Beating the Feb blues with a winter bike ride

Rustic wood bridge over the river while beating the Feb blues with a winter bike ride |
Today I really felt the February blues.

I’m generally not an unhappy person, but drizzly days can leave you feeling less than inspired. I flicked on the TV, and started munching a few chips, when I realized… yikes. That’s true hibernation right there.

Glancing outside, I noted it was attempting to rain. Sigh… I’ve really been craving some outdoor time since our big snow / ice storm.

I dunno. It was just a day I didn’t feel creative at all. So I gave myself a day off from that pressure.

After doing a little house cleaning, one more promising glance outdoors showcased a small glimpse of the sun! What?!?

That was enough for me. I quickly got my moody self to pack up the bike baskets with a coffee travel mug, water, camera gear, and hit the bike trail for the first time this year.

Specialized cruiser bike beside the river while beating the Feb blues with a winter bike ride |
As you can see, the sun didn’t hold. But the rain did! And that was good enough for me. Bundled up with a heavy jacket layered with a hoodie, I was good to go.

Leafless trees along a bike trail | Beating the Feb blues with a winter bike ride |
It felt SO GOOD to be out there again!

I didn’t really know what to expect with our recent ice storm. I guess I kinda expected branches covering the pathways. But the city had a good handle on that and must have known the cabin fever folks would soon be out wandering.

Who else just visualized a Walking Dead scenario?!

Well, no zombies in sight.

Everything was as neat as a pin!

So impressed!

Moody golden growth beside the river while beating the Feb blues with a winter bike ride |
While the day was dreary wearing a heavy sky, I still think these winter forest pictures are so pretty! No green in sight yet, but loving all the golds playing off the leafless trees and blackish water.

Moody golden growth beside the Vedder River while beating the Feb blues with a winter bike ride |
May I make a little confession?

I’ve actually been feeling kinda low lately. This time of year can have a real impact on mood for sure. But also, some life hurdles have proven to be tricky.

My son has been living at home off and on, which has had a yoyo effect on where I go and what I do. As of right now, I’m on my own, and am coming to terms yet again with another spell of empty nesting.

I’m not sure what to make of the empty nest thing. I know it’s coming for good one day in the future, so these little test runs are certainly eye openers.

But these breaks really do have me optimistically dreaming of what’s ahead. I do know my life will become very different when home base isn’t as important. With a (hopefully) growing business, and more future travel plan dreaming, there’s a lot of neat stuff to look forward to.

I’m not entirely sure why I just shared that. But I guess it’s to say, some days I need to work a little harder to find those optimistic moments.

Today was just a strange day. I felt like a plane dumped me off in the middle of some jungle, and I didn’t know where I was, who to be, or what to do.

Until I got on the bike.

Graffiti on the Vedder River train bridge while beating the Feb blues with a winter bike ride |
Graffiti on the Vedder River train bridge while beating the Feb blues with a winter bike ride |
Graffiti on the Vedder River train bridge while beating the Feb blues with a winter bike ride |
Moving seems to be the key when I fall into a slump of sorts.

If it’s indoors, I clean.

If it’s outdoors, I garden or bike.

That’s when creativity creeps back in, and all is well!

I guess it really is all about moving, which creates needed endorphins. It’s just that the first push is a real doozy to get through.

All I can say for today is…

Vedder River overlooking the train bridge while beating the Feb blues with a winter bike ride |
Thank goodness for my bike trail prescription!

Cheapest good mood program around.

How do you beat the Feb blues?
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17 thoughts on “Beating the Feb blues with a winter bike ride

  1. Donna, I feel your pain….. I am not a winter girl and tend to slip into the doldrums during the winter months. This winter was a gift for me here in Delaware. Our winter has been super mild and I’ve been able to get outside most comfortably most every day… but the blues hit any way. Thanks for reminding me about the activity and endorphin surprise that follows. My daughter and I picked up branches yesterday and I spied so many whispers of spring from lavender crocuses, burgundy and white Lenten roses, tiny-teeny white bell flowers, and daffodil greens jutting up from the leaves. Spring is on it’s way… time for renewal and rebirth and for new dreams to be born.
    Have a blessed week!, M

  2. I get those winter blues too…. It use to be really bad but this year for some reason it’s not as difficult and I think it has a lot to do with exercise. I’ve been taking the dog for 2 miles walks more often in addition to Leslie Sansone Just Walk Videos. I think the outdoor air has done wonders.So the empty nest thing…. My son has been officially gone for a year and that first 6 months was strange but it ‘s good too. I enjoy hearing from him and listening to his growth as he makes his way through this crazy world. Hubby is in and out so I stay busy writing or building. It seems to help when I can’t be outside all the time. Good movies is another perk you know sometimes a chick flick is a great thing. Basically I keep busy and currently waiting for the sell of this farm so we can get started on the future Tiny House Project. That will be a spark of goodness!

  3. Hey girlie! I’m with you about winter. However, check out our facebook page for our beautiful farm in SW Virginia. With nature around, it’s hard to be too down in the dumps. Here’s to a super exciting future with your new business! You are so ultra talented! Ever need a road trip, just come on down! We’d LOVE to have you do a workshop or two with us here in beautiful Bristol, Va in the foothills of the mountains of VA. And as for Canada, my husband and I plan a train trip across Canada next year. We can’t wait.
    From one entrepreneur (and empty nester) to another — just know there is so much more to us – mom, sure, but also adventurer, creator, believer in wonderful things, doer, imagination supreme, and so, so much more. You are incredible! Can’t wait to see what wonderful, creative things come from you this year. You inspire us all!
    Here’s to letting ourselves feel everything then moving on….

  4. Oh sweet one please know you are not alone in this crazy temporary journey called life. We all seem to find ourselves in low spots especially during the long winter months. I live on the beautiful central coast of California and this winter we have been dumped on with more rain then ever! Despite it not being cold it’s still very gray, wet and oh so muddy on my small l farm . I too am in the transition of my life and some days it really is the pits but I just hold on to my faith and hope that in the big scheme of things God has a more perfect end to my story. Peace be with you my friend and good for you to pick yourself off the couch and find a lil better perspective on things even if it’s only for today!

  5. As one empty nester and winter blues person to another, we have been scheduling a vacation to somewhere bright and warm the past two years. It has been wonderful for me and helps me get through the rest of the dreary days of winter! One trip we went to Florida, and the next we flew to Las Vegas. The brightness and warmth of the sun in both places and the complete change of scenery was wonderful! Even if you don’t go far, a few days away in a new location during a sunny week might be a great pick-me-up!

  6. Good morning Donna, sorry your going through this but I’m sure your aware that there are millions of people who go through this. It is very hard to even get the motivation to try to get out of the funk. I don’t know how all of you bloggers even have the will power to “create” everyday. I like to do some small projects but I can’t even tell you the last time I even accomplished a small task. So kudos to you..!!
    As for being a “empty nester”, I don’t remember your child being that old. With that said though, I remember when my daughter moved out. It was pretty hard on me even though she still lived only a couple of blocks away from me.She’s my only child. It took me awhile to get used to it but your a business woman and have a very creative mind that will help keep you focused. Good luck with your business too.(I missed that part somewhere.)
    Anyways I hope your bike rides help you to become inspired once your stuff..!!

  7. Wow you were not kidding when you said the snow is all gone! I am jealous … we got about 2-3 feet recently and it just will not melt. We even had an unexpected 63 degree day yesterday – which helped – but there is still so much snow. (sigh)
    I am glad you got out! Keeping busy and having a plan is always the best way to fight off the blues. Keep up the good work!

  8. I’m not sure I have the answer to the February Blues but want you to know you aren’t alone. I try my darnedest to push through them and stay active, which also means, for me, getting out and walking with my dogs. If I have to stay inside, I line up indoor projects. I have little problem putting together outdoor projects because I enjoy the outdoors.

    I sometimes have to quash the negative self-talk such as: 1 My (adult) kids don’t need me anymore or 2 My blog is stupid, and people are too kind to say so or 3 People who aren’t single, don’t get how hard life is as a single person.

    But just as I think those things, my adult kids call and say, “Mom, what do I do about ____?” or “I’m so sick. I need my Mommy.” The last quote is from my pregnant 34 y/o. I’m also part of a supportive Christian singles group (not a meat market) and it is helpful as well.

  9. Donna, every time you post photos from your bike rides I am refreshed. Your photography has a lovely way of capturing nature.

  10. Oh the February blues in Canada. I get them too? unfortunately. One way I have found to combat those blues is to take vitamin D! The sun just doesn’t get high enough in the sky to produce enough of it in our winters no matter how sunny it is. I use liquid d-drops that you can put on/in anything and there is no taste. Super easy especially if you have kids.

  11. Boy, Donna, your trails sure look different in this season. But I find beauty in it too. I know how you feel about the empty nest. Some of mine have flown the coup and some are still here going to school fulltime and working fulltime. They hold up their end of their bargain with rent, etc., but they don’t need me like they used to. I work but it takes up too much of my time, and I would like to scale back. I’m wondering where my family is. Sounds cryptic, I know, cause I know where everyone is, but it’s so different. And they can go what feels like a long time before checking in. What happened to my little ones? Sorry, just feeling a little low too. The sun is shining here today so I went out for a while and it felt good. Us mothers have to stick together. Hang in there. I agree that moving and getting those endorphins up helps. Have a wonderful day.

  12. Yesterday I took my dogs and went for the first run (I use the word ‘run’ loosely as the last half was more of a walk – yikes we get out of shape in the winter) since all the snowy weather we had in December – it did feel good to get, as you said, those endorphins pumping again. Like you this winter I seemed to get in a bit of a rut maybe because of the unusual severe weather. You are definitely not the only one experiencing winter yuck this year!

    Now we just have to shake off the winter ennui and start planning for spring.
    ps love your blog Donna

  13. I’m with you in those Canadian Winter February Blues! Over here in the Kootenays the snow has piled up so high it’s going to be July before it all melts. It’s good to see the snow has melted in your neck of the woods. Gives me hope!
    My only child left for UBC this fall, and I barley know who I am anymore with out having to mother her all the time. It’s a huge change for me, but I’m slowly figuring it out. Work, my art, my friends, my man, it’s all being re-prioritized. Soon it will be the new normal. Soon spring will come.

  14. I understand completely! But the funny thing is, I actually love winter- I try and love each season uniquely, but I understand why winter leaves much to be desired for folks. The color fades away- and the all-day drizzles or grey “nothingness” can take its toll. But the biologist in me tries to look past that- knowing that naked trees are just slumbering giants, waiting for the right day to start unfurling their magic. Spring will be here soon enough, and our Facebook feeds will be filled with people complaining about allergies…so at least winter has that going for it. 😉

    Sometimes winter days just need Beach Boys tunes, margaritas, and bright lipstick (or t-shirt, or socks) to take the edge off.

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