Improving your blog – 10 ways to build a blog growing post

Ever ponder why some of your blog posts are very popular and why others aren’t?

I’ve had my fair share of flop posts. And honestly, I still get shocked to see some go nutty while others go back to sleep. It’s a hit and miss game at times.

I also get asked quite often,

“How do I encourage visits? 

How do I get my blog to grow?”

“How do I get more comments?”

I believe the main answer to that one is:

~ the content you’re delivering ~


~ how you’re delivering it ~


Let’s turn the tables and think about our readers this round.

~ 10 ways to build a blog growing post ~


 1. Are you writing for the reader or writer?

While you may be VERY excited to show the masses a simple show and tell on what today’s weather is, your readers may not be interested. And you may even argue, “But it’s MY blog.”

disclaimer: if this is your niche, that’s a diff story!! 

While it most certainly is your blog, define who you’re writing your post for. Are you simply journaling your day or writing for the benefit of others passing through?

I like abit of off topic with on so I can get to know you better, but.. easy does it. Want your blog to grow? Give them MORE of the content they’ve come to know you for.


 2. Show only your BEST photos

(ahem… disclaimer on the photo of me above. Hard to take good shots of ourselves)

For every one photo I show, I take at least 10. Digital is cheap! So steady that camera, get in lots of diffused light, turn off your flash, change up positions, and click lots. Trust me. It’s worth it.

Need blog photo tips? My workshop is yet to be complete, however here it is to date:

~ Blog Photography with a Point and Shoot ~

1. Intro and keeping you camera steady

2. Proper lighting

3. Using photo enhancing software

 3. Teach something

I’m banking there’s one main reason you frequent a blog. You want to LEARN something to have made your reading time worth your while.

Personally, that’s my #1 mantra when I read AND post. To simply read for the fun of it is fun too on occasion. But I tend to click on your blog AGAIN and even comment if you’ve taught me something I can use.

 You may get away with the show and tell style.  But be aware… you are training your readers on what to expect. Look AND learn is the safer bet with a DIY niche crowd.

4. Offer unique content

Painting something white and then covering it with burlap has been done. Let’s see some fresh new content that we haven’t seen from you! Better yet, create your OWN style we haven’t EVER seen before. Ask me how I know. 🙂

5. Balancing photos vs text

Bloggers are generally scanners first. If they like what they see, they’ll slow down and read.

BUT, don’t get carried away!

– throw away all words that are not imperative
– use point form and paragraphs like this to loosen things up
– and… make sure you write enough. Avoid making us guess what your photo is about.

6. Clear titles

Vague titles are clever, however I generally want to know what I’m about to read. And did you also know,  Google picks up your title and the first paragraph of your post?

This isn’t to say you can’t have fun with your titles! “Crazy Day!” vs. “My Crazy Amazing Junkin’ Day!”

Vague titles work if you know the blogger’s style well, but admit it.. you probably overlook vague titles on random blogrolls yourself. Many of my titles have brought new followers in because of the subject content.

 7. Invite interaction

Are you supplying a quick read, or inviting your friends to participate?

Asking a question at the bottom of your posts encourages comments. Link parties create reasons to visit. We all want to do something and be heard. Ask, invite, join in, and you shall receive!

8. Get involved with your readers

We ALL want to be acknowledged.

But I am first to admit, I can’t personally reply to all comments I get. So I address alot of conversation in comments.

If you prefer to email each comment you get, wonderful! But there WILL be a day when you can’t keep up with that high standard unless you stop working, cooking, cleaning and sleeping.

I suggest to answer questions in comments so other readers can benefit from the question. And email the question giver as well of course.

I also suggest to fire up a Facebook account for general conversation. It’s so easy to address questions there and you’ll be sure everyone will get it!

How to get them there?

Funky Junk Interiors

Promote Your Page Too

Join me! I’m very chatty. 🙂  

See? Easy!

(for the record, I posted this when I had 988 Facebook fans. Let’s see if it worked)


9. Add your own unique personality


Try typing exactly like you talk. Unless you’re a bad talker of course. 🙂

I realize not everyone is a writer. But attempting a little expression in your writing will have type sounding less… flat.


*ouch 10/5*    “HOOOO EEEEE!!!!! GIDDY!!!! And lemme tell you WHYWHYWHY!!!!!

*pass 5/5*        HEE! Fun day! Know why?

*sob -5/5*        I’m happy today. Let us begin.

See what I mean? Now which one Kolein above is saying is the REAL question… xo


And above all else…

10. Write about what you LOVE.

Passion comes through when you write about what you love. Plus you’ll attract an audience for it.  It’s a win-win situation if you stay true to you!

What do you think makes or breaks a blog post? 

Got any other good post kinda tips to share?

Like blog improving tips?

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55 thoughts on “Improving your blog – 10 ways to build a blog growing post

  1. Thanks Kristen.

    I remember a time when I started blogging and no one answered my blog questions, except Kim from Reinvented. I’ll never forget her, nor the rest of you that need the same kind of help today.


  2. Thanks for all your great tips. You’re such a pro. You would be so proud of me. I used a staple gun for the first time while adding to Zach’s closet. I even told hubby that Donna would be proud (what’s even more scary is he knows who you are, through me, of course) and he said, “What about me? I’m proud of you too.” I said oh yeah, you too. HaHa! Thanks again Donna, you’re inspiring!

  3. #9 Love the Decor,

    I don’t even believe everyone expects that! I totally get “woa..” when someone replies to one of my comments I made on their blog.

    Questions are a different category I believe. We need to address those.


  4. Hi Donna!
    The title of your post lured me right over here!
    I would love to improve my blog and gain more followers and I really appreciate the advice.
    I can’t think of anyone better than you to give such useful information. Your successful blog just proves that you have all the right ingredients.

    Thanks for sharing.


  5. This was a timely post for me for sure…I’ve dropped a few hints to my more experieced blogging friends that I need feedback on my blog…but no “biters” yet…haha. It’s moving v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-ly…now I have a few clues as to why. I’m more “show and tell” than teacher…I’ll work on that. And coincidently, I started a FB page today. So hopefully that will help.
    Thanks a bunch, Laurel@chippingwithcharm
    PS…I am open to helpful hints anybody in Blogland wants to share specific to my blog if you want to stop over and take a peek 😉

  6. Donna, another brilliant post! I’ll have to go back and read all your previous tips. I like the new look of your pages, with the special highlights of projects on the right side. It introduces us to new blogs. By the way, your hair looks really good in the first picture (no roots) Tell Mr. Lego I used to have a Legoland in my house. We converted a room with just a bathtub into a lego building and lego display room. It was easy to do, and kept all the legos together. Ann

  7. what a great post.. thank you for the tips. I feel like my blog is at a stalemate. I don’t really know what niche my blog is in. That might be a problem….Maybe I need to figure that out. Also, I really want to visit the sweet gals who comment on my blog; but recently, I don’t have all of the time to pay the visit. I agree that questions are a different story. Thanks for the fabulous post!

  8. Amazing info as usual! I’ve been working on all of your tips for a bit now, and I’ve watched my numbers grow pretty steadily.

    In fact, I spend so much time blogging, I may have to consider advertising. I’m realizing my time and advice are worth something as I have a growing list of real life friends seeking my decorating advice.

    Would love to see you post about advertising, though I know some folks aren’t wild about it.

    Thanks for all you do in Blogland Girl!

  9. Thanks for all the advice. I so agree that good photos are vital.
    I recently started a blog, and am finding it is taking me awhile to find my voice. I love the way it is making pay attention to the details of my life!

  10. These are wonderful tips. I started writing for the ‘writer’… as more of a crafting diary or journal. But the more I blog, the more I try to consider writing for the reader, too. I’m enjoying the interaction. Can you do both? (write for the reader and the writer?)

  11. Donna, I cannot thank you enough for these great tips. I know I can count on you and your blog for inspiration – of every kind! I am a new blogger & this is exactly what I need. Thanks again!

  12. #23 Lauren, one can start a link party at any time. Create a UNIQUE link party, give warning, then when your friends come back, ask them to put the button in their posts. You have 24 followers so maybe even ask what kind of party they would like so they will come with bells on!

    Their readers will see their posts and your buttons and want to come on over too!

    But honestly, you can build your following up very quickly by posting kick butt kind of posts and reveals and linking up to other parties yourself to build up your following first. You’ll have a much more successful party with a few more followers. Welcome to blogland! 🙂

    #16 Cindy, I’ll give some thought on posting about the sponsor topic. I’m relatively new to the sponsor world so not sure I’m the expert on it all yet. I’ll see what I can conjour up that may be helpful. 🙂


  13. Great information Donna. I do know that I need to work on my content. It comes and goes for me and I need to be more consistent. I’m not much of a planner and sort of do things as it comes to me.

    Oh and did you change your name to Kristin on FB? I got a little lost there for a second 😉

  14. I, too, thank you for your advise. I think too much writing can kill a post. People don’t stay long enough to read a whole lot. Finding one’s niche is a challenge, I think I am beginning to, finally, after 17 months of blogging.
    Thanks again, Cindy

  15. Great info.

    I have a garden blog, but I like to decorate, too. So, I follow several DIY blogs.

    I found yours from an article in the Dallas Morning News, last December. Then, I found others through your blog.

    I get lots of good ideas.


  16. Great Tips. It still baffles me that some posts get sooo many comments and other well-planned ones – flop. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

  17. Great post a great tips…Why do I return to read the same blog over and over and check it everyday…b/c I have nothing better to do? NO!NO!NO! It’s b/c my hubby made me throw away all of my magazines. I don’t know why exactly, doesn’t everyone have 5yrs worth of County Living, Southern Living and more, laying around their house. Okay, mine weren’t strewn all over the house, they were neatly stacked in my studio. So there ya go, that’s why I read blogs like this one (although you’re at the top of my top 10) to see examples of things I would like to try or attempt someday.
    Keep on writing my blogger friend, you encourage us to move to higher levels of “funky”!!!

  18. Great tips! I go for colour and that someting special. I know I might get more readers if I wrote in english but somehow it seems to be too much trouble.

  19. Hi Am thrilled to bits to find these posts on your blog!!! Whipeee!!! Am new to blogging and have just done the “embedding doo da” for comments! What a treat it works. Thanks a span! I have loads to get through here at your Blog 101 but will do it a bit at a time! So gracious of you to share with us newbies! That is what i have come to love in the short time of blogging, that there are so many helpful generous bloggers!


  20. love thank you….Wish Hgtv did a Bloggin Decorate build your small biz show and rotated the host weekly..I need to think before I blog.Plus slow down on what I type and review before posting…so much to learn,paint,glue,ect.

  21. I have been blogging now since 2006 and at this point I am very frustrated and many times wonder why I do it. But I can’t stop, the blog I write is the life I live. I eat, breath and sleep decorating on a budget! And I know there are many blogs on this subject, but I seriously believe you can furnish you’re whole home from a second hand furniture store……I’ve done it! And now that I don’t have to shop second hand shops I still do, because I love creating things that I love from someone else’s trash!! Check out my blog at if you have time:) BTW, I love, love, love what you do so please………never stop blogging!

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