If I lived near Cultus Lake…

If I lived near Cultus Lake - a blogger dreams of what she'd do if the lake was her backyard. Beautiful photoshoot via Funky Junk Interiors

You believe in dreaming, don’t you? Oh good! I hope you’ll dream with me for a moment as I relive our last camping trip to beautiful Cultus Lake, located in the lower mainland of BC Canada.


If I lived near Cultus Lake,

I would walk here every morning with a whole carafe of coffee, to start the day off right.

If I lived near Cultus Lake - tall forest trees rising beyond a blue sky

I would glance up towards nature’s roof, and enjoy the sound of the wind through the tallest trees in the world. And be very grateful for a blue sky which is rare in our wet coast area.

If I lived near Cultus Lake - a forest silhouettes against the sunlight at the beach

If I lived near a lake,

I’d visit the beach every day with a good book. Or maybe no book and just the camera. I’d take in the beautiful blues and greens and sun filtered trees creating silhouettes against the bright sunshine.

If I lived near Cultus Lake - the beach

I’d close my eyes and listen to the quiet muffle of others gathering about while the gentle waves splash upon the shore.

If I lived near Cultus Lake - the beach

If I lived near a lake,

I’d have the option to sink further into the trees as the sun heated up the shoreline. No roofline nor gazebo offers the kind of shade nature does. Not even close.

If I lived near Cultus Lake - I'd bike to the beach

If I couldn’t make it over in the morning, I might even ride my bike over for a quick hour or two in between folding laundry and mowing the lawn. Because I lived so close by and all.

If I lived near Cultus Lake - I'd get lost in a sea of tree trunks in the forest

If I lived near a lake,

I’d attempt to get lost in a sea of tree trunks, spread out before me as far as the eye could reach. I’d walk every trail there was, only to discover more delights around each corner.

If I lived near Cultus Lake - I'd enjoy sun filtered light despite the forest

If I lived near Cultus Lake - I'd enjoy sun filtered light despite the forest

To appreciate sunshine peeking in here and there from deep within a solid mass of trees. The perfect spot to quietly read a book for sure.

If I lived near a lake... gorgeous photography of Cultus Lake in BC Canada, via Funky Junk Interiors

If I lived near a lake,

I likely wouldn’t get nearly enough done. Because I’d also have to shut the beach down with my evening coffee at the end of each day. The lake would need me. I would need it. Could you imagine the pull of a lake vs. folding laundry or mowing the lawn? The chores would simply not win.

Confession. I DO live near a lake. This one is about 15 minutes from me. And I don’t visit nearly enough.

But I think that 15 minutes is a vital distance. Otherwise…

Whenever would I find the time to blog? 🙂

Our trailer is spick and span once again and pulled into it’s spot. Will we venture out again? Nothing is planned. It may even be doubtful. 

But knowing this lake and others are just a short drive away… never say never!

And despite me knowing better, I’ll forevermore wish…

That I lived even NEARER to a lake than I do now.

Do you dream of living by the water?

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18 thoughts on “If I lived near Cultus Lake…

  1. We have a camper set up long-term at a lakeside campground. It’s giving us boat fever. Just what we need, another toy! I know what you mean, though. My favorite thing to do there is just sit under the awning and drink tea and flip through magazines. No wi-fi and not even a phone signal there, so can’t blog or work, must relax! It’s awesome. But if I LIVED there, would be completely non-productive. Take care – Dawn

  2. Growing up in AZ my first grown up home away from home was when I moved to Oahu, HI with my Army husband. We were there for 5 years. Since then we’ve been to Alabama and now South Korea. Every day I dream of going back to Hawaii. It’s expensive and there are so many people AND I’m kinda freaked about going in the ocean but I learned fast that I NEED to live in a beach town. Come on, Army! Send us back!

  3. Thank you for your wonderful blog I just recently discovered… you are so inspiring!

    I grew up on a lake in northern Minnesota and at the time I felt rather lonely because there were literally no kids my age, but in retrospect it was a wonderful experience. It was only 2 miles long by 1/2 mile wide so very intimate. I was 16 miles from my school and the town it was in.

    I do have fond memories like having pet ducks, pet geese, waterskiing on the lake, riding my moped, biking up to the very small resort to buy candy bars, walking over to my neighbors who had a summer cabin and hanging out on their pontoon in the water, telling ghost stories to each other, lazing hours away reading mystery stories, watching dragonflies fly and finding their dried cocoon shells along the shore, listening to the speed boats and planes land on the lake. Water is a soothing element for sure!

    I had a pretty lonely childhood, but lots of wonderful memories living by a lake.

  4. Blog from the lake ! Its only 15 mins away ! Wow you can do everthing you just dreamed about ! dreams do come true ! Your blessed !

  5. 15 mins away from camping ! wow wow wow who wouldnt love that ! we drive 5 hrs. 15 mins is like camping for free !

  6. I had the occasion to visit & stay at Cultus Lake for a family reunion a few years ago – I understand the allure!

  7. 15 minutes……..why can’t you leave the trailer there and return on the weekends or even overnight. 15 minutes……. Most people drive more than that one way to work. 15 minutes….. time to rethink this. You only have today and soon your son will be grown and on his own. 15 minutes!

  8. Wonderful pictures! The colors are so beautiful .. a peek in the first picture, second is nice, third and fourth of beautiful trees .. then bingo .. the fifth picture, well if it were a painting I would think the artist vividly expressed lots of color in his painting .. but wait .. this is a photograph! Awesome. That one should be framed and hung in your house so you could enjoy the lake all the time 🙂 The next one peeking through the trees is perfect too. You are a super duper photographer! We don’t live close enough to the ocean and if we did .. I would get nothing done at home. Laundry, vacuuming, dishes .. what? 🙂 We visited lakes when I was little on vacations. I remember the gentle lapping sound of the water and I miss that. I miss being on water. It makes me appreciate it so much more when we visit the coast. I love your blog!

    • Aww thanks Nancy! You made me go back to the post and scroll for the 5th picture! haha Yes, there’s something very special about waterfront for sure. My dream is to have a little summer cabin on a lakefront to run away to, with a front porch overlooking the beach. Isn’t that one AMAZING dream?

      • Yes Donna, that is one amazing dream! Dreams do come true 🙂 I would love to end up with a home on water .. a lake .. or the ocean. To see your pictures everyday in real life would really be a dream come true! Sunsets on the water can’t be beat. You have me dreaming now 🙂

  9. There is still so very much of our beautiful country that I hope to see one day, and most of those spots include lake locations. I totally get your lake love because it is deeply a part of me too. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos, Donna.

  10. Donna, that’s so cool you did a post about Cultus Lake. Since I grew up in a town 15 minutes away too I went to that lake almost daily as a kid. Now I’m in Vancouver but it’s still not too far away! I’ve followed your blog for a long time but rarely leave a comment. I’ll change that now 😉 When I went to Haven this year, everyone made a point of telling me that you are from the same area. That’s too bad you weren’t there this year. Hopefully next year we can meet!

    Jamie @ somuchbetterwithage.com

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