Junky picket phone organizer

I seem to collect pickets.Β 

I found two really large pickets at the curb last year. One of them was used for my picket toolbox.

Picket toolbox… do you name all your projects strange names too? Maybe it’s just a junk thing…

Anyway, here’s the other. HUGE.

What’s that thing stuck to it you ask?

It’s an old door hinge welded into this position. I had it on another project and it proved to be perfect for my new game plan.

This is my sign shop office downstairs. And I know how to make a paperwork mess like the best of them.

So in order to clear up some desk real-estate, I decided I needed to hang my phone list and notepad on the wall somehow. Β And that itty bitty wall space would prove to be just right.

Ohhh… isn’t he handsome? πŸ™‚

I love this old style clipboard. The metal works AND woodwork are absolutely gorgeous.

So I thought this would be a great place to hang my phone list. The clipboard is really meant for notes, but I have my own special system for notes that’s more efficient I’ll tell ya about in a minute.

As luck would have it, I found this old relic at a thrift. It’s a hole puncher I paid a whoppin’ buck for that fits the antique clipboard! YES. No more hole alignment guessing.

Perfect. πŸ™‚

In order to protect some personal numbers, I’m just showing you a blank page.

Phone list tip

I build my phone list in a word processor on the computer, then simply print it out. It’s easy to change, easy to read and when they get crapped out, easy to freshen up. I also place the list inside a page protector so I can walk around with it.

Every phone has the same list as well as one in my vehicle.

A little lightweight rope sealed the deal for hanging the notebook. An S hook works even better but doesn’t look quite as cool. πŸ™‚

Note book tip

My secret weapon for staying organized beside the phone are thick spiral notebooks. I date the top, then proceed to take messages. When I’ve dealt with the new entry, I draw a line through it.

With this method, your notes never disappear on you. The reference is avail at the flip of a page. I have a notebook beside every phone and every computer. And one in my truck. It’s saved my bacon countless times.

That rusty hinge is now a very handy junk style pen holder.

The system is so simple it really doesn’t even deserve a post.

But sometimes the simplest ideas can also be the best. πŸ™‚

Guess I’ve been on a phone organization binge lately cuz here’s the upstairs variety.

Very different yet equally effective.

How do you organize beside your phone?

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30 thoughts on “Junky picket phone organizer

  1. Love your picket! Looks great on the wall and best of all it has a purpose…I love things that are functional and look good too! I use spiral notebooks for messages too. It’s a quick way to be sure that all messages/requests, etc. for the day has been handled.

  2. What time is it, Donna? It’s time to get organized! Thank you for the inspiration! That clipboard is beautiful!!! A really old chunky one came with my bungalow…but it’s not that pretty.

    : )

    Julie M.

  3. that is one monster of a picket! it works so well for your phone organizer. i so love your creative mind and how you take the simplest idea and make it awesome!

    btw, i love simple posts…don’t dismiss the fact that some of us are simple-minded folks who love an easy peasy project once in a while.

    now i must go find me a ginormous fence picket.

    oh wait a minute, i can make one! lol

    have a great week,

  4. Donna do you dream about creating all of this stuff. I need to get on the same channel you are on. You always have the most creative ways of doing things out of stuff that people throw away. I bet if they see your post they would be there wanting their stuff back. So neat and creative.

  5. #18 Elise, I create out of need. I stare at an area that needs help, then go junkin’ throughout my own stash and make something up.

    I could come up with 101 other things to do things with that picket! I think it’s an illness?!? πŸ™‚ Maybe we need a friendly little challenge sometime on creating multiple things with one item… hmmmm… I rather like that idea.

    Thanks for the kudos, all!


  6. I love your new message board! I have 2 of those clipboards tucked away to do something special with them…. you may have just given one a new purpose in life! πŸ™‚

  7. Awesome! and it looks perfect right in that very spot!

    you got the giggle of the day with the term “crapped out” LOL!

    wish I could just tweak and reprint when my energy level “craps out” wouldn’t that be grand?

  8. What?!?…The area by the telephone is supposed to be organized? Tomorrow I will be driving slowly through neighborhoods where my vehicle is not known, hoping to spy a picket fence with just one picket hanging kerwonky. One little, kerwonky picket…yup, that’s all I need! Linda S. in NE

  9. This has NOTHING to do with desk/phone organization (I use archeological piles, thank you very much.), but: I have that SAME vintage clipboard. Did nothing but admire it’s beauty for the longest time, through 2 cross-country moves. About 2 months ago, I finally added cuphooks near the metal rods and now use it for additional jewelry storage, hanging next to the gilt frame I outfitted with black velvet and cuphooks about 13 years ago. Now, my necklaces can breathe. And, I have to share: I got my clipboard for FREE, during a library reno project…along with the 8 beautiful blond library chairs that flank my dining table. Viva la junque!

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