Crazy headboard anyone?

You have every right to question the above photo. What on earth is that?!? That my friends, is a part of my new headboard I created for the master bedroom.

Once upon a time, the bedroom was pretty bare bones. New floors and paint, check! But the real fun started when I was tired of no headboard and started snooping around in my own garage.

I had an old 4×8 sign I had salvaged from a neighbouring convenience store. They wanted to throw it out and I simply asked if I could have it. So I’ve been storing it, waiting for the perfect opportunity to put it to good use.

The sign was full of mold and pretty gungy so I scrubbed it down really well. The lettering on the sign was very aged, dulled to an orange which wasn’t my personal thang. So I took some red paint and changed out the lettering, being careful not to go over the edges.

This was the result. But now the sign looked too new. (are we never happy?!?) So I whitewashed overtop the entire sign, calming down the peach background I wasn’t thrilled about. I did some extra dabbing wherever lettering exsisted so I didn’t fog out the images too much.

Then I went over the works with a wood stain to get a warm aging. The result was great!

I was happy with the sign, but now I needed to tweek things to really make them work. So next, the wall went red. And I made the bed. (no bedskirt yet but one miracle at a time here..)

And I spent a wholloping $10 on pillows and cases from a local thrift to perk things up some.

And I really desired a nightstand with drawers, but instead I used the stool I had beside the bed and jazzed it up some.

As you’ve noticed, only one wall went red. Four red walls would have totally overpowered the small room so this was all it really needed. The sign and bedding ties in the other wall colour perfectly.

Honestly? I’m sure glad I didn’t get the headboard/footboard I had my eye on for a long time. My bedroom would have looked like anyone elses if I had cheated. With a little creativity, I now have something very unique that makes me smile everytime I walk in.

Funky headboards, there’s simply no limit. Old gate, doors on their sides stacked high, art, paint, all it takes is a little imagination. Think of something flat and large enough for your particular bed and there you have a good beginning! Then keep playing with the room until it works.

Do you have an interesting headboard of sorts? Feel free to show your direct link in your comment if you do! Think about how you can jazz up yours in a fun way and just do it!

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23 thoughts on “Crazy headboard anyone?

  1. Thanks Laura! It was a blast to create! There’s just something about that typography that gets me every time. I’m also a signmaker but of the vinyl persuasion. 🙂

    Donna at Funky Junky & Extreme Renos

  2. You creative girl, you! I adore all verbage….and have been tempted to haul in all manner of ‘funky’ signs. I may just have to entertain the urging next time.

    Thanks so much for linking with us. I’m having a ball meeting all you new blog ‘friends’!

    Hugs and love,

  3. There isn’t anything I don’t love about this! So cool! I also love the stool beside your bed. I LOVE to see the unexpected! I saved some of your pictures in my “eye candy” folder that I refer to for decorating ideas. Who needs to read magazines anymore with the wonderful world of blogging at our fingertips? 🙂

  4. This is so good. Thanks for recovering the sign. I think this is the only headboard I’ve ever seen that makes me smile. Bedrooms are way too serious.

  5. That is a fun and definitely unique headboard!! Love the red accent wall, it really warms up the room.

    It’s interesting to see the ways people come up with to give new life to old items 🙂

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  6. This is an amazing transformation! I am now following you so that I can get updates often! Please be sure to visit & if you like what you see, please click “Follow” button so we can inspire one another often!

  7. fantastic! Love love the sign and the thrift shop finds (my kinda style)…am hoping to do the same sorta thing with my son’s room (but junkier/funkier-like they do at TGI Fridays on their walls) sometime in the summer. Thanks for the inspiration!

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