The ‘change my mind’ bistro table (with pallet sofa)

I had a rough Friday. My last firetruck of the day didn’t go quite as planned (a post on my line of work is HERE) , so after filling up an entire garbage can of destroyed striping, I was ready for an easy weekend. You’d think 20 years in the business would have me a pro at what I do, right? You’re never too good to improve it appears. 🙂

And then Saturday morning arrived. A week’s worth of 6:30 am’s totally caught up with us leaving us in zombie mode.  I looked over at my zonked out son and decided we’d enjoy a lazy Saturday to recoup. And head to the library to pick up my new weekend read that was on hold. Yipee!

I also took a little time to play with my new toy. This mini metal bistro beauty was at the neighbour’s curb a couple days ago. I lurched my truck to a stop with rolling eyed son in tow, giggled and let out a whoopin’ “SCORE!” as I heaved it into the back of the truck. Tell me this isn’t cute!

I thought of all the fantastical things I could do with it as I silently recouped and read my book on the patio.

“I know… many would repaint you to clean you up. But I rather like the warm white color you are AND your rusty imperfections….” Figures. I can’t even seem to MAKE an excuse to paint something these days. Why must I fall in love with everything as is?!?

So I played a little ‘”What’s different about these pictures?” And totally took advantage of that little center shelf.

Pallet wood sofa and bistro table on

Pallet sofa reveal is HERE

Pallet sofa tutorial is HERE

Hmmm… the fake ivy in a clay pot would be VERY easy to care for… 

Pallet wood sofa and bistro table with hydrangeas on

Well… then again a little punch of freshly cut purple blooms is pretty too. And add the throw blanket in for good measure. And I’ll just remove that bench…

Pallet wood sofa and bistro table with hydrangeas on

Wait… maybe I ought to be flaunting some ice water instead of coffee…

Ah… right. And my ever present little girl. ‘Bout time you showed up.

Oh cool! The sun makes a nice impression to the left…


purple hydrangeas

The purple (and the cat) won. With the promise of the green stepping in when the purple is a done deal. Or maybe something else will transpire before then. Who knows.

The little bistro table in front of my pallet sofa is perfecto. It’s regular table height which makes a great addition to a sitting area for when you wish to bring out a meal.

 As for the ‘change my mind’ shelf? TOTAL bonus for someone that can’t make up her mind. 🙂

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38 thoughts on “The ‘change my mind’ bistro table (with pallet sofa)

  1. Love that little table.. Wish my neighbors would throw something away LOL… Only trash I get to dig in is my own.. And YES, I have been know to do that!! Don’t even ask why, just use your imagination 🙂

  2. Looks perfect with your great pallet bench indeed, very cosy! I use this little iron table from IKEA too on my patio. When my neighbor saw it she went to IKEA the next day to get one too, but they were all sold out already.

  3. Loving the table for sure! It is the perfect height and shape!! Me? I would ceramic tile the top! Ha! I have a thing about mosaic!! Love it!
    I know…send me the table…I will tile it for you!! Now that is a good deal!! Ha!

  4. Great curbside fine!!! I love your photos, and know that as seasons change you’ll have this little table decked out in your wonderful style.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  5. I haven’t found anything great on the curb for awhile. The only trash I have gotten to dig in lately is when my sister accidentally threw her wallet away. BIG SIGH!! Love the table. I always love a little table that height by the sofa.

  6. The bench is great, the curbside table is awesome, love the flowers—but what I ADORE is your choice of reading materials! Hope you’re enjoying SUMMER RENTAL while I’m hard at work at next summer’s book. Keep on junkin’! MKA

  7. I see that you are reading a Mary Kay Andrews book which is the icing on the cake for sure! She doesnt write enough of them for me…hint hint MKA! I never find anything cute out on the curb, so you are indeed blessed! Heading over right now to find out more about that pallet sofa…beautiful!

  8. What a great little table. I wouldn’t have touched it either, some things are perfect as is! I like the idea that you can change out the floral accent on the bottom. A good place for a pumpkin too!

  9. I wonder if your neighbors have a clipboard going around entitled “How many hours ’till Donna picks this up?” They all pitch in a buck and the closest guess wins the pot.

    Just sayin’.

  10. That is a cute table. Love it with the ivy …Love the blanket tossed on … pretty sure I used to have that blanket. It brought back memories of when the kids were younger. Wish I knew what I did with it. Thanks for sharing your finds.

  11. Awesome table, I love the purple hydrangeas and I didn’t notice that the ivy was fake until you told me. I would have stopped for that one too.
    All Cody did was roll his eyes…….mine would have ducked. LOL. It looks really good with your bench you made.

  12. I have two little tables exactly like that, Donna! Picked them up at IKEA last year (so now you know where yours came from). They’ve been getting deliciously worn and distressed sitting out on my deck all summer long> 🙂 Luv that pop of purple, girl!

    xoxo laurie

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