Day 4 – junk wheel Christmas wreaths

Green and red chippy wheel / Junk wheel Christmas wreaths via

Sometimes the simplest projects can turn out to be the coolest. And such is the case with these junk wheel Christmas wreaths! 

12 Days of Christmas Day 4, on

Red wagon wheel and wash-line wheel for junk wreaths / Junk wheel Christmas wreaths via

Anything round can be a wreath. Which is especially handy when you’re a junker type. 🙂 

Here are a few tips on whipping up these charming little fellas…

red and green chippy wheel and heavy twine / Junk wheel Christmas wreaths via 

You’ll need:

Wheels of choice.

Evergreen stems.

Heavy twine.

A little mason jar / faux snow / battery operated tea light.

Clear spray sealer if you wish to pretty up your junk.

Spray snow if desired.

twine through wheel / Junk wheel Christmas wreaths via

 Wheels can be heavy so you’ll need some hefty twine and a good solid place to hang it.

Tealight in a mini mason jar / Junk wheel Christmas wreaths via

For a little unexpected twist, a battery operated tea light was added to a mini mason jar with a bit of faux snow. These things stay lit for a LONG time! My son flicks one on each night allll night and it’s still going strong. Amazing.

Tealight in a mini mason jar on wreath / Junk wheel Christmas wreaths via

I tied the jar to the hook with twine,

Tealight in a mini mason jar on wreath / Junk wheel Christmas wreaths via

added spray snow and an evergreen spray, and called it done!

The evergreen branches are wired together with florist wire, then loosely tucked into place on the wheel without further attachment. 

Junk wheel Christmas wreaths via

What are the chances of landing a chippy wheel in Christmas colours?

Junk wheel Christmas wreaths via

The ever curious Mr. Lake luckily lost interest quickly. He sure loved that little flickering light!

If you spritz metal wheels with a little spray sealer, they get a slightly glossy finish, making them reflect light in a really cool way. Kind of a nice touch to add to old junk at times, especially for Christmas!

They are too cute. I had so many places I could have used them, but ended up hanging them all in ONE place. My pictures aren’t quite ready, so you can catch them on my Holiday Home Tour December 10th!

Pretty quirky idea for a wreath, isn’t it? Did I finally go too far this round? 🙂

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See you tomorrow for Day 5!

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15 thoughts on “Day 4 – junk wheel Christmas wreaths

  1. Did you go to far? No not in my book. It looks perfect on your door. I can’t wait to see where the collection ended up. I am sure that all together they make an even bigger statement.
    Great foresight when you picked up these babies……

  2. OMG!!! You are already at DAY 4!!!
    I LOVE the Christmas tree shelves and the Junk Wheel Wreath!!!!
    I DO HAVE a “kind of a wheel” in the storage behind the carport… I saw it yesterday!!!!
    I was thinking to add that to an old pair of sock dryers I have at the shop that nobody buys… But perhaps paired with the greens and the little mason jar it will be better!!!!
    Soon!!!!! I will post pics and tell you about it!!!
    I am so glad you are having FUN!!!

  3. Hi Donna,
    I’ve really been enjoying all the fun, festive junk Christmas ideas! Keep ’em coming! It has gotten me in the spirit of getting a few projects completed myself!

  4. That is exactly the kind of wreath I need!!! I am such a rebel, I never do a wreath for Christmas, but put up an old sap bucket filled with greens. I can’t do a version of what everyone else is doing, but this is so far off the normal meter and so cool, I am searching for a round junk something now!

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