Day 1 – Travel Flubs

getting ready for Lucketts day 1

“What’s a spring roll?”

“You don’t know what a spring roll is?!?!?!?!?”

“No…” (should I?)

“Where are you from?!”

getting ready for Lucketts day 1 - clothes

Out of 4 jackets, this one came with me. Now watch me not need it…

I didn’t have the heart to tell the waiter I only lived a couple hours away. So I played dumb. I couldn’t remember if a spring roll was a sushi or chinese food component.

What can I say… I’m tired. But so, so happy! I’m at my airport hotel after closing down the house for the house sitter, (always a BIG job) and here I am on the first foot of the journey to the Hometalk Meetup at Lucketts!

getting ready for Lucketts day 1 - hotel

Gotta love a hotel bed with 5 pillows!

So anyway, my tradition continues. I generally arrive at the airport hotel at dusk, then find a deep cushy chair in the lounge to sink into, accompanied by my laptop and an appetizer of some sort. Yeah, and that would be the ohhhh so obvious spring roll. Right. Chinese food. Silly me. California roll is sushi.. that’s what I really thought I was getting.

And I know more tom foolery (wow, where did that word come from?) is to come. I don’t travel much and those at the airport love to raise their eyebrows at my questions and flubs. Like, when you approach some gate, they want you to fill in a form but there’s no sign saying to do so. You’re just suppose to know. And if you don’t do it, they make you stand in line all over again. You only make that flub once.

I usually make some kinda flub where you have to put your stuff on the trays too. As in I’m too slow holding up an impressive, impatient lineup while I hop around removing shoes and belt at the same time or some such circus act.

Wouldn’t you think that non predictable happenings would be welcome in that setting? Giving everyone something new to watch? Well, I aim to please with no issue there.

getting ready for Lucketts day 1 - starbucks

No drive to the airport is complete without a cuppa Starbucks!

Wednesday will be a BIG travel day. Whenever you fly in from Canada, you have a few jumps to take and many long hours. Looking forward to it! I love to fly. No idea why, but when the flight transcends, I start giggling. Every. Single. Time.

I think the least favorite part of an airport is watching people whiz through the Nexus lineup… when you’re running late for your flight. So. Unfair. (must look into Nexus)

So here’s hoping to some interesting happenings tomorrow so I can share them with you. I promised I’d take you on this trip with me and I aim to do that. So don’t you worry that you couldn’t be here.. I’ll do whatever I can to make you feel you’re standing right beside me the whole way.

p.s. The spring rolls were pretty good! Hope they have California next time though.

The Golden Sycamore - Allison Hop

And a HUGE congrats to Allison Hop from The Golden Sycamore for winning the Hometalk Meetup Lucketts trip! Oh, we are going to have such a blast, girl…

Hometalk gets Funky Junked at Lucketts

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14 thoughts on “Day 1 – Travel Flubs

  1. Donna ~ you’re too funny! I’m sitting here in the dentist’s office waiting for my daughter listening to my stomach grumble as you talk about spring rolls ~ wonder if anyone serves them for breakfast, I’m starvin!!

  2. Life is too short to sweat the small stuff. Just enjoy the adventure. Besides these little “flubs” make for a more interesting story. I ought to know I make enough of them :0)

  3. Since moving over to Bloglovin’ your blog no longer shows up in my daily reads. Hmmm… I have complained to them. I miss your blog.

  4. Girl! you’re hilarious!!!
    I don’t like flying…
    I don’t like standing in line…(and looking silly)
    I don’t like taking off articles of clothing in public. nuh-uh. no way! Not shoes, belts, nothing…
    You do crack me up…I’ll be following along as you post about your adventures.


  5. Ahhh!! Thanks for the shout out, girl! I just saw this! I’m so dang excited! Can’t wait to meet you tomorrow! And, just so you know, I have no idea what a spring roll was…I thought it was an actual bread roll. Can you tell I don’t eat sushi or Chinese food?! 😉 See you soon!

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