I’m going home. Again.

As many of you already know, back when I was going through a little life crisis, I default checked Maui flights where nothing was available. So I checked into an AMAZING nearby quaint lake cottage instead for a quick fix.

Cultus lake cottage stay

It was beyond perfect and JUST what I craved for.

After returning, I attempted to DIY here and there, however mostly continuing the ‘clean everything in sight thing’. I continued life with taking on more things that came my way, however I knew I was just dragging myself along. And that’s when I started to question myself. 

“You are a shell of yourself. Why are you fighting this?! You KNOW what it takes for you to get back on track so you can live your best life.” What a nag, huh?

The constant gnawing never left.

It wasn’t until a dear friend caught me in my backyard and saw where I was emotionally at, that I was told very matter a factly, “Go do something for YOU.”

I had to think about that for a minute. I was so enthralled with other things, I felt if I didn’t give that my all, that I was being selfish.

You and I know better though, don’t we? We do. However it’s harder to do it than to think it.

Naturally, only one ‘nice thing for me’ thing came to mind. So I checked dates online, yet still hesitated.

I’ve been desiring to travel somewhere new, such as the UK or Ireland. However every time I started to investigate, I got so overwhelmed, I walked away from the computer. And was once again reminded that rest was #1 this round. Not endlessly planning and being on the go go go. I wasn’t even up for that!

Several days later I visited a neighbourhood park event where yet another dear friend mentioned a flight deal. I listened to her ramble about all the destinations it included, and while intrigued, nothing lit my fire.

Seven Sacred Pools in Maui, Hawaii along the Road To Hana

Part of the Road To Hana adventure HERE

Until she said the magic travel destination word…

That was the last and final push.

I promptly went home, checked online dates, saw my fav condo was STILL avail, booked around that availability with coordinating cheap flights, then BOOM it was done.

Within minutes I was officially returning to Maui.

Black sand beach along the Road To Hana, in Maui, Hawaii 

I know why I keep coming back now. Maui is familiar, safe and is my sanctuary to dream, relax and above all else heal.

However healing is tough work. You need a stretch of quiet time where you are left without anything more to do and lots of time to think. It can get painful, and even a little lonely. However if you don’t allow yourself to get there, well, you just won’t.

Staying busing and living in the moment helps. However to avoid the hard part isn’t a complete overhaul.

I’m hoping to get there this round. For added ammunition, I borrowed a book from the library that was SO good, I purchased it before heading out here which I will share with you soon. It’s that good.

Make these beach and lake signs with the Getaway Collection from Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils

Make beach and lake signs with the Getaway stencils

And so it begins. Jamaican SUV music. Warm breezes. Hot sand. Refreshing pool time. Amazing nightly sunsets. Possibly some nature inspired DIYS. Thrift store hunts. Swap meet trips. Yoga classes on the beach. (gonna try!) Dreaming up new inspiring new beach, adventure or travel stencil designs. (Did you know the Getaway Collection and National Coffee were inspired by Maui?) Maybe see all those cats again. New things I haven’t done yet. Writing about travel hacks and other things I’ll be doing.

And a LOT of time to recover and once again bloom into the person I aspire to be again. And with effort, perhaps even better. I’m hoping for a more clearly defined course to take that involves adding new creative paths to keep the growing moving forward.

Can I even show you anything new around here at this point?! Well, if I can hit the forest trails and see new things daily, I’m pretty sure I can come up with something fresh and unseen here. It’s certainly a challenge I am up for!

I also have a couple of scheduled posts from home you’ll see here and there too.

One of my fav travel hacks is staying at an airport hotel the night before takeoff. It’s such a different experience. You arrive when you feel like it, avoiding rush hour traffic. Parking is the same rate as at the airport. You get to rest in a lovely hotel, until they shuttle you in.

I’m currently sitting in a hotel sports bar waiting for my shuttle. A delicious lettuce wrap, decadent coffee, fast wifi, and BOOM, a new blog post to boot! Talk about fresh blogging content hot off the press…

So until then… Mahalo for following along and Aloha from my tropical home just a few short hours away!

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Where’s your happy place you go to when you need the downtime? And is there anything in particular you’d like to see this round?

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31 thoughts on “I’m going home. Again.

  1. Good for YOU!!!!!! Safe and happy travels! (I am a wee bit jealous, but only in the nicest of ways 🙂 )

    • Haha, I think I already have, Eileen! I desire to remain a Canadian citizen, so that means I’d require two homes with 6 month time limitations in both places. I suppose it isn’t impossible, however that feels daunting right now. I’d have to seriously downgrade at home in order to do it. I’m not prepared to do that, or at least not yet.

      Renting a condo when I desire to go is easier and cheaper for the time being.

  2. I’m so excited for you…you did it…you’re on your way to finding “you”

    It’s hard to be open & honest, but you do a great job and in turn I believe you help others.

    I hope you share your book…I love reading!

    cheers to good friends that often know what we need before we do!

    • Thanks Jane! I’m gonna attempt to find me anyway! haha

      And you bet on the book! I am not accustomed to working on a laptop, I tend to hit the wrong keys and do all sorts of blundering things… so adding the book info and links and stuff seemed daunting. I’ll do a separate post on it when I’m settled in my condo. It’s amazing! And worth a post all its own anyway.

      Thanks for sharing your own inspiring musings on Insta Stories. I LOVE hearing about your own journey into the unknown!

  3. Hi Donna,

    My happy place is at the beach also. Never been to Maui, but had the chance when my son was living there. My favorite beach is Capitola, California, not far from Santa Cruz and the Boardwalk. My parents purchased a place in Santa Cruz which I inherited after their passing. I am a beach gal from way back.

    Enjoy your stay in Maui and look forward to your future posts.

    • Same here Nancy. I use to full season camp with my son while he was growing up and basically lived on the beach. I really missed the water when we pulled our trailer home for good. Hence… oh hello Maui, I’ll just go to you instead. You offer better weather AND the perk of palm trees too… haha

      How amazing to have your own beach place! Such a bucket list thing for me. Until then, I guess I’m taking you all on my adventures you know where… 🙂

  4. Have a wonderful, wonderful time, Donna! I envy you! I once had an opportunity to go to the Hawaiian islands but couldn’t take advantage at the time. Maybe someday. Will look forward to hearing about your retreat when you return.

    • Thanks Naomi! I plan to blog while there too. Hawaii is only a quick 5 hour flight from the west coast so it’s just become my easy target. I’d love to visit the Caribbean and other far off places one day!

  5. Good for you! Take as long as you need; we’ll be here when you get back.
    Even though I’m heading to Europe this summer for the first time, my happy place is BC-either the Island or the Cariboo. I’ll be in the Cariboo for a few days next month and I think I’m more excited than going to Europe. Or it’s just too overwhelming to think about.
    Have the best of the best holiday!

  6. Vermont. I’ve written before about not knowing who I am anymore. But when I’m in Vermont, things seem to come clear. But, again, single mom, daughter in college – the finances say “no” to going. I’m a teacher; I have the time now but we don’t make much money here! Oh well…I’ll live vicariously thru you! I hope it all comes together for you! I’m proud that you are following your heart. That’s hard for many to do – it takes courage.

  7. Oh Donna! I no longer even go to the USA now that Trump is in office. I’m saying this even though I’m married to an American citizen. For travel this summer, I’m going to go back to do more time in Scotland. In fact, the entire UK is easy to travel to as well. You’ve got to broaden your horizons at some point because this is how we really begin to understand life and how other people in the world live. I know you love Hawaii but the policies of their president are terrible. Do this trip and refresh yourself but next time stretch your wings and experience what the rest of the world has to offer. I’d love to arrange a long stay in Amsterdam or Paris to get to know them better. Anyway, we can’t wait to find out what the refreshed Donna will present to us before too long!

    • Oh, you bet I desire to spread my wings more Jan! However I’ll personally never allow anyone to take away my precious Hawaii or other visits to the States. There’s so much more good than bad in this world… we just gotta keep on keepin’ on!

  8. Good for you. Sending support, love and hugs. Maui is lovely. Kick back and enjoy the sunshine, sand between your toes and the sound of waves. You deserve it. XOXO, Marjie

  9. Good for you!!! That’s awesome! If you want to visit the big island if Hawaii, a childhood friend of mine, Scott at Apau Hawaii Tours, could show you the sights. He has a website you tube channel with the sane name. He used to do tours of Volcano National Park but that’s not happening anytime soon. If you contact him, tell him Mark & Moriah referred you. We have a trip to Maui in Jan but think we need to see Hawaii, too. Finding it harder & harder to resist booking the inter-island flights 😉

  10. Oh, how I envy you. Maui is my sanctuary too. Unfortunately, family demands don’t allow me to travel right now but as soon as I can I think I will follow you lead (although it may be a few years from now). I wish I had a place close by that I could get away to for just a couple of days. I could probably manage that. Of all the items I have seen, all but Lanai and Molokai, Maui seemed to draw me back again. There are a couple of places I always visit. My favorite place is the Iao Valley. The scenery is gorgeous but for some reason it brings me instant peace of spirit. On one of our trips it was raining when we got there. What luck! All of the valleys had a waterfall running down them. It was amazing site that I will always remember. Thanks for posting about your trip. It took me back to easier, happier times.

  11. So glad to hear you are in your favorite place Donna. It will do you a world of good and help you to relax. Hope you find what you are looking for and if not, well I’m sure those waters are mighty tempting for a swim.

  12. This plus 100!
    “However healing is tough work. You need a stretch of quiet time where you are left without anything more to do and lots of time to think. It can get painful, and even a little lonely. However if you don’t allow yourself to get there, well, you just won’t.”

  13. Enjoy every single second of becoming you again Donna and don’t forget to give yourself loads of hugs, to make up for the virtual hugs I’ll be sending you all the way from sunny South Africa

  14. Just wanted to let you know yours is the only blog I actually read and you have influenced me in a positive way. When I travel I now take photos of funky rusted things with you in mind. It kinda makes my photo tours a Funky Junk treasure hunt. I just returned from Europe with some amazing photo memories. I to love Maui but have not been there for many years. Enjoy your happy place and keep up the good work.

    • Awww Patricia, you just made my day even better! Thank-you for your very kind words. I’m SO glad my life musings have inspired you in some small way. Europe is definitely on my bucket list as well. I’d bet your photos are spectacular, it’s such a beautiful part of the world.

  15. Relax, enjoy and rejuvenate Donna! That’s what I am going to be doing in less than 2 weeks when we head up to our Canadian cabin in Ontario. Fishing, swimming, tubing, boating and shopping. I so hope it will be cooler and less humid than what we have right now. May I ask what are those cute red shoes you have in your beach and lake sign picture?

    • Your cabin sounds wonderful Jen! I’d love a nearby cabin to run to each weekend… I’ve been searching for something affordable! I’m just such a getaway / water girl.

      I can’t remember the brand name of the red shoes so I will be sure to look at them once home! I purchased them from Sears several years ago. They were a slip on comfort type and absolutely amazing to walk with. My feet don’t like breaking in shoes so I tend to go for stretchy types with Skechers my fav these days!

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