Journal 2 – yoyo living teamed up with sunset downtime

Journal 2 - yoyo living teamed up with sunset downtime - an inspiring journal entry on getting through a tough situation /
I never was very good with a yoyo.

As a kid, I tried to buy the best one out there, in hopes that I would become an overnight sensation. I remember the feeling of holding a ‘good one’. Even the colour was prettier, graphics more advanced! All this held great promise of course.

Good gear helps, but ultimately, it never really worked out. All too soon, that yoyo would stop bouncing, dangling straight down from an impossibly tangled thread.

Honestly… I just never put in the practice to get very good at it. I was hoping for a short fix for something that took a long time to hone.

bike ride on the mountain trail overlooking the country /
I’ve seen a lot of similarities in life this past week.

Remember my first Journal instalment HERE, where I was feeling these big, fabulous changes coming on?

Why is it just when you THINK you have the world at your fingertips, the power has the ability to slip away in a red hot moment, much like snuffing out a lit match?

I guess I do know why.

Great things don’t just find you. They aren’t created out of nothing, and handed to you on a silver platter.

Great things happen as a result of a LOT of hard work to get to that magical point.

And thankfully, good times come in between tough times. It’s kind of like a reward system. If you keep at it, you’ll reap these little gifts in between all the hard stuff.

We all crave for happily ever after moments. But I think they only exist in between concentrated effort.

sunset on the mt-1132
So, what can I control?

I may not be able to control all the situations around me, but I do have the choice on how to deal with the situation when the chips are down.

We had a situation that was new to me. Having no idea on how to handle it, I called on a good friend for some sound advice.

I really like outside help from time to time. They have more of an objective take on things, and his eyes helped me see that I was missing something. I was so busy with the smaller details, that the ultimate goal was overlooked.

sunset on the mt-33-2
Life is flat out different when you go through tough stuff. I remember one church service, where the pastor was talking about “if you’re going through something.”

I wasn’t going through something at the time, so I nodded in agreement to his wise words, grateful I was currently in a good place. BUT, I do remember one service where the same subject was approached, and I was indeed going through something to the point of needing to leave the service. I was just too emotional to stay.

Life can be hard.

During times of trials, I find myself needing more downtime and space. So I’ve been trying to be good to myself, and am grateful my bike riding habit now plays such an important part.

As the sun reaches golden hour, I dash to my coffee machine, brew a quick cup, and fill the travel mug.

I grab a towel, my glasses, my phone, and if everything was planned out well, possibly even half of a whipping cream filled long john. 🙂

And then I take in the sunset, either at the river or at the top of the hill, overlooking my gorgeous little valley.

bike ride on the mountain trail overlooking the country /
I’m SO GLAD I had developed this bike habit before I felt I actually needed it. Now, I simply kick into action each night, and it’s helped me take better care of myself.

I can’t always control when the yoyo spins around, tangled at the bottom. 

But I do hold the capability to untangle the cord, and try other ways to succeed.

And just wait until you hear about another yoyo experience that is helping make a dream come true!

If I didn’t know better, I’d say these yoyo experiences may actually be opening some new doors…

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9 thoughts on “Journal 2 – yoyo living teamed up with sunset downtime

  1. Morning Donna and thank you for your timely journal entry. Yes, change is in the air. I know what you mean. There are bumps on my road that are interfering with creativity and I really needed to hear what you said about how this IS my story. It is all connected. And the comparison to a yo-yo was spot on. You know how there are times when you know exactly what you want to accomplish. No doubts, just going for it and it happens. Well, I have to come a time when change is in the air too and I have all this wonderful wood and I know wonderful things can be done with it, but I’m like, Ookaayy, now what am I going to do. Brain freeze! But I am learning when the time is right, it will be right to do something with it and I’ll know. I tell my sons that at times like this it is God’s way of preparing us for new horizons. And be still and trust and it will come. Now, if I could just remember to practice that myself. It is getting easier and I am so glad! Life sure is interesting, isn’t it? Thanks again for your post and have a wonderful day. And hope your son is enjoying his work and doing well.

  2. Donna, I love the journal entries- they remind and inspire that life is so complex.
    I have a bike that I haven’t rode in years. Watching you embrace what your bike riding has brought to your life has stirred something in me. I’m going to pull mine off the rack , clean it up and hit the path – this just feels good for the soul 🙂

  3. Love the comparison to the yoyo, I had a yellow one when I was a kid, it helped me think through things. The holding patterns of life can be nerve racking and a true testament towards growth. Sometimes I think we forget this life can be about waiting, learning, and finally enjoying. So many bumps along the way that seem to feel like we’re being tossed off track. Perhaps it’s just a matter of preparation for the next chapter. Exercise is good is helps clear the head so you can better prepare for what’s coming next. Enjoyed this!

  4. This particular journal entry applies to me perfectly right now – and I agree with and thank all the other ladies for their comments. I myself am going through a growing season and it’s really difficult at times. New times are coming, I can feel them – now to trust in God’s plan for me and try to be patient!

  5. Donna,

    Love your journals and the pics to go with them. What beautiful country! Keep those journals and blogs coming. Look forward to them every day.

  6. I love your journal entries. Very inspiring, Donna. I, too am going through a change and I’m not sure what it is. I believe it’s spiritual. I just recently started going back to church after YEARS of not going. I’m wondering what is leading me there and where will it take me or what will happen from it all. I guess I should just sit back and wait. Be patient and not try to figure things out. That’s hard though. God has a plan for me, I’m sure. In His own time. I hope whatever is ahead for you is wonderful and will make you a very happy Donna! xoxo

  7. I’m enjoying the journals and also the pictures! I have a beautiful view like that from my house in North Carolina!

  8. I don’t know where it came from, and I know it seems silly, but I’ve always thought of my life as like a river, that I’m the river and i meander, big problems are like mountains so I go around, rocks and log jams are problems I go over, sometimes I freeze, sometimes I flood, sometimes Im muddy but I keep pushing forward, sometimes I meet up with other rivers then turn on a new path, at times I have been shallow and babble and other times deep and calm, but in the end I want to be clean and clear deep and calm and peaceful at my final destination.

  9. I love your bicycle baskets. I will be getting those. Great post. Taking those moments lessens the wrinkles and worry lines. It also gives your creative juices time and space to perk.

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