Building your own storage in a jiffy!

I’ve lived with two disaster zones for the last 3 years or so. 

Exhibit A is the spare room closet. This horror is where my clothes and present wrapping stuff/crafts are stored.

Why would I stash my clothes in another bedroom other than my own you ask?

Because Exhibit B, which IS my closet, houses all the linens on the floor is why.

Why no bar? Because I painted this 3 years ago and needed a new place for the linens first.

Oh believe me, this is way complicated, so let’s just fix up this mess so we can move on to new messes.

So, what’s a person to do when they want storage that’s:


easy to build

strong and sturdy

price efficient

isn’t permanent

doesn’t ruin walls

you can do it yourself with few skills

~ Go Gorm ~

To me, this stuff resembles something someone would put in their workshop or garage.

blogging desk area

However, if you see it with different eyes, it can become whatever you desire. You might say I’ve Gormed up my house pretty good. 🙂

Now let me show you just how easy this is to assemble. Trust me. Even if you don’t know your way around tools, YOU can do this.

~ picking it up ~

Some of you on Facebook questioned what a junker could possibly like at Ikea. Gorm would be one answer. I’ll share my other finds with you soon.

So why wouldn’t I just go to a local big box store for similar shelving? LOTS of reasons.

~ why I love this particular system ~


Whoops! Wrong kit! Dang! I hate returns. 🙂

All hardware and instructions are intact. 

No hen pecking from your own massive mess of screws.

It’s solid pine. I like solid wood. No… I LOVE solid wood.

ALL holes are predrilled and it’s totally adjustable for when you, you know, change your mind.

You can choose your depth of shelving. 3 or 5 boards deep. VERY cool.

And the one thing that makes this system totally unique?

You can get an optional extension kit that makes your shelving reach to the ceiling.

Triple cool!

~ the right tools ~

Hardish manual labor but better than nothing way.

(ratchets work and sound really cool but this next method is easier)

The oh so fast and easy way.



I know. Sheer brilliance.

~ the assembly ~

I decided on the deeper shelving because of the perfect fit. Talk about meant to be!

Fair warning. As this product ages, it darkens. So if you love the blondish pine tone, I’d suggest to treat it before installing. But I wanted it done 3 years ago, so up it went as is.

You CAN do this all yourself like I did, but if you had a 2nd pair of hands handy, (that didn’t complain) that would be pretty sweet.

The unit was built inside the room it was staying in. I attached legs on one side first, then flipped it over and did the other. The 2nd set of shelving was installed with this unit standing up.


* leave enough room underneath for cleaning

left end

mid join side

* Post location matters. 

If creating a side by side unit, ensure you select the right hole for the joining side.

* Keep all screws loose until all shelves and all posts have been assembled. 

Then tighten the works up.

* Protect your hardwood floors. (these were not included)

Next – Bracing the back is important to stabilize the unit.

Predrilling holes makes the job abit easier but wasn’t 100% necessary in this case.

Predrilling allows your screw to be placed in the right area without skidding and reduces wood splits, right Julie? 🙂 Gotta check with the woodworking master here…

Painting it out white first would have looked very pretty. 

But, you know… I was 3 years late. Gitter done! Uh oh, I’d better link this up to Songbird’s Gitter Done event…

I didn’t go right to the ceiling with this unit because I wanted the top space for pillows upon pillows with no midbar restriction.

The inspection crew appeared just in time. xo

Instant storage that can be removed and used elsewhere within minutes! A great fix for a closet you may need back again some day.

Here’s a post

on how I painted and further customized the same type of unit for my blog office.

This project is part of a bigger deal I’m working on. I’m attempting to clean things up so I can find all my staging gear. Lots more to come. 🙂

And coming up soon, we’re gonna build something all together with Julie’s help! Stay tuned!

Need more storage yourself?

Think you could pull this one off?

(I have not been compensated in any way for this post. I just like the stuff. So if you go buy it, make sure they know who sent ya, ok? 🙂 ) 

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43 thoughts on “Building your own storage in a jiffy!

  1. Great tutorial Donna. I love Ikea for storage items. They have so many options, but most importantly, tons of ideas. I love the new closet! It looks fantastic.

  2. I love Ikea! They have something for everyone and if you don’t like it, you can always hack it.
    Great job on creating that storage space! Looks a lot better.
    And thanks for sending people my way this Friday! I’d better get something Gitter Done! too.

  3. Oh my gosh, you rock! Thanks for showing us your “mess” too… looks a lot like one of my closets. And the Volvo instructions will have me laughing for a while 🙂

  4. Okay. I really really like this idea for storage. I need a price tag. Because my loving husband will look at it and tell me he can build that for me … but time is of the essence for me, not for him. And Ikea is an hour away. And I have a torn rotator cuff, which does prevent me from traveling too far under the pain medication influence. And I am nosy like that. Price please.

  5. So jealous! We have no IKEA stores in Kansas. Love your ideas!! Checked their site and they will not ship.

  6. Ikea has so many great storage options. I love using shelving in closets that can be moved around. You never know when things might need to be changed up. I hosting We’re Organized Wednesday this week any would love for you to join my little party if you get the chance.

  7. AS ALWAYS ~ Great tutorial Donna. Your closet looks fabulous. Love organization! I laughed out loud when I read your comment “questioned what a junker could possibly like at Ikea”. We’ve hooked up the trailer, packed my daughter’s Excursion and we’re heading out on a weekend trip to IKEA, this weekend!! This Junker’s farm is getting organized.

  8. My closets are worse than your exhibit photos. Seriously! My son’s is the worst! I don’t even think they are big enough for this and worse still, once I organize them in t-minus 15 minutes they are back to messy thanks to two boys!


  9. If you know me at all, you know I LOVES me some IKEA. Their storage options are AWESOME (as their prices). Gorm seems right up your alley. I like that they make bottle storage shelves for it. Perfect for wine!

  10. Oh… how I wish for a closer Ikea, ours is 2 hours away making it less than a hop/slip/jump but oh how wonderful that shelving is! I am using my local option.. the industrial chrome baking racks for my expanded storage.. Pondering adding wheels to them.. if you added wheels you couls roll yours out for easy cleaning.. maybe IKEA even offers wheels.. I don’t know!

    Great project!


  11. It’s awesome and so pretty…so pretty that you probably want to leave the doors open so you can just look at it all the time.

    Is that just something I do…clean up and reorganize a space and then just keep walking by it and stopping to admire…and then wishing the rest of my house looked that nice.

    Been to IKEA one time and I got so irritated with the lines that I put my “one” purchase down and walked away. *sigh* so impatient, but a friend did some intervention on me and told me that I went at the wrong time and she has aided me with the “best time to go to IKEA” list of times, so this won’t happen again. 🙂
    Looks like I better go pull that list out b/c I need a Gorm in every room.

  12. This looks amazing..if we only had IKEA here.:(
    Dang, Donna…you make it look so easy and I would find myself on the TOP shelf with no way to get my talentless self down. :))
    Good job.

  13. Well, heck. I have never been to IKEA because I didn’t think it was my kind of place. I’ll have to check them out now. Glad the cats approve of your shelves.

  14. OMG, love your before: looks like my place! [he he] and really love your post. The closet is fabulously organized now – and looking gorgeous. But HOW do you contain yourself and take all those pictures as you go when the excitement of seeing it all come together starts building? LOVE, love, love IKEA, and am counting the days when the new one opens in Denver this fall!!! Have been driving to Draper UT – 7 hours away for my fix, but worth it. Bring on the meatballs!

  15. Now that you have successfully put together TWO of those units, Donna… what would stop you from making your own from scratch? You have a basic pattern there with the ones you have, so you can adapt that to fit any space you need to fill. How about a small one on the wall?
    P.S. Can’t wait to build with you and your readers!

  16. Oh my word what a great reveal!!! I am trying to convince the husband to take a 1 hour trip to Ikea with me as well so we can peruse the shelves and buy the place up. Maybe I will leave this post open on our laptop so he can see how his money can buy such fancy, nice things for our drab little pad. ;o)

    My best, Lynn

  17. Love your blog, love your blog, love your blog. However, wouldn’t this have been more “you” if you had finaggled some pallette wood?

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