I am BACK! Nearly. :)

I have a little secret to share with you.

We just got home from CAMPING!!

Right after my son came home from camp, we head out to a campsite for 5 nights,  to Hope, BC, Canada. And as you can imagine, I have some fun stories and spectacular photos to share with you!

However, as it’s a long weekend here, we’re going to continue the sun and fun good times for a few days longer. So although I’m back, I’m not fully connecting to the computer as yet.

BUT … a post wouldn’t really be a post without a LITTLE story, correct? See that wonderful cup of coffee above?

I love my coffee. And my son knows it. So he surprised me in pouring me a cup. Awwww…

But, the grin never left his face. So I knew something was up.

Only moments ago, my cup was adorned with these camping creatures… hmmm… let’s add things up here…

Yup. Curiousity confirmed. My coffee had become a swampy lagoon for one of these creatures. Ah well. A mom can dream she was being serviced in the grandest of style for JUST a moment, yes?

And then more play-hem followed.

And so did the stories after this. After all, camping is known for fun and games for a good reason. 🙂

SNS is still scheduled to fly tonite. See you then for… mantel madness!

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12 thoughts on “I am BACK! Nearly. :)

  1. Ah yes, the antics of boys! Mine are now 19 and 23 and still like to do stuff like that to me! I love it though (but don’t tell them!). Have a fabulous weekend!

    ~ Tracy

  2. hokey pete girl, I am right over the border from you. I have been to Hope BC tons of times. 🙂 I am so glad you and your son are enjoying some much needed time together!

  3. I see you have an actor for a son…I was blessed with those myself…never a DULL moment, let me tell you! I envy your get a way time, please enjoy it for me too! If we ever get to move again, I’m thinking Canada would be nice ;-0

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