Bike softly and carry a big stick. If you’re lucky.

Nature winter bike ride through a wooded trail |

I never thought it would stop raining.

The wet coast really does earn its green and its title. With days upon days of dreary dark days, you know what happens when the sun finally breaks out… good ‘ol bike escape to the rescue!

Nature winter bike ride over a train bridge |
Oh I was waiting! Waiting so much in fact, I picked up a special fancy schmancy bar so I could tote the ‘ol bike to a new destination on the bike rack.

But I didn’t make it that far this round. Sometimes the sun only comes out for so long, so you gotta just make a break for it with no planning.

Wetlands nature reserve bike trail ride with a pond view |

Most times I head out on the bike, it’s really just an excuse to go enjoy a little nature. I rarely bring anything back, unless I’m going into the next town for farm eggs.

Wooded trail during a nature winter bike ride |
But this round I got rather lucky.

There’s still major clean up to do with our ice storm. I love how the city cleared the paths, but there’s still a lot going on in the bush.

Big stick find during a nature bike ride |
So imagine my surprise when I found THIS.

No, I have no idea what to do with it. But when has that ever stopped a collector?

Maybe mounted in my big picture window with something hanging off it?

No idea. Any ideas?

Beautiful sky reflections in the water during a nature winter bike ride through a natural reserve |
Aside from a rare and lucky find, I hit a new area of the trail this round. It’s not a path I traditionally take, because it’s a little more remote. But on this given day, there was lots of folks walking, so I ran with it.

And ran into lots of water. Beautiful, stunning sights, that would soften up any tough day one may be going through.

Beautiful sky reflections in the water during a nature winter bike ride through a natural reserve |
While I really enjoy the bike rides, and all the astounding beauty I get to ride through, there’s one other byproduct that results whenever I get out there.

Beautiful sky reflections in the water during a nature winter bike ride through a natural reserve |

I can be having the most difficult, crappy day. But when this becomes your view, the hardship appears to just melt away.

Sun setting during a winter nature bike ride through the woods |

I love how my sister always references my parents when she’s watching a Maui sunset. She just feels closer to Heaven.

Sun setting during a winter nature bike ride through the woods |

I feel the same way. Whenever I come across a sight that just makes my jaw drop, it’s always a good time for a little chat with the big Guy upstairs.

A secret message on a train bridge... when life goes down, go up. |

It’s as if the sight is meant to stop you in your ‘tracks’, and you can’t help but be grateful for all the good things we really do have on Earth.

Especially during lucky big stick days.

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30 thoughts on “Bike softly and carry a big stick. If you’re lucky.

  1. Beautiful photos Donna. And yes, when you have a view that speaks to your heart, it does melt cares away. How lovely what your sister says of your parents and the sunsets from Maui. How is your sister? Was she dealing with some health problems recently? Thought I recalled you writing of it. I do hope she is getting better. And the stick — whoo,whoo, you can have fun with that. I’m not beyond bringing sticks, or in this case a very fat and long stick, home. In your large window it would be framed nicely. You’ve got the window for it. How in the world did you make it home on the bike with it? Would it be a sight that would make me chuckle? Bet it would! Thanks for the post and have a wonderful day!

    • Hey Joanne!

      My sister had cancer, however a successful surgery and radiation has her currently cancer free. She’ll be mending for quite some time, however we are so grateful she is currently healthy!

      I attempted to drag the stick behind the bike, then tried to lift it, but it turned into a huge liability that I needed insurance for… so I walked the bike and stick home! haha

      • So glad your sister is beating the big “C” word. I was going to use that word specifically yesterday when I posted my comments, but I hate saying the word, especially if I got it wrong. Happy for you all!

  2. Spending time with God in his creations is simply the best. I get mystified and lost in his beauty; it’s better than any vacation because it’s a reminder only he is perfect. Beautiful photos and thanks for sharing. I get this because when we go to our property it feels like a little glimpse of heaven. So the stick well if it was me I’d probably put in the the garden somewhere because it would add interest between all the green. Have a Great Tuesday Donna!

  3. I would have LOVED to see you ride home on your bike with that stick. The photo alone made me crack up! I’m pretty sure I would have brought the stick home myself. I see a curtain rod. Maybe some wood burning designs on it. I see bird feeders hanging from it. Hmmmm…….let me think…..

  4. That is a wonderful branch! Too bad no video demonstrating how to ride with such a find. Good work. 😉

  5. I think the stick is saying put me up above your big window and hang something sparkly and shiny from it. Maybe a sun catcher or two? Or it could be the beginning of a natural trellis for a climbing vine in the garden. Doesn’t it remind you of being a kid and getting a nice big box to play with? Haha! All the possibilities! Have a wonderful day!

  6. I just love it when you get out and ride a bike or take a hike or visit someplace. Like Hawaii trips. Thanks for sharing. What town do you live in? I’don’t like to Google Earth it. Thanks again. Joe

  7. Ha! I laughed out loud when I saw that on your instagram last night. I cannot wait to see what it turns into! 🙂

  8. What a cool find. Is there a corner you need to hang a curtain? The curve means it would make a good rod for a window but maybe the corner of your porch to block the wind?

  9. You mentioned your sister…I remember you talking about her some time ago…maybe a health threat…I think you went to Maui thinking about her. Is she doing OK?

    I love your picture with the clouds in the water. We are such a small part of a big thing! The photo was stunning. I’m glad the rain has subsided for you.

    I got an adult tricycle. {I don’t want to worry about balance and falling off and stuff. I just want to pedal and move from one place to another…and get a little exercise!} I’ve done over a mile a day just in my community. I’m working up my confidence and stamina to be able to go to the grocery, library and doctor’s office, which are quite close to where we live. I’m having a little bit of fun, even though my knees feel on fire at times and my hip growls. I just tell them to shut up for about a half hour! I also need to get a helmet. Soon…

    While the area we live in is scenic, I would appreciate a little more nature. We can’t carry the trike on a car, because it is too heavy and awkward. Maybe someday I’ll get a pick-up truck. I keep threatening to when I see good stuff on the side of the road or in a thrift store or on Craigslist! Some day!

    • Hi Fonda! My sister was assessed with cancer, but an operation and radiation had her beating it. She’ll be healing from the operation for a long time, but is indeed living life again. So happy for her! And us!

  10. Great stick! I found a cool stick one time- not quite as large as yours-? And I hung it up in my kitchen and hung my pots and pans on it. Love it !

  11. Thank you for the beautiful photos, I feel the same when in nature here in Colorado.
    And the “stick” is SO ME! I carried two home recently while “trying” to also walk my Basset Hound…..people must think I am crazy!

  12. I am always so jealous of the amazing things you find on your journeys! Shortly after following your blog, I had to go back and see where you lived cause you were always finding such cool things on the side of the road! And I have to admit, I couldn’t help but laugh at what I would have thought seeing you trying to lug that big branch and your bike home. I bet it was quite the sight! Can’t wait to see what you find to do with it!

  13. that is a long stick…love the curves…great for the garden…but I bet your wheels are turning!

    So happy for your sister! that word is knocking my family down right now and I would agree…being outside surrounded by nature is peaceful and just what is needed

    I hope today is one of those great days for you!

  14. A new follower here. You are fortunate to have such a pretty place to go biking. Even though there’s not much green yet, it’s still pretty scenery. Especially that beautiful sunset, yes thank you God!

    That stick on your bike pic made me laugh. I don’t know how you got that back with you… I surely would have wrecked numerous times before finally giving up and dumping it, lol!

  15. Donna, hanging it above a window sounds like a great idea. I picture it as a curtain rod, or use “S” hooks to hang collectibles, sea shells, dream catchers, etc. (Love your blog!!!)

  16. Donna, the photos are beautiful!! You are so blessed to live in such a nice area, with surprises all around you. I especially loved the last photo! I’m always looking UP 🙂 God bless you sweetie 🙂

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