Junkin’ at Granny and Grumpa’s Antiques… again


If you were to ask me what my most favourite thing in the whole wide world to do would be (other than petting cats), it would be to jump into an empty truck and head for a favourite junk haunt. So on Sunday, we head out to Granny and Grumpa’s Antiques.

In for some junk heavy eye candy? Follow me!


The prices are a little high end, but so is the junk, so it makes sense. While it’s not a place I’ll haul lots home due to price, it’s still a riot to see what Grumpa’s been collecting lately.

This rusty butter churn was exquisite! I had gardening ideas in mind and so wanted to bring this home. But.. price.


I really had visions of all things junk gardening in mind, since I’ll be talking about it twice in April. I was dying to find some cool thing to lug home. This guy was super purdy. What is this, anyway? Is it a laundry tub?!


I didn’t know what these were either until I asked on Facebook. Thanks gang! They’re vintage laundry plungers. I want to go back and get one! I had no idea my Grandma was this cool…


Sweet… I’d like this in my garden too. I wish I knew my antiques but I really don’t. I just know what I like to look at.


I believe this is a large butter churn. How did I do? Isn’t it amazing? Love the woodsy/red tones. I wouldn’t do a thing to it! Super cool side table.


Grumpa has barn after barn after barn on his farmland property. He’s been collecting all his life. You’ll see him sauntering around the grounds making idle chit chat with customers.


I love these things… whatever it is! Is it just a clock?! What does that big round thing around the clock face do? Wind it up? I know I’ll drive antique collectors mad with this conversation.


I can’t get enough of anything wearing some kind of typography. Who knew an antique dairy water heater and sterilizer had so much decorating potential? That top part would make a cool coffee table.


I would LOVE to create wall art with just a grouping of hanging vintage telephones. That cool desktop black one was so charming.


Vintage baby carriages of all kinds littered one barn. The little yellow one would look amazing if it was loaded with baby’s breath.

little_ red_ vintage_tricycle

But this larger scale rusty tricycle nearly did come home with me. It would have looked adorable as junk art in the garden. But at $70, I let it continue to rust in the safety of the barn. Boo.



Of course the bike I WANTED was only $100 while the rest were $25. Go figure.


I have never seen barrels with such unique detail. Gorgeous!

And now something a tad creepy…



This is a doll. But she caught me off guard. I thought she was real and had to touch her face in order to believe she wasn’t. And I still wasn’t convinced. Very, very realistically creepy.

Grumpa has an ENTIRE doll room you can see in this post. There’s just something about little faces looking back at you that makes me unsettled. The doll stayed.



Ugh… I wanted every one of these rolling pins. But I need to move first so I have a place for them.

Junkin' at Granny and Grumpa's... again.


And here comes the cool section…




I heart you, pulleys! Every one of you! I could stare at this picture all day. 🙂






Junkin' at Granny and Grumpa's... again.

Yes indeed, there are plenty of amazing design ideas and wall art possibilities in a place such as this. If money were no object…

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Which was your favourite piece?

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43 thoughts on “Junkin’ at Granny and Grumpa’s Antiques… again

  1. Wow! What is even more impressive than the collection of junk is the way it is all so organized! I loved the baby carriages, the old hanging scales, especially that square one and the insulators. Have a soft spot for those as we used to collect them at my grandma’s in Wyoming. When the electrical worker would come to replace them, he’d throw the old ones on the ground and we’d scurry outside to gather them up. Couldn’t you get s family discount from your grandpa? Great place to explore and learn! Hugs, Leena

  2. I loved that clock thing with the cool numbers around it. I loved it all. What an amazing place! I could have easily gotten lost in there for days. I have never been a doll fan either. Love your new blog look!!! 🙂

  3. I would love to go junking with you one day, one of my fave activities also! There is a place where we live, you would die!! It’s antiques, except hoarders own it… you can’t even see all of the beautiful stuff because there is so much… if your ever in my neck of the woods, we gotta go!

    Nice pictures… love the insulators, rolling pins and the doll {{{{{shiver}}}}…

    Thanks for taking us with you!

    Laurie @ Vin’yet Etc.

  4. Wow, that is some seriously awesome junk that guy has! And your pictures are great…. If I lived closer, I’d love to check that place out, but Delaware is a long way from BC! (And I agree with you about the dolls–totally creepy…)

  5. Wow I want to visit your grandparents, they may not know it but they are super cool! The Pickers from the History Channel would love this!

  6. Love all the junk….would love to come prowl around. I use one of the laundry plungers to hold extra TP in the bathroom. works great.

  7. This place must be what heaven for us junkers will be like. LOVE THE PULLEYS!!!!!! Wishing Oklahoma wasn’t so far from BC.

  8. Ooooh, lots of great stuff. The doll does look real. Reminds of last summer when I visited an antique store here in Missouri. I walked into a back room where there was lots of great antique furniture. As I turned the corner there was a “lady” sitting in a chair. “She” startled me! I shrieked and nearly jumped out of my skin because I thought I was the only one in the room. She looked real too. Soooooo creepy! I have never gone back there, lol!

  9. OMG!!! What a treasure trove! I bet you are in heaven every time you go 😉 um, and that baby looked way too real for me too.

  10. Love this post! All the pretty pictures and ideas! It is my birthday Friday and as it is my day my kids are going junking with me. So thanks for all the wonderful ideas!(I find the doll creepy too.)

  11. The red tub described as a possible butter churn is a wash tub. When the large handle is moved, the “agitator” at the bottom also moves, washing the clothes.

  12. The doll is creepy!

    My husband & I were browsing an antique store years ago & I saw a ‘doll’ sleeping on a sofa. It was arranged just like a child had played itself out & fallen asleep. Just as I went to touch it to see if it was real an employee nearby said -‘He/she is real, (can’t remember the gender!). Really, that child was so still it looked like a doll & not a human. So weird.

    Love all the pics, love junk shops.
    Thanks for sharing.

  13. THE BARRELS! We just redid our front yard and I want that barrel for the downspout! Where are they? Can they be shipped?

  14. So funny that you mentioned how creepy all the dolls were. My mother is an avid doll collector and has them everywhere in her house. I literally have to turn them to the wall in the guest room in order to sleep. I can’t bear to have them watch me as I slumber. I guess it goes back to those days of my mother reading to me stories of Raggedy Ann and Andy and how the toys came to life when the children were not looking. Creeped me out then and still does. My dolls all had to sleep snugly in the toy box or I never could close my eyes!!

  15. Wow, what a place. I was as fascinated this time as I was when you gave us a previous tour. So many questions running thru my head. My favorite has to be those large wooden barrels. The colors in them!! While I can really appreciate the artistry of someone’s talent, I agree, BabyDoll is too real!

  16. Wow! That is almost worth a trip to Canada Donna! Love the pulleys and you’re right that butter churn would look awesome with a wooden top for a table!
    Thanks for the tour! Now I want to find a place like that!

  17. Wow, incredible place! But the prices are incredible too. Did you come home with anything? $70 for that tricycle? We have a few old farms that sell out of their barns…they look a lot like this place and I find their prices a bit out of reach, but not as high as Grumpa’s!
    I have to admit, I loved the doll! So lifelike, so pretty. Oh, and the scales!!! Oh yeah…
    Debbie 🙂

  18. I think….since you love the picture of the pulleys sooooooooo much that you should enlarge it and frame it and hang it somewhere in your home where you can see it everyday!!! The thought probably crossed your mind but I just had to let you know in case it hadn’t. I like the picture too….it shows a lot of detail and it’s a clear picture!!! Have a blessed day and happy junking!!!

  19. Auctions are the best places for deals. You have to find the ones that aren’t advertised online to get the best prices. Look locally or auction zip.com in the US. Estate sales are another avenue to not pay retail. Happy junking:)

  20. Donna,

    I’m with you on the doll thing… creepy. What a great place to hang out. That is awesome you have such a cool place to go junking. Happy Easter, hope yours is especially blessed.

  21. I was thinking of road tripping up there until I realized it was in Canada and I don’t even have a passport! These photos are so great to look at, thanks for posting. my favorite part of your lost was when you stated that you don’t know a ton about antiques but know what you like to look at. this is so totally me! now i don’t feel so pressured to know anything about an item we have, i just know that I like it…..thanks for a great start to a Friday.

  22. Oh.My.Goodness…

    I do believe I could spend a few days here in this amazing place.

    Too bad the prices are so high…they’d probably sell more if they lowered them a bit. At least they would to you and I!

    Thanks for the eye candy!

    Patty O

  23. You and my husband are kindred spirits. He wouldn’t leave this place. Too bad we live so far away. Great stuff. I would have to bring lunch and a wheel chair. LOL Thanks for the tour.

  24. I was at Grumpa’s last week! I was visiting family in Abbotsford (we’re from Montreal) I love how your pictures capture the true feeling of Grumpa’s. I only had an hour and as you know…it just wasn’t long enough. The prices are too high…but you can really find some true gems!

    Thanks for your posts!

  25. I got started collecting rolling pins after deciding that there might be a fight getting my mom’s glass rolling pin (there were four of us girls and two boys). I found one at a flea market in Branson, MO just like the one she had. That got me started!

  26. Hi…I would think, because this is your grandfathers place, he would give you some discounts on the things you love, or even give you the items for free, “just because”…you are his granddaughter….

  27. Since these pictures were originally posted almost three years ago, you probably already know this, but the clock is actually an early time clock that would have been used probably in a factory of some kind. I have a friend who owns one, and I have never seen another one until now. Thanks for sharing!

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