards audrey in sunset beach ca

    • Aww… my furry kids have actually been pretty clingy. They didn’t hop all over me when I came in, but the 2nd day they were like velcro. They were probably in disbelief I was really home… haha I’ll try and do an update on them soon! I love that you love them so… 😀

  7. I spend every moment I can in my garden, it is my sanity and my inspiration for my art tutorials.
    It is even hard for me to go inside to paint when the sun is shining and the flowers are growing.
    Winter will be here before I know it so I am outside every morning at first light with my coffee in hand to sip as I enjoy every last bloom and the delicious scent they reward me with.
    Can you tell it is my fave time of year. 🙂

  8. what beautiful pictures. I’m sorry about the lost Hawaii pictures but your native countryside pictures are a balm for me. Crisp air? Nothing like that where I live until maybe November. We’ve had too many consecutive three digit temperatures this summer. Anyway I always enjoy looking at your site.

  9. Welcome home Donna! I too have been out of town. I spend a month with my Mom every summer. The only time I get to visit my family (or what’s left of it – I have my Mom who’s 86 and my younger brother who’s 53). I always look forward to being in suburban Chicago for my month. While I was away boy did my gardens get overgrown! But I did have a pleasant surprise when I got home. The city I live in has a “Beautification Committee” and I received a postcard from them saying that they liked my gardens and thank you for help making the city beautiful. I never thought of anyone else noticing my gardens – my hodge podge grouping of flowers that I bought at garage sales or my clearance shrubs that I felt the need to “rescue”. It’s amazing how much a simple postcard meant. So today, I will go out into my overgrown jungle with my pruning shears in hand and try to tame it a bit – you never know who’s watching! Haha

    • WOW! What a nod towards all your hard work! I think I’d frame that post card. 🙂

      You are also fortunate your garden survived in your absence. You must get a decent amount of rain!

      My own garden produced weeds on steroids in my absence. I’m still paying that price! haha (groan)

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