Rustic garden shed 3 – a gate and a crate flowerbox

Rustic garden shed part 3 - an old gate and an old crate flowerbox

The day I landed this sweet little metal gate at the dump, my heart smiled! The gate will soon become a flower trellis for the rustic garden shed. But it has a special place it will be tucked into…


Rustic garden shed part 3 - an old gate and an old crate flowerbox
This firetruck parts crate turned crate flowerbox was the perfect size for the garden shed! And the old gate trellis looks rather smashing tucked inside, don’t you think?

How I did it:

The box was first lined with plastic, then stapled in place. A few holes were drilled along the bottom for drainage. Rocks were placed over the holes, then soil was added. A coat of white paint morphed the plain crate instantly.

Rustic garden shed part 3 - an old gate and an old crate flowerbox

The crate flowerbox is the perfect addition to the rustic garden shed! The white really brightens up the darker wood drawing attention to the flowers.

But… I’m still on the lookout to collect wood to finish the garden shed. I ran out of fence boards. Now what?!

The roof trim and windows were also painted out to match the crate flowerbox.  It adds just the right amount of brightness to the little building, yet still has rustic appeal. And that is Jenna, my ever present shadow. Where I go, she goes. It’s nice to have company!

Rustic garden shed part 3 - an old gate and an old crate flowerbox

Come on little old gate trellis! Help those lovely sweet peas do their thing! Truly, this is perfect.

Rustic garden shed part 3 - an old gate and an old crate flowerbox

Aren’t the lines of the little gate fabulous?

My intent for a flower garden around the shed has morphed. I had big intentions of cutting out a nice curvy flower bed to hug the building and add a ton of perennials. But as luck would have it, my back and bank account requested I stick with the free planter box and free soil from the garden idea for this year. All in good time…

This just in! I reclaimed some old shake shingles! I think I will play with them to see if they work on this garden shed. That’s next…

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39 thoughts on “Rustic garden shed 3 – a gate and a crate flowerbox

  1. Like the new finds. I have to start driving the truck more often. I just drove past some great finds at the end of someone’s driveway, but had to pass them up. There was no way that I could fit them in the car!

  2. Thanks Joy! It is so fun to tinker on!

    And Gwen… oh Gwen. I could never ever in my life drive a car ever ever again. A truck is a MUST.

    If I had a car, it would have a dented top and lotsa rope in the backseat.

    Funky Junk Donna

  3. I love this idea!!!! I just ripped our trellis out because it was ugly. Now I know what to replace it with!!! Love your blog by the way! Very inspiring! -Kelsee

  4. I have a 1930’s washing machine tub as a planter. Then all the normal galvanized and rusted enamelware tubs. I have a gate just like that and my clematis is climbing on it.

  5. Donna,I have so enjoyed you blog since I started this whole blog business, I just found today your other blog, I spent over an hour reading, looking at pictures and just pretending “what if” I was fortunate enough to live in a place like that. I too am a single mother and totally understand the “1st” time away at camp. Enjoy that bond you have with your son, it only gets better. My son is no 15 and we are still so close. Thanks for the wonderful connection to other wonderful people’s blogs. Valerie

  6. Donna you are a treasure yourself. You have such good ideas. I am like you- I will screech to a halt and pick up some lost lonely trash knowing I can make it shine again. At auctions the more falling apart and peely, chippy painted it is the more I love it. My mom and husband say it would be great if stripped and painted and I always say – no leave it as is – it has been through a lot to look this good.
    I use anything I can think of as planters – I have chicken feeder boxes on my railing on the front porch filled with flowers. I also have a round chicken feeder planted with flowers on the porch.. Keep on making your place beautiful – I will keep on watching to see what you do- Wish I had a building like yours.

  7. So I found your blog (checking out Savvy City Farmer) and I cannot remember when I have had so much fun reading a blog. Don’t get me wrong, love the photos, and the ideas are fab but your writing style is such FUN! Love your honesty and humor. I want MoreMoreMore…….

  8. Wow your little shed is coming along nicely, now get that wood out of it, I want to rent it for the summer, it’s so cute…. Lol..Oh, and can you put a shower in it…

  9. I am a big fan of wheelbarrows….rusty old ones are great for flower planters! And they can be moved (if the tires aren’t flat) when you’re mowing the lawn or you just want to move them to a different location.

  10. Ah, you creative types sure know how to make another feel worthy!

    The next phase could be oh so many things! My eyes are wide open wherever I venture because I have a cordless drill with PLENTY of screws and it’s eager to play with me! I can envision homemade shutters, finishing the sides, a little broken rocky pathway phasing out to nowhere, cool doodads to hang on the building. But it will very much depend on what I find. Doncha love a good hunt?!? But I do promise, I will have a final part to this one day. 🙂

    Anon, you have my wheels turning! I could have turned that thing into a little overnight cabin and camp in the backyard. How cute would that have been?!? Don’t even encourage me to do something more here..

    Funky Junk Donna

  11. It’s looking awesome! I love the character. I am so jealous! I am still trying to come up with a way to “organize” our wood pile that my husband will agree to. I want your outbuilding! 😉

  12. Hello Donna, I found you through the comments on Messy thrilling life blog and came over for a visit as your comment sounded very interesting to me. We do have alot in commom, right down to living the single mom life and a son named Cody. I am remarried now and have another home to fix and love as well and believe me, there’s not a day goes by that I’m not fixing or dreaming or scheming whagt to do next. I really enjoyed my visit here, you are an inspiration to all who reads.
    Much love,

  13. HI
    I just love the old shed~!!
    My son is working on ours today and putting in an old window I had..we store our fire wood in ours too the yard tools, lawn mover..etc..(:)
    yours is really cute ~!!
    hugs, Patty

  14. Hey Melanie,

    The cow mural was done by an artist friend visiting from California. She’s now in Washington.

    I had a cow calendar that inspired her. She origionally painted the mural for the side of a barn I use to have. It was really cool on a bigger building. The cows are painted lifesize so it was created so ‘they peered out of the barn.’ The mural is a tad big for the little greenhouse. 🙂

    Here is the inspiration poster she got the idea from.

    Funky Junk Donna

  15. I think it is a SUPER cool job that you have to stripe and letter fire engines. Thank you for the part YOU do in keeping us all safe and serving the community! Kelly

  16. Hi-

    I just discovered your blog and I love it! I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw the big wooden box from the firetruck plant turned into a planter! I too worked at a firetruck manufacturer and drooled over those beautiful boxes they threw away. I did however manage to take truck loads of discarded wood home that I’ve made things out of over the years.

    Your home and garden are beautiful!

    Lauren from Florida

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