DIY Salvaged Junk Projects 535

DIY Salvaged Junk Projects 535 - Numbered baskets, denim moths, junk fish, map art, lampshade mobile, plus! Up-cycled projects with a link party on Funky Junk. Join in! #upcycled #diy #salvaged

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Hi all!

I’m pretty proud of myself. This past week, I did a long overdue project that I didn’t even know I could do… but thanks to my screen door project previously… this happened…

How to make an easy DIY wood window screen for tricky windows by Funky Junk Interiors

I had one of these impossible two-handled windows and with all other failed attempts to get it outfitted with a screen, I came up with a door-style instead! And made it for FREE!

So if you have a problematic window, maybe this easy idea will work for you!

Not so junky this round! But hacking at home repair projects has been a big focus this summer which will continue.

Upcoming stuff…


I’ve also been further updating my garage and will hopefully share a pretty cool shelving idea from there next week… if I stay off the bike trails long enough to gitter done that is…

Speaking of, a new trail extension has been completed so I can now do this amazing FULL trail loop with no repeat runs. I took beautiful pics during one run so I hope to share that with you soon too!

I’m also teaming up with my neighbour to complete something pretty special in between both our houses… and hired a painter to get some work done that’s taken over 5 years to complete… so as you can see, it’s full-out productive mode here these days!

So how are you doing? Feeling super productive or trying to find some vacay downtime close to home?

I know some of you are cranking out creativity and here’s proof! Through some amazing features from last week’s party

DIY Salvaged Junk Projects 535 features:


Fun faux framed moth taxidermy by Pillar Box Blue, featured on DIY Salvaged Junk Projects 535 on Funky Junk!

Fun faux framed moth taxidermy by Pillar Box Blue

Isn’t taxidermy or specimen art cool? Here’s a 3-D idea mixing denim and moths! Is your jaw still open like mine too? It may close as you read this AMAZING tutorial… 

Recycle a map 3 ways by Creatively Beth, featured on DIY Salvaged Junk Projects 535 on Funky Junk!

Recycle a map 3 ways by Creatively Beth

Love the map look for projects too? This post shares 3 ways to up-cycle them doing other cool things! I just love this ‘home’ theme so much! Click the link to view the other 2!

Junky scrap wood fish by Junky Encores, featured on DIY Salvaged Junk Projects 535 on Funky Junk!

Junky scrap wood fish by Junky Encores

I don’t know about you, but seeing all of Kim’s junky wood creations each week has me wanting to try a few myself, thanks to a summery fish this round! 

Wire lampshade mobile by Homeward Found, featured on DIY Salvaged Junk Projects 535 on Funky Junk!

Wire lampshade mobile by Homeward Found

This whimsical mobile has a secret… it’s suspended from something that offers air movement, making it even MORE magical! Deb explains it best… click the link to learn how it was made and how it performs!

Vintage crock numbered begonia basket by Homeroad, featured on DIY Salvaged Junk Projects 535 on Funky Junk!

Vintage crock numbered begonia basket by Homeroad

A batch of baskets of all kinds just got a refresh at Susan’s place, with the help of some cute little Vintage Crock styled numbers! This post also shares other samples including the cutest little galvanized container and toolbox! Click the link to see them all, along with the stencil info.

Paper party flowers by Doodle Buddies, featured on DIY Salvaged Junk Projects 535 on Funky Junk!

Paper party flowers by Doodle Buddies

This post is actually all about decorating a birthday party in all pinks and pastels… but when these flowers filled my screen, WOW! Aren’t they beautiful? Click the link for the rest of the party ideas as well!

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13 thoughts on “DIY Salvaged Junk Projects 535

  1. I’m always impressed with your home improvement skills, I need to spend more attention to my home. Thank you so much for featuring my faux moths, they were fun to make. Have a great weekend,

  2. We’re pretty much in the same boat as you, getting projects done around the house while staying close to home. We’ve painted all the interior walls and did mini makeovers in each room. It ended up switching our perspective from prepping to sell to ReLoving our home again.

    • I know exactly what you mean Marie. Pretending to be prepping it to sell (even if it is for me) helps motivate me to keep going though… I wasn’t otherwise! WHY is that?! haha

  3. thank you so much for including my wire lampshade mobile in your feature, Donna… and you’re right, it really does bring a lil’ bit of magic (Disney and otherwise!) into my studio.

    i have to offer my thanks to Beth for sharing that DARLING idea of the ‘house on a map’ – it’s the PERFECT housewarming gift for my daughter (incidentally, named Beth!) and her family, who just moved cross-country from Seattle to Tennessee. i’m sourcing a map of her new town today!

    i just love the ideas that so many creative people come up with and share in your weekly party – thank you for providing this opportunity for everyone to share. ~ deb

  4. Thanks for the feature Donna!
    I love your ingenuity. I’m sure you are gonna love having that screen window 🙂

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