The backyard garden gets junkified

Rusty antique hoe in a red geranium flowerbed /

I have a new favorite place to sit in the backyard.

sitting area in the backyard, with lots of green grass and a rustic shed

Not too fancy nor fussy, and just the right amount of cute. And junk. 🙂

rustic garden shed in a summer backyard

The flower box crate got planted and junkified in front of the character building. I chose a more vibrant red this year for the geraniums so they’d pop moreso from a distance.

mixing peat moss with garden soil for a flowerbed

planting alyssum in a freshly fertilized flowerbox

planting red geraniums inside a flowerbox
The soil was in fairly good shape but needed a little lightening, so I mixed in some peat moss for good measure and threw in a bit of homespun compost. I’ll also be using liquid fertilizer all summer to keep the blooms at their best.

And then the best part came. The junk jewelry. 🙂

planting red geraniums inside a flowerbox

Love this old white hoe. It is quite the relic! But made a neat contrast against the soil and flowers.

rusty garden tools leaning against a rustic shed as garden art, inside a flowerbed with red geraniums

rusty garden tools leaning against a rustic shed as garden art, inside a flowerbed with red geraniums

wheelbarrow flower bed with a birdhouse fairy garden
And remember my crusty old wheelbarrow with all the colors on it?

wheelbarrow flower bed with a birdhouse fairy garden
It became a bird sanctuary of sorts. An old birdhouse and a rusty old cow feeder teamed up creating a little bed and breakfast with a hot tub. 😉

wheelbarrow flower bed with a birdhouse fairy garden

purple summer flowers in bloom

hanging basket plants spilling out of the sides of a summer flower filled wheelbarrow

With even a level down below. 🙂

It’s still early in the season so once the blooms really get going, I’m sure the show will continue to improve.

weeding flower beds

The front yard is also currently being turned upside down. We are on a roll! Hopefully a reveal is in the near future there too. So while we’re in the thick of it…

gorgeous backyard mountain view with a huge weeping willow and rustic garden shed

… at least I have a pretty place to sit and rest up. 🙂

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69 thoughts on “The backyard garden gets junkified

  1. If you ever decide to sell your house I may move to Canada and buy it. Or if you ever decide to visit the States feel free to come help me decorate! Love this!!

  2. How is your grass so perfect and green? Why do you get to look at the mountains like that?!
    I’m from Minnesota and it’s supposed to be similar (I guess cold-wise) to Canada and we must be getting skunked…

  3. Alicia, it’s all the rain we get. It’s rarely sunny. There’s a hefty price to pay for our amazing green. 🙂 BTW… I never feed or fuss with the lawn. Just cut it. I use to feed and fuss but then I had to mow more! 😛


  4. WoW I don’t know anyone who can junk it up like you and I mean that as a compliment in the kindest way!

    The mortar hoe looks great in the flower box, how clever.

    I’m in awe of your lawn is it zoysia?

  5. Beautiful additions. Love all the greenery. Here in Arizona it is dry and barren and not much hope for rain soon. But, I can enjoy yours! Thanks 4 sharing.

  6. Girl, your grass is so green! And that view, wow 🙂 Your yard is perfect. Love the junk pieces here and there. Nice idea with the bird sanctuary!
    Becky C

  7. Donna you are amazing in the way you create such special vignettes. I’m so happy I found this blog & know there are others like us who love “junk”


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